Thursday, April 26, 2007


Visited JC today, nope, not john cusack, not johnny cash either, its joshua chin. Apparently he kena dengue and was admitted to the hospital. SO went there visited, the palce was ok la, no chun girls hahaha, yea, nurses also quite tak efficient. shared room, one tv, well at least they got astro! hahah

Holidays are passing by real quickly, and i'm not even doing anything like happening y'know.
Just home all day gaming, playing with the baby and stuff..

If i were back in high school and i had to write an essay on 'what i did during my holidays' i think i'd write my shortest essay yet hehehe

on the other hand i dont feel like going anywhere, be it near or far, maybe with high school mates, but just now into it right now, heck, even high school mates are scarce in numbers hahaha

i initially came up with a song called "i'm singing in the rain in my underpants"
but then i didn't continue, now i lost the lyric! aiyo
my one way ticket to become rich weii what is this??? what is this?!?!?!?

guess i'm stuck with my guitar.. haaaaaa..

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Have A Nice Day

2 days into my holidays already i'm wasting it away.... THAT'S LIFE! okok, maybe that isn't the way it should be, but thing is, i get to spend time for myself! whoo-hoo!

Friends semua going pulau-pulau lepak, i feel lazy so i rather stay home, don't know why, last sem was full of work it flew by like a fly.

This coming sem should be alright, so happy right now!

Have a nice day!

Friday, April 13, 2007


I've decided to stop posting some emo crap on my blog, blech, emo gizmo bozo.

how to know if you're a blogger addict?

1) Preoccupation of obtaining the blog.
2) Compulsive use of the blog.
3) High tendency of relapse after quitting.

Where is Lifehouse?? Why has all the sucky music groups been invited to Malaysia to perform (shall not mention which groups in case fanatics come stoning me) but not Lifehouse??

Yea, apparently this band has not garnered as many fans as the other groups in Malaysia, pathetic.
But come on, their songs are cool, different. ok ok, maybe i'm being bias here, but then again, if they would perform here, it'd be sooo wayy cool.
Went to their site and requested, but evidently the site admin doesn't really care much for me hahahaha.

Oh well, their new album 'Who we are' is coming this June! They are touring with Goo Goo Dolls! Another fav band!

I don't get it, listening to mainstream music isn't good enough anymore haha, as some people would say.
Some prefer those indie stuff and underground music, well, and condemning those in mainstream just doesn't feel right hahaha,
Anyhow! Lifehouse please come to Malaysia! or Aerosmith! Or Bon Jovi! or RHCP! or Delirious?! orJeremy Soule! or Steven Curtis Chapman! or Third Day! or Roxette! or Chris Cornell! Or Michael Buble! Or Weird Al! or Beck! Or Satriani! or Dream theater! or Arrogant Worm! or Newsboys! Or or so much more... why go singapore?? Unfair!

Monday, April 09, 2007


.. it begins, this week is primarily for studying, oh the joys..

Assignments finally done! Then finals, then 2 weeks of indulgence in whatever I wanna do then start of short sem...

Oh well, Life's been a hectic one, no time for myself... i need time off!
Hey, Naresh, cepat balik la, i need some place ot hang out other than my house hehehe...

Sunday, April 01, 2007


This joke is meant for How i met your mother tv fans, but if you're not, it's still funny, just have to to take note that this fella Barney is a womanizer, and you'll get it!

Barney's Top 10 List (Spoofing David Letterman!):

Top Ten Things I Would Have Called My Truck if Ted Hadn't Been a Jerk and Given it Back:

10. The Winnebango

9. The Pick Up Truck

8. The Ford Explor-her

7. The You Scream Truck

6. Feels on Wheels

5. The Ride-her Truck

4. The 18-Squeeler

3. The Esca-laid

2. The Slambony

And the number 1 thing I Would Have Called My Truck if Ted Hadn't Been a Jerk and Given it Back is...................................

1. The 69 Chevy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!