Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nomadic Hypocrites

Just when hope needed to appear.

It did.

Regarding the friend's dad in my previous post, the dad is now awake, and most likely on the road to recovery,





It's not that serious as those articles you read when you Google it. But i realized i do have a form of it.

Basically i try to help anyone (whom i am bothered about) in whatever possible way i can. Sometimes i succeed, sometimes i don't.

Not sure is it stemmed from my name or not, but it is a peculiar thing to have.

Maybe i dislike seeing people lagging behind me or suffer, i rather if they were on par with me or ahead.

But it sickens me, to see how society and their self made rules ruin people's lives.
Rules and laws are meant to benefit the people, not making them mindless slaves.

It sickens me. Deep within. To be confined to unreasonable expectations of others, when our full potential are on a leash.

It's unfortunate, and sometimes required.

How sick and twisted this world is.

If i sound like i am making myself to be a messiah, i'm not.

I just jacked out of this "matrix"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mime emiM

The theme of today is hope.

What is hope, a politician two years back used hope as his main slogan in his campaign.


A powerful word indeed. With that word, he became a president, but through hope alone isn't enough, it must inspire.

As i watched Adventureland, there is a sense of hope in which the story's characters are driven by.
A tiny bit, but it's there.

As my friend's dad lies in the hospital, hope seems to be fleeting, but without it, the will to carry on would vanish with it as well.

A friend working overseas or out of state, hopeful to make it big, earn a decent living to have a comfortable life no matter how fucked up things are right now.

A hopeful dreamer, still dreaming about days where it'll work out for him as long as he tries.

Unfortunately, hope must be paid with effort and mindset.

One who does not try does not yield, or worse, does not know.

So for what it's worth, it's going to be a rocky year, but there is still hope.

For everyone tonight who needs hope, i hope for whatever or whoever they believe in, in their sleep they will find solace, even if only for a few hours.

Rule #32

Enjoy the little things.

2011 was supposed to be an all ass kicking year.

So far has not been anywhere near it and January already coming to an end.

Maybe an exit plan is very much needed.

Enjoy the little things.

I've loathed the fact that every time i see something bad happened, i would go into rant mode and just rant.
Newspapers filled with news that really just brings the world down.
Age versus Meaningful Achievement


Enjoy the little things.

A small truth i found when watching Zombieland.

The innocent smile of a child.

The bat of eye from a person you like towards you.

The slip of tongue a friend made.

The quiet drives during the night alone.

The nights of silence.

The couple peacefully sitting together on the LRT.

A bottle of water after playing basketball.

The thought of someone.

That one song you hum but couldn't figure out who was the singer.

Enjoy the little things.

Some little things are worth living for.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Basic Space

How far have i fallen if i feel like an atheist?
How far will i go to condemn others?
How far will i go?
How far,will i?
How far?

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Path One

A year ago, death haunted my surroundings.

A friend committed suicide, a friend died in an accident.

A year ago, someone broke my heart and took a piece of me.

1 year ago, education ended and the fear of where to go and what to do found me again.

Yet the sense of adventure and new found passion to do different things came alive.

That very same moment a year ago, i sold my soul to a company, a self declared contract of one year.

How 1 year can make a difference, how 365 days can change a man (or woman).

Where am i now a year later?

Comfortable with not being a burden to the family. Passion to work and travel has diminished a little.

But still here, still the same.

But alas, this year started off with a marriage announcement, it started a chain of reactions that i think is forthcoming.

It was backed up by good friend coming back from other country. Supported by a good bunch of friends from different walks of life.

So how is this year going to not suck?

Give me a year.

I'll write about it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


It's not picking yourself up that is hard

Or not thinking about it

It's forgiveness.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Glass Looking

Hence begin a new year.

It's clearly etched into my mind how 2010 went. So much so it burns.

Nothing went as planned.

But I've gained a lot.

Especially perspectives.

But all in all, a dip into the corporate sector and i feel how it taints, how it grows on you and slowly try to draw you to the deep end of the lake.

How are we going to be different than the mindless slaves justifying their cause when their cause is nothing more than actually just to serve to fill the fat cats with more money?

In Q3 of 2010, i lost my passion and dream, slowly dwindled with discouraging words from people, and pessimistic thoughts. The only thing kept me going was nothing.

Being nothing is as if showing God the finger. And no one shows the God Father the finger.

But here's hoping the year ahead is better.

I need to try.

I don't have a lot going for me, i was thinking of writing about how imperfect my family was. How i can be so tolerant of friends that don't understand me, how i waste my life sleeping it away.

I could.

Easy to blame.

Not easy to do something about it.

I've been saying a lot of things to alot of people about what i want to do.

Time to make it happen.

If not i'll admit defeat and jack myself into the matrix.