Monday, September 26, 2011


Today during sermon, i thought of something (yea, i wasn't entirely paying attention to the speaker!).

If we are Christians, and we know that our time on earth is limited, and that Jesus would return anytime, then why are we doing so many needless (in my opinion at least) things?

I can only speak for churches i've seen around here, but a lot are fixated on doing bigger things, better buildings, high-tech equipment for broadcasting sermons etc.

But to what end? If all things come to an end, then why waste so much time and effort on things such as the above?

The bulletin I got from the church i visited today mentioned in the front page that we are too focused on activities that we lose sight of what is truly needful.

By building bigger buildings, we are still excluding the poor, we welcome them of course, but in their shoes, would they think they are worthy of even trying to step in the building? The worship team is large and very talented, but how about those who has lower self esteem and those who thinks they are not good enough? Are we overlooking these people?

That being said, God blessed us with material things and money which all to use for His glory, so am not condemning the usage of the money God has willingly let us have, but more towards our internal drives/motives.

When our eyes are fixed on Jesus, a lot of things can be stripped away, a lot of our views should be aligned with Jesus'. But when we fixed our eyes on "Jesus", but the byproduct of it all is we are jolly and happy with things we can have and looking forward to have instead of be joyful and grateful with things we have and looking at the present needs then i think we truly lost sight of what being a Christian is.

I'm no saint, not a qualified preacher too, but i believe that we should focus our skills and strengths on things that are more urgent, and our focus our weaknesses to remind ourselves we need God.

I've mentioned before, the vision a friend implanted in me is still very much alive in my head: A warehouse church, just good enough chair to not break, a mic and a small set of speakers, one guitar, and fans, no air-conds, and we're good to go to have a Sunday worship.

But what happened to that vision? Those who voiced it are now doing other things, lost sight of it, or maybe have other priorities, and all we are left are talk, dreams, things that seems idealistic now.

Maybe, it's time to sit down and pray, again, and again.

Monday, September 12, 2011

To everyone.

I'm sorry for being a jerk.