Monday, October 30, 2006

Rush Hour

Well, as expected, after having about 10 months of holidays, i've become lazy and stupid.

This short semester have me doing 3 written assignments, 1 movie chracter analysis report from the movie 'the Incredibles' (which for each character i analyse, i'll receive extra marks for my overall grades! Provided i correctly use the terms i studied in classes), 1 community project.

Not to mention i have mid-terms next week, and the following week another mid -term for another subject, and my written assignments are dued too...

oh the rush, the adrenaline, the procrastination, the frustration, the joy and the peace.

Better resume studying...

Everything is meaningless!!! It's liike chasing after the wind!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pros and Cons of being Lordson

I shall attempt to evaluate the pros and cons of being..well, me.

That so, that you may learn that some things aren't as bad as you think.

I'm a average boy with no outstanding skills, everything about me is as normal as it gets, to put in a word-mediocre.

Born into an average income family, not having a full fledge family life as books would depict.

i shall start with the pros first!

  1. I'm average looking. So i wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of girls constantly bugging me, and i'm not good looking enough to attract gay guys. With my looks only a mother could love, when i do find a girlfriend, i'm sure she loves me beyond my physical appearance.
  2. I'm neither poor no rich. Believe it or not, i find satisfaction in being cateogrized into a average income family group. I learned the value of money without having to starve or be in need of anything. Even i cannot buy all the things i want, but when i do buy them, the satisfaction that comes with it is much greater. I believe all my friends would agree with me.
  3. I have eczema. It's a skin related sickness, call it a blessing or a curse, my condition isn't as bad as those depicted in picutres you find on google or wikipedia. It's mild in a sense that i still can do whatever i want. I say it's a good thing because it keeps reminding me that i need God when i going through tough times with my eczema, if i hadn't got it, i would take everything for granted. So thank you Lord Jesus, for in my weakness Your strength is made perfect.
  4. I have a great circle of friends. Well, that is very subjective, but i'm glad my friends are true to the core, they aren't snobby or stuff, tehy are just... well, like me. It might sound absurd, but i find all my friends and i have things in common(some may point that we have friends because we have things in common), but i'm talking bout something else, something i can't quite put my finger to it. In a worldly sense, we are considered quite sad case, hence the birth of S.A.D., but we enjoy it. Not excluding my church friends, like flabby arms, TGCM,banana, Caine my bane(kidding!), actually Caine the saint, Ean the fiend,Susubear with flare, Ectasy,Alyssa with elmo-ish charisma, Shervil the rocking girl,Mick the music geek, Brian the defiant, Ian the little iron, Ben in the moving can, Matt the brat and others! Oh and to my good friend Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren.
  5. I eat enough. I mean, i can consume a little more than normal people do, it's a plus point!! I get to eat and be twice as satisfied!
Ok, enough with the pros, i don't like to think much of the pros, haha, humans tend to think more of the weakness, or rather i do. So ehre are the cons, it is a lonnnngg list, yeat, i'll just pick a few and spare you the trouble of reading this any longer than you should.

  1. I'm average looking. It is so hard to just walk up to a girl and say, "how ya doing?" and not get slap in the face and be spitted on, sighhh.... gotta put in double effort just to get a girl hehehe.
  2. I have eczema. Yea, it's a good thing, yet not so good too. In the past, i was very self conscious,and because i have not consult a doctor, the eczema was killing me, i was losing gallons of blood everyday due to skin crack and stuff, my friends from high school would know what i'm talking about, i would isolate myself at home, not participating in activites, so my social life in high school was pretty much limited and unfulfilling, till i saw a doctor, so it isn't half bad now. New people would ask me if i have skin allergies, and look in disgust as if i could infect them with it, i learn to ignore those looks, but nevertheless you'd still feel a bit sad.
  3. I lack social skills. My friends would beg to differ, but i totally sucked at doing it, i could initiate a conversation in a big group, but never have any participation or i would never end it, most of the time i would starta topic and listen to others. On a one to one social meetings, i would die trying to talk to the other person, sigh, and when i do talk properly, somehow somwhere i'll insert and insult and offend another. Must work on it!
  4. Procrastinator......
  5. I'm not athletic. I wish i am,i really like sports, i'm just not good in them,no matter how much i practice, i could never play properly. Always i'm there to make other people look good and they get all the recognition, no wonder i'm fat.
  6. I'm not always on fire for God, as much as i want to, my flesh still wins over me, i'm trying, but i'm doing it wrong, especially after the major event a couple months ago, my spiritual level just drop dead, and ever since, i've been so passive i'm even noticing it and hating it.
Well,that's as much as i wanna bother with today, so yea, i like my life, make no mistake about it, things can be better, i know it will , as long as i stay true with God.

I will find my place, in the diary of Jane, so tell me how it should be.- Diary of Jane, Breaking Benjamin.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Movie Review: The Prestige


[deleted]No idea why, got pople commented on my previous entry, yet i couldn't see it till now, as in, the page showed zero comments, till daniel graciously corrected me and noted someone did commented. thanks.Basically most people would disapprove of pastors going into pubs and clubs, because it wasn't within the accepted standards of a pastor's life. But how can you do the work without you having your hands being dirtied? Maybe going to pubs ain't the best way to deal things when a friend of yours decided to go to a pub and be depressed, but if it's the only way, i'd say go for it.Don't judge a book by it's cover. Things don't always is what you see at your first look.(these words in bold is gonna be famous, when i die, they'll quote this of me and i'll be a legend)

ok now here's Lordson's review on The Prestige.

First, i must say it boasts of a good cast, especially Christian Bale, whom i admire a lot as an actor, who put up a convincing performance, but credit must be handed over to Hugh Jackman too, whom i'm never really fond of for a good role playing. Also to Michael Cain, David Bowie(he is as good as he sings-it's a compliment), Scarlet Johansson,thought i much prefer Charlize Theron. Kudos to the director Christopher Nolan! He did a fine job doing the movie though the starting was a bit confusing. I was much impressed with this show as i did with Batman Begins which was directed by him as well.

The sotry was engaging in my opinion, though the show revolves around magic and illusion, but it didn't really go deep with it, the magic part i mean, other than that, it was rather good, with a good twist at the end to surprise us all, also to answer loads of questions. Though by the way the plot was moving, certain things were very much predictable. Since i went in with no expectations or foreknowledge of the show, i must say, it was a good plot, the twist was very good.

I would rate the show 7.5 out of 9.

If Charlize Theron was in there instead, iw ould consider giving it a 7.5 out of 8. Not full marks.

On a final note of this review, this show isn't for everyone, i would like to think this show is deep and would put most people to sleep (especially those shallow kind of people), so view at your own risk. It's worth a watch.

Alyssa been gone for over5 days now. No S.O.S. from her yet, she must be having fun!! Hope she is and comes back safe!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Moral Judgement

Well, today woke up by a phone call by fishillala, supposedly go for the movie 'open season', i wanted to go la, you know la, i like fishillala(in a family sense), so not nice to turn her down,but i did anyway, no cash, and the hassle to drive there to find a lousy parking spot isn't really worth it.

So spent the day reading books, watching some shows, battlestar galactica has the most chun episode ever!!!! sorry, i'm a tv geek, it's so chun!! Must be the most expensive episode yet!

Then went basketball awhile, sweated enough i guess, then went for dinner...

after that join my friends at mamak in paramount, friend came back from indonesia and another from johor, so it's a good gathering. then we adjourned to mayang mas, play basketball in the middle of the night, clad in long pants and slippers, i clunsily played, but managed to win, though of course the whole time we were just laughing crazily over things we were saying and doing.

Been a long time since i last played in the middle of the night... oh, this is my very first time we play during the night, we gonna go back for more.

Well, that was fun. Now back to the comp room, which incidentally is my sister's room, worn out and sleepy, wanna study, but eyes shutting down.

Was wondering, because i was watching this show call 2nd chance by michael w. smith.

Was thinking that it's so true, the whole basic story(i think) is what being a true christian is, being the hands and feet of Jesus. Too often we participate in mission trips, or street ministry and say we've been there done that. Did we really impact the people there? I think not.

So to cut the long story short, my new take in christian life is that we gotta start where God placed us, and do all the things required, not just the thingd we wanna do. So basically, it's good i didn't join my church mission trip this year, it was way too costly, i don't know my purpose there, i think without the presence of most of the youths, i can see what i truly do.

So my question is this, what's your first thought when you see a pastor you know walking into a pub?

Or going into a club? Or talking smack talk with uneducated kids? etc. etc..

First thoughts? I would like to know, really, what you all would first thing, so please do tell. thanks.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Winner!!

As i've said, this is not a contest but there will be a winner.

Creative answer has been submitted... the winner is....


She got the answer right

the answer is a paratrooper who mumped off the plane and couldn't open his parachute bag!

To clear things up, this is sort of a thinking question normally found in any websites, just so happens my lecturer offered RM5 to those who can answer it, but no one in my class did. though some came somehwat close to the answer hahaha

oh well, Alyssa!! You won!! for that, you've won yourself a BIGGGG congratulations from me!!!

Too bad she isn't here with us now, she went to the states, won't be back for 2 months, i'll congratulate her the next time i'm in contact with her!!

All the best to Alyssa and her family in the states!! we'll miss them!!

Watched John Tucker Must Die, it's a chick flick, i didn't find it very funny nor interesting, it was quite cliche. So my advice is to avoid it in cinemas!!

benn out the whole day.. but it was fun,most of the time

Holidays started. One week, better make it count!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Think Outside The Box?

Dead body

Open field

Unopened bag

Solve this. Take it literally, it's not symbolic or metaphoric.
Explain it. This is not a contest, but there will be a winner announced!
Submit thy answers!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Straight Outta Lynwood

weird al's new album is good, very funny, and also, if you have the time, go to his official site and get his spoofed version of James Blunt-You're Beautiful-> You're Pitiful. Hyper funny man!! Oh it's not in the album because of some label reocrd company issues.

His other songs too, such as Polkarama!, Do i creep you out( do i make you proud anyone?), Canadian Idiot(hmm or was it american??) and many more. He is just brilliant.

Been having a headache, got sick since last tuesday, haven't fully recovered, it's an on and off thing, wonder if it's some virus, can't pay attention in class, no motivation to study(hehe).. oh it's bad thing i can't study, my fellow corusemates all super rajin, man, must buck up.. can't afford to waste money just barely scraping through the course.

Oh well, still adjusting to Uni life, haven't got my text book, everything is rushing, hopefully i'll pull through. God be my strength!!

Other than that, nothing much, the haze really is horrible, been feeling unwell since..

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Trip Round The Sun!

It's Nie Nie's 19th Birthday!!

You made it as my 2nd post for this blog! Hurray for you, what an achievement, couldn't have done it without you!!

Blessing to know you, blessing to be known.
Blessing from heaven that you've been born.

The earth spun another round.
Let rejoices be heard all over town.

Your birthday is here.
You are older another year!

Hope you continue to live and have fun.
See the earth spin many more times around the sun.

Pray blessings be upon thee.
Lastly, Happy Blessed 19th Birthday, Nie Nie!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Moving is such a chore, even in the cyberworld, can't get back my original colours. But suffice to say, i am here. My blogging will thus continue. For now, i bid thee all welcome and i will have the place up and running soon.