Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aww man!

Sorry Simon Yau!!

For forgetting ya birthday, was really struggling on thinking whose birthday it was, no excuse, i'm to blame. Sigh!

After all we've been thru, especially 14 Feb 2007, that special night with you, so many things happened, i will never forget it, and i am so so sorry i forgot it was ya birthday well in March!

Sorry sorry!!!!

Out of sight out of mind? Crap, doesn't make sense, i see you on msn all the time, argh!

i go slash myself now to make it up to you.

You mean a lot to me, i hope you know =)

Here i dedicate this awful poem to you (since i don't have ya pic, i choose one looking like you the closest):

Simon, simon, the friend i call Simon,
i wish you were as acidic as lemon,
Or at least somewhat like John Lennon,
who actually now is in .. er, heaven?

Happy birthday to you my friend!
Hope you don't find us to be sienz,
i wish you earn next time many many cents,
come back and buy us all nice fitting pants.

I running out of things to rhyme,
so i randomly will just do it, here is lime,
let's do a mime,
whee, i found a dime!

Happy birthday dude, you're 22 this year right?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

GF Thoughts,,

Sigh! yea, talking bout gf, it can be quite depressing ya know..

they can make you down, and cry and ake you feel like you are the worst person in the world,

sometimes you just wanna let go and live ya own single life, no guilt, no shame, none of it!!!

Gf can be frustrating, they demand so much of you inside out, and they remind you of your flaws and how you can't reverse what you have done, it sucks big time!!!


Why does God allow this?????

I tell you, sometimes i wish i wasn't a Christian, then i don't have to be so wound up about gf, about all of it!!!


Oh wait, for those uninitiated, gf actually stands for Good Friday.
Yeap, it serves as a remembrance of Jesus gruesome death on the cross,
it makes you feel like shit, knowing that it was you He went through all this,
it is depressing, and it sometimes make us cry, to know that we are to be blamed.

Yet above all, we rejoice because He has risen, so yea, sometimes gf is there to remind us of the sacrifice, but it is a better reminder that now we have the love and light, hope that Jesus will come again one day unknown to us, and we have a responsibility to let others have the same chance like we did to know Him..

Thank you Jesus, really...

Good Friday 2008 thought:
Jesus sat on a colt when entering Jerusalem before being crucified...
Who knew,
a lowly ass is having the greatest ass on top it =)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A side of a fence

Well, some of you know i am a pro-freudian... for those who don't know who the legendary Sigmund Freud is.....well too bad =p
Even those a lot of his theories are questionable, and no longer in use, it is undeniable he is AWESOME

He died by committing suicide (read up to know more), but i like him =)

i believe in subconscious, or unconscious, the id, ego and superego (ok all gonna sound gibberish if you DON'T read up first!)

It's like he touched upon a subject where it is God-related, the id, ego and superego is kinda like the Holy Spirit, but only the id is our flesh, the superego is our Christian mentality of God's unachievable standard, and the Holy Spirit is the ego.

Of course it is not a direct comparison, so you can stop typing the condemning comments now, Christians. (haha =p)

our flesh almost always win, when we're hungry, we eat, thirsty, we drink, sleepy, we sleep and it goes on. Little do we know, sometimes these things pull us away from God, when we satisfy, we let the flesh overpower the Spirit, and we tend to slack and be complacent (note: speaking from my point of view and not implying everyone is like me),

so sometimes we fast, and when we do, we rely on God for strength to overcome our flesh desires, and so in a sense uplifts the Spirit.
Ok, i may sound so theologically wrong, all i'm trying to say is that don't be complacent =)

sound so incoherent hahaha

just got back from a looooong day. When i am more coherent, will tell you more!

Friday, March 14, 2008

See you there!

Home before 12 am, no work to be done immediately

bed soft and comfy

It's nice to indulge in sleep.

Good night world..

3 Nights!

Been lepaking! wait, i mean working!!!! at TGCM's sister punya uncle punya sister punya youngest daughter's house. 3 nights, 3 nights!!!!!!! 1 night slept on the couch,, 1 nights balik at 2 30 am!!! following morning woke up at 7 am to go uni whole day and now i am here again doing work!!

total hours of sleep in 48 hours = < 8 hours!!!!

i now shall attempt to write a poem at the top of my head to commemorate this project hours!! (Also when i blog good stuff people complain, haiyo, you people hard to please la, not that i want to, just ranting la !)

I am working off my butt,
this workload is driving me nuts!
Even though i got 4 maidens with me,
it is not enough, my bed is very lonely!

I am now blogging while they work,
hope they don't know, or they'll think i'm a jerk!
wait maybe they already think that,
i am paranoid, oh crap of crap!!

Think i should end this poem now,
and maybe prove i'm useful but i don't know how =P
yawn, help me now, i need sleep!!!
crap, i'm hallunicating, i'm seeing sheep....ZZzzzZZzZZzZ

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Post Election (Off) Thoughts

Thoughts that ran through my mind concerning elections:

- Some young voters are , hmm, lost. They only absorb certain facts and then based on those facts vote.
- Who the heck are you to tell me who to vote for? Those pesky msn people keep asking me to vote for a certain party, as friends, let me just say it kindly : SCREW YOURSELF. hahahahahahaha, ok i probably wouldn't say that, but i would say : It's my right to vote for whoever, not yours, back off.
- Yes, certain political party really screwed our country over, but you think the other parties won't screw us just as much? My goodness, stop portraying one party as the devil and the other god, gosh, its becoming idolatry.
- For those who blogged and scolded people such as me who failed to register in time, and say i am not responsible for my country etc etc, you're right, you are awesome, you have every right to cast the first stone because you are flawless =))
- Who is taking down those freakin' banners, flags and fliers from the streets?? Especially my street!!!
- Oh yea, sure, spend all those resources on the election but leave poor girl who got kidnapped alone, i think i didn't see the girl's poster anywhere now, hmm, hope you feel great by not helping!
- oh oh oh, i'm sure you Christians feel good leaving God out of the elections, oh wait you didn't? Ok, my mistake, yeap, God specifically told YOU to vote a certain party and asking YOU to tell others to vote for the same party, wow, you're definitely getting a REAL BIG HOUSE in heaven.
I'm sure you prayed over and over for His will to be done, and for Him to pick the best suited people in the election, yeap, i'm sure you did your part!!
- Let us see how much change we have in the next 5 years ok?
- Yay!

Friday, March 07, 2008


" Don't sit back and watch the days go by,
are you going to live before you die?"
-Days go By, Lifehouse

Live your life, starting right now if you haven't, stop needless bickering, needless hate, move on.

For some humor on elections and or just plain bored, please go to

its so damn funny it hurts, do the questionnaire!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Swimming with the fishies

Aquaria was a success!


I had fun looking at those weird big ass bad looking fishes, man, God is truly amazing with His creation, and the people we went with was all the more amazing

makes you question, what the heck are you doing with your life??

You have a 'normal' life, but you keep complaining over trivial things, like where you gonna work, why your grades ain't improving, and stupid heck things!

These people have a life way more difficult than you'll ever know, and their parents are even more amazing...

will you please stop complaining of what you don't have but thank God for what you do?

Better still, take what you have and use it for God..

stop wallowing in self-pity, stop looking at things only through your eyes, you're way better than that.

For more details of what we did at aquaria, read the post by Victoria!