Friday, July 31, 2009


Been hearing and talking about post grad life, yea, end of the year will be officially study free, mom ask me do masters, but.... am i really up for it? not now la, studying since 6, now i'm 23.. thats 16 years! wait, er, 17 years! Maths fail.... i failed education! Or, since i'm in this place... did education failed me?

Anyway, all i hear about the working life are money issues, taxes, loans, ho
w you should plan ya life.

Attended cell yesterday and someone spoke about finances and how you shojl manage it well. Yea, it was good, wise and definitely his words was worth following after. But... what i heard was:

  1. I am gonna have more responsibilities.
  2. Must get house before car to prepare for marriage life
  3. Gonna work like a dog, wait dogs don't work.. like.. slaves, paid slaves! yeap, work like paid slaves to pay off loans.
  4. Credit card is murder
  5. Taxes are troublesome
  6. something about half past 6 government (lost track of this one)
  7. Life gonna suck.
Before anyone gets all holy moly on me. I don't wanna end up on a cycle of paying debts and loans, earning money and buy stuff and tax deduction and and marriage! whats up with marriage! WHY EVERYONE AROUND ME GETTING MARRIED! Stop it! epidemic!!! ITS A SICKNESS! Get away!! H1N1 is not as bad as marriage (no actually, H1N1 you actually suffer less than marriage, BOOM! LAWYERED!)!!! ARGH!!

I digress.

Ok, back to my point, yea, in one sense, its awesome you gotta make good financial plans, but where gone the childhood dreams? Where gone the "dude, i am so gonna open a bar" or "lets travel the world and forgot the corporate world!"

Now its all about money money money.

I should know, me and my family constantly have financial issues, been there done that, so i know how important is money!

But.. is life all about striving for money? Yea, you throw God in the picture, then we should use it for God, but then... in retrospect, you see how much our life revolves around the greens? Claim all you want about God giving us money so we can put in good use, to me, honestly, we just sometimes use that as an excuse to find more money.

OK, stop, i know if you wanna preach about cash and God, save it, i know!

What i am trying to say is that, even myself, i am already starting to hunt for job, why? All
because of money, if money didn't exist, then there wouldn't be such things as debt, or loans, but in reality, money is always an issue. Just speaking of it, i bought a Rm78 modem! because for some stupid reason, my modem died on me. There, RM78! Money i've been saving to go overseas next year to visit friends! How long am i gonna save my money before i can afford a one way ticket to somewhere?

Money, pfft, if i were alone in this world with no attachment no family, i think money would not be so much of an issue, but now got family to care, and study loans, so have to strive for it, no
bumming or slacking after graduation, work work work, Work my ass off to pay off ptptn, pay back mom and dad, then plan for my future, sigh, a cycle, a stupid dead end cycle, no wonder movies are fairy tales, how can one actually just dump everything and "live life"? I wish i could.

Enough ranting, amidst all this, i guess, i will find something better to strive for soon. Soon.
-I'm Awesome-

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I noticed something strange as of late...

My dog, Pepper, has been barking more than usual, and to whom? Other dogs in the neighborhood. Wait, before you think me crazy, read me out:

  1. He never bark at other dogs before.
  2. He doesn't care of our neighbors dog.
  3. Everytime i stand up, he looks at me with puppy eyes and wait till i am out of sight to resume his deeds.
Now, he barks and wags his tail at neighboring dogs, and, guess what? The other dogs bark back! And this goes on for a good half minute. The worst part, is that he runs to the back and to the front and communicate with different dogs.

Dogs are intelligent i tell you, if not Pavlov's dog wouldn't be now a subject still to be studied in this world!
Also, i have referenced 101 dalmatians, and when they bark like this, they are planning something.
So, i am gonna be on high alert, watching my dog's every move, if he is planning world domination, i at least wanna be on his side.
If you think my conspiracy theory is wild and crazy, dude, you've been living under a shell.
Nothing is impossible!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Surviving Suburbia

Last saturday attended my previous church's youth event, it was great to see some people whom i haven't seen in awhile, though not all were as friendly as i remembered them to be, some remained the same, some having rough patches, some just.. well whoever they were.

Played games, such as charades, a really looooooooong game, no really loooooooooooooooooooooooooong game. Ate food, and most of them time the usual hey, 'sup? You're funny! Yea man, totally, what! kinda chit chat.

I think can tell certain people were uncomfortable, and i find myself neither here nor there. Someone said someone was taking a sabbatical and was in a "pfft" kind of tone, i felt bad for the person the other person was speaking about.

Incoherent thoughts leaves me passing each day like it was yesterday, in a daze.

Well, least my thesis is progressing somewhat, better than not doing anything about it, it all comes down whether i am doing it right or not.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today is the birthday of a dear friend, Daniel Ong.

I probably mentioned it before, but i knew him way back in kindergarten, when i was 6 year old crying brat who already hated going for classes when i could be spending my time watching tv and getting fat.

I cannot remember when was the last time we actually had a good laugh together, a proper meal, or even a proper conversation face-to-face.

Things happened, circumstances changed, and now he is pretty far away, only way to communicate is msn.

All in all, things went the way it did for a reason, but least we still friends, aye?

Ok, enough soapy stuff.

Happy birthday man!

It seriously has been awhile since we actually celebrated your birthday, and by now probably used to it already. So i'll just wish you a great one here, hoping that you will enjoy this special day given to you filled with fun and meaningful interactions.

Take care! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009


I feel like a ted.
I want to be a barney.
I sometimes am a marshall,
Who wants a lily.

Nay, i don't want to be a robin as well,
Nor wants a stella, better another,
As you can obviously tell,
This is from How I Met Your Mother.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I been sleeping quite a bit, more so than when i actually had classes, but i feel less rejuvenated. Bah, that is why sometimes i dislike having a bit more time in my hands, apart from having to be able to do more things beside studies, it just gives more time to think, too much maybe.

In the next two weeks, those who has classes will go back to their respective states and have their classes, thesis will be due and birthdays.

You know how people say you gotta make a name for yourself so everyone knows you? I always thought i rather want to know everybody, that'd be cooler. Of course, that is impossible, but its a good thought.

So anyway, past week and so, been seeing people whom i hardly met for awhile, obviously every one of them i met smiled, who knows what really went on with their lives. But good to know that they are coping. I know of some people who still remain in their high school self. Yea, high school was great, sheltered, friends, things you can manage, all you do is try to study and do fun stuff. But life goes on, and yet i see some of them still stuck, refusing to leave it behind, they still act the same, in my perspective, the real world has made them powerless, therefore to regain the power they relive the point where they felt more in control. I see whats going on, but its not healthy.

But i see this people still alive and well, so maybe its not so bad after all? Who am i to play judge, guess everyone copes differently, the study of human behavior is interesting, yet no one person can fully understand another.

People keep saying why am look so emo. Probably 'cause of the hair, now its like a side parting, and Justin said i should smile more, if i could get proper sleep, maybe i would, haha. As of now, i like to get my MANOVA done, clueless, i don't foresee better sleeping nights, but more sleepless nights as the month of August approaches!

I uttered few words in a silent prayer, if God is out there, i hope He was listening.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes and No

Taiping, was in one huge word: AWESOME

  • Ipoh Foh San too many people :(
  • Burmese pool was... kinda meh, prefer sungai pisang! Whee!
  • Bukit Merah was.... well... was... erm... rainy.
  • Duck Rice was awesome!! MmmMMmM!!
  • Maxwell hill, totally great, saved that i was so out of shape, i couldn't possibly trek up that high.
  • When sitting the jeep going 1036 km up to maxwell hill, gosh, the ride is exhilirating! Like a roller coaster but potentially can be thrown off, so you gotta hang on to dear life, plus don't eat so full before the ride, bad bad feeling.
  • Taiping lake is pretty!!

Slow slow moving town, but a good town nonetheless, glad we made it for a short trip, it was fun, gotta leave the rush feeling of PJ awhile to take time to enjoy what earth has to offer.

Back to PJ was a whole different feel, but the brief escape was a welcome.
Didn't took effort to take more pictures, but i got quite a few good ones i hope. Tried taking a few emo pics, wonder how that will turn out.

Thanks to those who were so hospitable, and the host who was so gracious and sporting!

Time to buckle up and start doing some work, and enjoy too!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Gonna leave for Taiping in a few hours, a good start to my holidays :)

Gonna try to chill.

Gonna do some reflecting.

Gonna be cool.

With the sem ended, a lot of things came to mind, the idea of going to find a job soon, graduating, adapting and what not has been bothersome. Life ain't what it was 2 years ago, life ain't gonna be the same 2 years from now, live in the present, hope for the best in the future.

I suppose, that, in the past half a year, i've grown in thinking, thinking more responsibly, maybe due to whatever is happening to my family, to things. One thing for sure, i won't live life like a pile of crap.

I promise i won't end up like this roman catholic who came to my house and scolded my mom for not knowing where my neighbor (the amazon lady) went, my mom is her keeper now? You, being religious and supposedly upright, why now only you come to help this poor neighbor of mine, where are you when she needed your help at her worst times? Hypocrite.


Yet shoulders are heavy. People crying in front of you isn't the best times in my. Maybe thats why i avoid being a counselor. Don't think i can handle it.

Met up with an old friend earlier, how did he get where he was? I realized being a real friend, albeit a jackass sometimes, much better than striving to be the "right" friend. Funny how things work this way, humans often try too hard and bring misery upon themselves.

I rather enjoy what i do than what i should do. But for now, balancing both ain't easy.

Well, the only sure thing i guess i could say right now about my life? Won't cut hair till December.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Prison Gate

Fellow friends, if you remember we made a bet on who marry first and marry last couple years ago. Specifically 2007. Unfortunately i lost the original paper of that account, so boys and girls, time to revise the whole thing!

We got quite a few people, now we can add more. We got Jeff, Justin, Nesh, Nie, Ong-sama, Envyno, Keren, myself, TKH, Hoc, Charis and some more?

Plus the game has changed! Some got together with another, some still dead single (Exhibit A: Me). So, probably funner now to revise the bet, if you all still keen....

Monday, July 06, 2009


Two more exams to go! Then holidays [plus do thesis 2 :( ]

Been playing guitar a bit more lately, realized shouldn't let things get in the way of things i'm passionate about.
On a brigther note, i've been sleeping more, dreams are fun. Will chronicle it.

Friday, July 03, 2009

..We Trust

Lyrics playing in my head
I forgot the time we've met
Misplaced guidance in a book
The faith my wave overtook

I dare not say it now
The words are to my tongue foul
This is the place where my body rest
No more, no more being obsessed

I shall speak, one truth remains
Ignorance now is to remain sane
Anything more more would be more loss
Shall life now be decided by a coin toss

In whom shall we trust?
In the end, we all go back to dust.

Thursday, July 02, 2009


School days, the dumb things we did:

  1. go toilet for lepak sessions. Often me and friend will ask teacher during class permission to head to the loo. On our way there, we cue few more people from other class to come along. Then we all go to the toilet and pee. My record for peeing is 8 seconds.
  2. Go disciplinary room and check out chicks phone number and address in the student records. Then after school we go search for the place. Since then we always go to that place to "walk".
  3. Form 3 is the ONLY year i cannot remember studying. Everyday i look forward to go to school, because we would play "timbang" with the shuttlecock, fake wrestling moves, talk ghost stories, wonder how did the footprint ended up on top of the ceiling, make jokes of teachers. I honestly, cannot, even remmeber studying a bit in form 3. Other years can.
  4. Play pens. ZOMG. PENS. WTH. Use pens to hit other pens off the paper. I KNOW.
  5. Being awesome in moral class. Moral is one of the most no brainer subject, yet some of my classmates cannot pass. Why? Why am i awesome in such a worthless subject, i probably still can remember some of the 80 values i learned (shut up, my time was 80 values only, i'm old!). But my friend and i, we always rocked in moral class. Ultimately, proved useless in life.
  6. During canteen day, i brought an egg from home and ask the prefects' stall to fry it for me, dumb prefects, why do you stare?!?
  7. Friend and I would write on the plastic table we sat on to communicate with the girl sitting at the same place but in the afternoon session. Thought we hit the jackpot, till we saw their faces.
  8. One time in chemistry class, a classmate pull the pin off the fire extinguisher and it shot out the foams like water. It was wayyy cool. What? Nope, we didn't care to clean it up. Hey, the school hired a cleaner for a reason ok.
  9. Called a sissy a sissy and posted up a newspaper article which bears his name on some sexual assault case, only to have his favorite teacher complaining to the higher ups, and the higher ups is my churchmember who decided that corporal punishment wasn't enough, instead humiliation was the better way to learn my lesson, by giving a random speech in the school aseembly. I think i nailed it, and nope, didn't learn me lesson.
  10. Dumbest thing would be studying. hahaha. Studying. Sigh.