Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Thomas Gown Affair

So many weddings next few months, including my sis'

So should be fun, though the idea of hot bridesmaid is not something i look forward to nowadays.

Met a friend couple days back, and this person seemed worn out and more depressed when i last saw him a little less than a year ago.

Work has got to him.

Faith. Hope. Love.

Hope is important, thought Love might be the greatest among them all, but i personally think Hope works just as important and definitely not mutually exclusive.

Must always hope things will change for the better.

My friends just needs to have a bit hope that with the decision that has and going to be made will be of good towards that person.

That being said, always hope this country will turn out for the better.

Let's hope for a good year ahead.

So far, 2011 is rocking.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter And Mary

"There's no time for sorrow when there's no such thing as time"
-Spider-Man The Musical-

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Still of the night

In the still of the night
It's where i find isolation
Not a distraction in sight
Where it helps with thought collection

Where once it was confusing now appear clear
A resounding peace I'll obtain
The obstacles in the mind disappear
Nothing but mind rejuvenation gained

In the still of the night
It's where i encounter myself
To try to turn wrongs to right
To nurture the soul back to health

Where i express my thought
My hopes, dreams and aspirations
Of higher counsel i will sought
To hopefully derive an divine intervention

To able to end the night alone
Tis truly a magnificent feat
God listens from His throne
As i lay on my bed falling asleep

Come dawn come a new day
To live a life to call my own
To be able to truly say
I'm able to face to me whatever thrown

Friday, June 10, 2011


This week was a theme of growing up!

This week's episode of South Park was possibly horrifyingly gross (due to all the shit) but the ending was a very bittersweet ending.

Without saying much, it would seem the creators are on the verge of bidding goodbye as South Parks runs it's 15th season. That is about 15 years since it came out! I was 10 years old then!

I was also flipping through photo albums from whence i was young till about high school, a lot of hidden memories surfaced and it was good. It's funny to know how you ended up here, yet still as surprised to what you once were.

As we grow up, we build more memories, we absorb more, in the process deletes older memories.

A lot has changed.
And will continue to do so.

The thing we should keep in mind: What will i do?

Progress, don't regress.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

To The Moon

"Up" the animated movie by Pixar Films was one of their best films yet, and i'm immensely impressed by the great concept and satisfying premise which led to be one of the top films i've seen on my list.

In the first 20 minutes of the movie, i've already formed tears in my eyes as the wordless scenes unfolded before my eyes and demonstrated that life can indeed be beautiful when spending with the right person and that dreams keeps us going.

The sad part was the unfulfilled dream, and with the void left by the death of the protagonist's spouse, it was not hard to identify with the protagonist that the last thing he could do for his wife was to fulfill the dream they had when they first met. The hollowness of life can be a thorough motivator yet devastating if left alone. Thus, brings us to the crux of the story in "Up" - finding another reason to move on.

But what was the real draw for me was really the balloons, we've all dreamt that the helium inflated balloons could one day whisk us away to the unknown, to adventures beyond our imagination and to infinity and beyond!
And "Up" has used that idea to help the protagonist to fly away into a far away land.

Life's like that, I know i've been saying a lot, and a lot more words has passed through my mouth than actions did my hands, unfortunately, it's not so simple, i am a flightless creature, my balloon, i believe, are coming up, but the rate of helium being pumped in is slower than i would like it to be.

That being said, a balloon flight would be all kinds of cool. And the closest i can get for now is dream.

Not to make this all depressing, but always good to know that there are bigger things in life, and life does not end here.

Red, blue, pink and indigo,
Does all these colors take me to where i want to go?
Orange, green, white and red,
I often wonder as i lie on my bed.

Onto a magical adventure I could be,
Flying dragons, mystical creatures I'd see!
Maybe a quest to find the dungeon key,
To dispel the land from magic and sorcery!

The sun rises and soon I'm awake,
My dreams gone as easy as it was made.
Greens, whites, black and pink,
It means differently in this world I'm in.

Whisked away the time of my years,
Death subtly waiting with his quiet cheers.
Soon I'll be left with naught,
An ambition now a lingering thought.

Whose to say what went right or wrong?
Door to the grave is singing its song.
What comfort left shall I cling to?
Nothing left but a waiting fool.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Balloon Flight

It's been slightly more than 2 weeks that i was off work from my previous job.

I do enjoy this time off, to do things i really want, meet people and actually have a life. Yes, the financial worries starts to sink in right about now and is looming over my head all day long. But i still got a bit to survive on.

But that's just it isn't it? With prices hiking up but salaries remain low, cost of living goes up, no minimum wage, all short term benefits for the country to stimulate for money for themselves, to probably build more useless buildings, waste more money on things that don't really matter to others.

People who leaves M'sia gets more benefit what with tax cuts if they come back here, while the people who chose (or not) to stay behind suffers the lack of money, the full blown taxable amount.

How is this fair? I read an article, an opinion of one saying that other countries are worst off, guess what, your opinion sucks. We are not fucking living in another country, we are here, our problems are pertaining to this place. Ally McBeal once taught me "my problems isn't the biggest in the world, but they are to me because they are MY problems"

Same goes for us, we're stuck in this country, some of us may never move out, so why aren't we better taken care of? You want to cut subsidy of necessities, fine by me, give us minimum wage, a guideline on what is to be paid to us. Saying that earning about Rm2k+ in KL is enough to survive is not a solution, get off your lofty chairs and live like us for once. I'm freaking 25, and i can't afford to live anywhere, can't afford to buy a car, can't afford to invest in a good property.

Our plan was supposed to eliminate poverty by God knows when, but with your irresponsible actions, your political power play, the time you spend covering your own asses could be better spent making up better policies. But no, we're getting poorer by the way, being forced to be sucked into this thing call repetitive work, just so we can put food on the table, buy baby milk, pay more taxes.

Brain drain, and you all wonder why this is happening.

I can't anymore, i love this country, but sometimes the future is so bleak the alternative seems to be just pack and leave, you're right, maybe leaving will be worst off, but there are some testimonies that hard work pays off elsewhere, you never try you'll never know.

Ultimately, your allegiance is to your self, self-preservation comes first, so there really isn't any loyalty issue involved, if you don't take care of your people, don't expect them to stick around, same rules applies to every organization out there.

We're all scared. I am scared, of a lot of things, of life, of what i am going to do next, of whether i'll be able to do what i want to do next, of death, of people.

We have to move on. But we're scared.

I'm scared.