Sunday, November 28, 2010


For the first time in a long time, i spent the weekend at home, mostly to myself, not stepping out of the house.
It was easy to do because family was away, friends were either working or busy.

The morning was great - caught up on some tv shows, light reading and casual surfing.

The afternoon was more of nailing some things which people consider a waste of time down like gaming and napping.

Nights were the best, the cool air visited, rain fell and lights were dimmed, chose to turn in early (usually i push till my last ounce of strength before i collapse and sleep) and i could hear my thoughts running wildly, putting thoughts into perspectives, string of words into coherent sentences, pictures into portraits of stories.

This was what i missed.

During schooldays, that was what i used to do. And i think at that point i was more clear minded.

Now, cynical, aging, quick to pass judgment, lost, confused.

At least not pretentious?

At least not pretentious.

Sometimes the only thing that kills me is the eyes of the woman who bore me for nine months.

That stare of disappointment, the gaze of what she hopes of me but i refuse to comply.

It's raining now.

It's fucking raining now.

And i like.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fool Me

Some people are fooled by things they see on the telly and they hold it true to their heart.

One such thing: The One.

It is not Neo from the Matrix, but about the one Girl you have to marry in your life.

Either way, both also aren't realistic as scriptwriters portrays them to be.

The problem about the one is that we tend to have this idea of what our ideal partner should be, this is where our downfall begins:

There is an impossible standard set, look, this is what i want in a girl

  • rocker chick who can dish out mean riffs on a guitar
  • a gamer
  • can talk shit with
  • doesn't mind dating at mamaks all the time
  • likes just chilling and doing nothing, even if it means sitting in silence
but we all don't get what we want, you can't have the god damn cake!

If you do find someone who fits the criteria, i think she is a ROBOT! RUN!

Saturday, November 06, 2010


lately i've been thinking
about all the things that we've
seen through the eyes of a
man with the blue eyes
and realized that we are all falling down

The moon in the sky and the
sandcastles that lie on the beach
the only thing left that is missing is
you and me looking over the sea without a thought or a sound

we've been waiting for a water fall that can't be found
we are all falling down

we've been deceived by the curtain of this world
and we've been led to believe the stories have all been told

we've been waiting for a water fall that can't be found
we are all falling down
We are all drowning out
will you stay here with me?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


A story about a man
Who got disenchanted with religion
He started questioning all that he can
Taking it down was his mission

He tore away his ties with friends
Said things that couldn't be taken back
A broken relationship he wouldn't mend
Darkness in his mind hacked

It's been almost 10 years or was it 7?
That you walked away in the land of rising sun
I guess i couldn't understand then
Why you choose to hide, you choose to run

I now finally got it
Eyes opened and understood
Everything you said you to the heart it hit
Now if i only could

Tell you that i understood.