Saturday, November 29, 2008


Teh Tarik session last thursday with the Alphanatics, or Sony Alpha users.
Amidst all the work i compiled for the week, i decided to go anyway, soon enough, i was in the midst of sifus and people who owns high tech gears for the DSLR, and were graciously lending some to us to play and even bothered to teach people like me how to do this and that, answer our cumbersome questions and what not. FUN!

Humble, approachable, even though we were the youngest one there, but it did not stopped us from mingling well and chatting and learning a few good tricks to tuck up our sleeves!

Kids. We were like kids playing with toys.

DSLR - Does Stupidity Love Reasoning?

Laundry Bar gig. Alright music, horrible acoustics, terrible smoke filled air.

Someone has to take the stage, why not you?

All in all good time, unfortunately followed by almost sleepless nights for two days for presentations preparation. But it went alright today =)
Glad it's over. Thai trip postponed. God's perfect timing has reasons, i choose to believe. At least i will be around, and possibly now able to make it cousin's wedding in Vietnam!!!!!

Wishlist: F58 external Flash.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ze Spam

More on makeout point at Hoc's Blog.

For the record, Matt Bellamy is awesome.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Point of View

Update: Mission trip currently facing problems, Bangkok has riots and protesters, they call it the "final battle", pretty serious, the international airport where team members and i suppose to land in has been shut down due to protesters flooding the place and causing trouble. Violence arose, shots fired and knives sighted. Please join my team and i in prayers and hope it all goes well and it's in God's will. We shall pray whether God wants us there or not at this time. Thanks.

Celebrated Suz's Birthday last sunday, long day, watched Cuqantum of Solace before that, awesome movie, you people who disliked it, well go watch pierce brosnan then! and how he can 'sing'!

Birthday was steamboat! Pics? hmm, well, lazy put people's faces up here. But overall it was hot, and food was great, and good fellowship, of course half the fun was caused by my good friends who teased me a lot.

Then come monday night, went to Lookout Point, but i prefer to call it Makeout Point. Seems more appropriate as there are couples who made out in the car at the carpark, below the pagoda, on top of the pagoda and on the way to the pagoda.

Nice view though, need to get me a tripod, might as well some lenses, but too broke, no income, won't be soon though.

This is on top of the pagoda of Makeout Point, nope, i went there with 2 guys, a girl and a Makeout Place. The girl already attached, so no worries, no makeout session involving me ever happened. View was great. Kl of course, and also those seemingly ignorant couples making out, View was great.

-Good to be out of the city-

Monday, November 24, 2008



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Somewhere in Between

Notice: Need a band.

Warning: Presentation week ahead.

Thinking: Peak of my time.

Wrestling: the pulls of this world.

Considering: How to end '08 with a bang.

Wishing: that he could turn back time and undo things that made this year a bad year.

Glad: people returning home.

Mom: wants him to cut hair.

I: Want: To: Sleep: Now:

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Rainy days are the best.

What better time to rest?

When time seems to be running out.

Just put a smile and get away from the drought.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Interestingly this pic (courtesy of TienMing) was taken in a gallery, where they displayed pictures painted or drawn by mental health patients in Malaysia, as part of therapies and all,. Too bad it was only for a short period of time. It is interesting to see how they put thoughts in pictures, not too shabby too, with detailed sketches and varied styles of drawing, the gallery has much to offer in areas of thoughts and interpretations. Of course, i don't think we can fully know what is hung up on the wall, but it does confirm the notion that the minds of humans are complicated and yet to be fully understood, imagine this: this pictures came from a finite mind of a human being, now since God is Almighty and His powers are infinite, and we are like a speck of dust compared to Him, then is it not awesome to wonder how great our God actually is? We barely to yet have a glimpse of God and His infinite powers and wonders, but yet our minds cannot comprehend the creations of the world and its beauty. How then can we deny the existence of God?

Ending this post is Muse's Hysteria music video. Interesting lyrics accompanied by good directing =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Black Hole

Assignments abound, due date nearing, none remotely near to completion.

Sad uni crap.

Oh well.

6 billion people in the world, i wish i could know them all. Interesting, people are interesting, wonder how they got so interesting, every one is different, though of course in that same pool there are people whom you probably don't wanna associate or you want to dissociate from. Interesting.


I want a tall gf, not freakishly, tall enough.
Not young looking to be mistaken as my sister,
not too old to be mistaken as my mother or elder sister.
shoulder length hair, voice not squeaky nor too manly.
Fair, preferably no vision impairment, or at least looks cute when wearing specs.
English educated, no lala crap, speaks mandarin when only need to.
Fashion sense must be modest, no mini skirt or hot hot pants.
Able to cook, don't need me be there for her shopping spree nor does she wanna be with me during my mamak sessions with dudes.
not clingy, not emo.

So, does my expectations of a gf seems too much? Well, too bad, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
The world demands a lot from an individual nowadays, very hard to live up to those kind of expectations, and all i listed down was the minimum, the world is getting screwed inside out.
Beauty and love wasn't meant to be outwardly and worldly
how this world has screwed the meaning of a wonderful awesome creation of God.

And no, the above criteria was what i could think at the top of my head the demands a man would want in a girl, acceptance and tolerance are not in the vocabulary of most men nowadays, its so easy with divorce and just fooling around.

Be in the world, not of the world.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Barney Stinson Rocks My Socks!

If you don't know who Barney Stinson is..
Then you obviously ain't a HIMYM fan.
Which is too bad, because its smart and funny, if you ain't a fan, you can totally skip this post.

In the latest episode, it's so awesome, not giving anything away, basically not a father's day is a Barney Holiday, which commemorates singlehood and its awesomeness.

go to to the official site and read up, its pretty funny. I took the following postcards available for print from the website, funny, oh so funny. Maybe you need to watch it to appreciate it.

Oh the Cheerleader Effect is awesome too.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pls. Read.... Delicious!

Fundraising was a success!

Thanks to my diligent members!

Donations very much welcome still.

Drool over what you missed out!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Another good friend's mum just went back to heaven.

Face to face with mortality,
Have you been living you life?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dancing Queen

Happy birthday Betz =)

Gears of War movie??? Click to enlarge! woots!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here it is...

Hey People,

to all of you who dont know it yet, michelle, lordson and jamie are going for a mission trip to thailand
from 16-31st dec 2008
we are raising funds for our mission trip.
going to bake brownies and cupcakes
and sell
we will be selling in 2 places:
1)HELP-FRIDAYafter CF about 2-4pm
2)Lordson's church-SUNDAY-after church service

ok about the price-its a charity event. we want to keep it free for you folks to give whatever and however you want.
so in that case, if you like to contribute, come! buy our baked items! lol
of course you would want to know what we will do with the money and all
soooo... here is what we will spend it on
1) a translator-utmost essential for mission trips where our language is not the same as their
2)transport within thailand- we have to go to bangkok for training, go to mae sot and back to bangkok again.
3)material for teaching english and activities
4)things that we do SPECIFICALLY for mission we will definitely not squander off the money for some leisure activity we will have there

so come! support us! we need your support and your prayer!

Love in Christ,
the tree-some missiontrippers
Yup, so do support us, the above was prepared by JKhoo (or JoKer-hoo). So yea, we gonna rasie funds, and we all know how JK loves baking stuff and how ms read delicious it is, so if you wanna and cannot be at either events where the sale taking place, contact me, JK or Mich, COD also got.
If YOU are in UK or MEDAN or US or AUSSIE, can always take mail order, freshness not guranteed though.


OK, done with that stuff, now... the MOST important highlight of the today

NESH's 22ND BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! IS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!-Ok, this isn't you, but i hope it is you, the one on the right, but too bad you're not-(
-Here is the real you, on the left, looking finer than ever (he's single, girls)-
Yup, my best bud is having his birthday today, but he is sooo far away, robbed me and my other friends to gladly celebrate his birthday in the best way we ever could - mamak.

Or maybe something else, i don't know, we sucked at planning birthdays or anything else for that matter.

SO yea, happy birthday dude, though you're about 1 hour away by flight from here, you're still remembered for all the times you fed me and tolerated me, thanks dude, pray God will use you mightily for His purposes and that you will be ready for Him.
Come back safe, we'll make the time spent when you're home worthwhile!