Monday, September 29, 2008


I know this is almost a pointless post since no one really bothers, but here is Delirious? with "here i am send me"

Nice song =)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're on a "seafood" diet.

Went to watch Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah!
Here is my thoughts on it:

First up, super enjoyable and was thoroughly funny!!!! I went in expecting to be a bit bored because i don't know a lot of broadway music, but even so, the well written Malaysian style lyrics was good and fresh! It was funny because you can relate to it. It made fun of our culture, our eating habits, the way we eat food, the whole shopping mall concept, the Jabatan working habits, the whole superstitious thing and how we like to scold people.

All in all, great fun, definitely worth the money we paid for.

Of course, not everything can be perfect, i felt that certain songs were tad bit boring and draggy that killed the pacing of what should be a very ultra dynamic kind of show. Inidividually, the cast sang very very well, mostly clear and good pronunciation, well injected humor and high production values. But when they collectively come and sing together, i don't know if it is just my hearing and all, but i cannot get certain words or stuff they say, the blending was ok, but could have been better.

The dance tapping in one of their numbers was fantastic and enjoyable to watch, the songs that rhymed really well was pleasant to the ears. The persona the cast donned were spot on and definitely should be given credit for.

Post event, managed to talk to most of the cast, and they were super friendly and were really really fun to be with, and so humble.

Not like when i watch Love and Beauty last week, got a RUDE lady who have this DIVA attitude and sort of raised her voice just because we were lacking of space to sit, so we had to squeeze a lil, she killed the mood of watching the play.


Only up till this sunday! Really, it's spot on funny and witty!
Ask others!

PS: Met Colin Kirton, apparently Footstool players doing a production in KLPac soon, must go watch it!

Monday, September 22, 2008


"In who's face now?"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

No, seriously, here are my thoughts.


Had tutorial at 8 30 am, which i mistook the time as 8 am, so went there too early, lugging by luggage around Wisma HELP, crazy heavy, i packed as light as i could ler..

Then class at 11 am, that was alright but feeling the pinch of sleepiness....

Went to lower foyer of main block, long story short, me and a couple others ended up in the van instead of in the bus with the majority of them, because not enough space, and i didn't mind, i went to camp in mind of being a bit anti-social, i just needed time for myself to think things through.

So sat with Paul, Justin, along with two others from taylor's, and couple others in front with the speaker and driver.
Had a good conversation, knowing of course the new people in the van, nice people, Jo and J-tsen, seems quite ok, of course wonder if they think nice of us or me, since i talked the most crap, apparently it's a form of defense mechanism, according to lectures..

Most of got sick 'cause the van drove quite fast and it was swirly and twirly and *blech*

Camp day 1:

Unpacked, had dinner and i hadn't had any appetite, don't know why, i like the quietness when no one is around, so i went to the hall to play some guitar, fun!

had session, but i found no real draw into the sermon, a good reminder, but i guess i craved something something deeper, started the angels mortals game, which i really dread...

Camp day 2:

Traded sleep with morning prayers, which i found was a sensible trade! I couldn't much remember what we did ler

Speaking of mental stimulation, asides from speaker (Which was really none at all), Mel did asked me some questions pertaining to things the speaker spoke about and things that occurred in camp, hehe, as much as i may say a lot about reluctantly answering her questions, i am actually grateful for it, because it made me wanna read my bible more and i got a bit of the camp high from the sessions we had. So thanks, if you're reading this!

Apart from that, honestly love hanging out with Isaac Ng, he is one of the most down to earth guy i known, i never hesitate to intro him to any one or any girls, i even told him to my church elder, he is that nice =)

Talked to others too, but well, can't say much really, a lot of people read this blogs, so i am deluded to believe la haha, so may not go well and may stumble people..

But i do tell if you ask me face to face =p

Prac for performance night, first time i choreographing so many dance moves, it was alright, but i fear it may not go well with the audience, since i have low self esteem in that area.

Well had games, physical ones, Isaac Chee la, dumbass, comes up with games which i dislike! haha, i mean, i lazy ler, hahaha

Then we had this pairing thing going on, i was paired up with a girl and another guy, so it was ok, i had my striped t-shirt, which i bought a plain tee from Giant and use marker to colour stripes on it, i thought it was quite funny, and i acted like a dumbass too anyway..which was fun, take my mind off things, blend in, to be a bit normal.

Recited poem! I WANT THE VIDEO.
if got ler

with Paul and Nigel, which i thought was funny and fun, since we cracked our heads to write the poems for our mortals, hehe, didn't do stupid things like that for a long time now.

Then had our performance, suffice to say it went well, but i was so tired, followed by the BGR session which i thought was a huge waste of time...

Camp day 3:
Shifted the whole instrument downstairs 'cause the management needed it for meetings.
Fixed up everything and sound tested each equipment, that was super fun, achieving the desired sound was sooo fun, that it sounded soooo good when worship started, praise to God for moving us to set up the way it will go well, enjoyed my time there.

Then sermon, then lunch, then we jammed, or sort of, to improve worship songs for later sessions, and it was good, we blended and we gel well. Wish could do that some more. but we had to shift the instruments back upstairs, was so against it since the sound was already well done, but the leaders said otherwise, so a bit tak puas and shifted it back upstairs.

Treausre hunt, could have won, but we took the wrong super clue and stuff, but we got 3rd, my group!

Then home we went!

For some of us actually, 'cause monday had class!

Things i gathered:
- Fellowship was really good, to a few individuals, especially a few individuals who made this camp a good camp, the weather was nice.
- Felt apart from everyone else at times, but it didn't really bothered me, i always knew i wasn't there to be a part of a group, but to be there for God and to motivate people to get along.
- I love music, my guitar and jamming. Gonna have a jam session soon!
- Some people really are just weird and off, forgive forgive, i know i have been jerks to a few people too.

Things i regretted:
- not knowing most people there, i went there as i said to be a bit anti-social, but i should have take effort, so now on msn, making effort to chat with most people.
- Angel mortal game; too much competition, i cannot keep up, i hate that game.

That's about it, i don't know i can't put down thoughts into words..about camp..
by the time i can may be too late.

Anyway, tons of things happened post camp, still feeling high.. will save it for another day =)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here, my thoughts!

Yes, CF camp pics up on Facebook, go check that out, or in Multiply.

No, not going to upload them here because a lot have done so on their blog, why use up precious resources?

I don't know at this hour i capable of writing any sense...

i start with..(about cf camp)..

things i dislike:
1) angel mortal game, i super super hate it!!!! Guys and girls alike TOO competitive!! ARGH!, stop setting the bar so high =(( (by the way, who holding the video to my poem reading? PASS IT TO ME!)

2) The lights out! crappy nya, it's camp, we suppose to partay!! I DID NOT HAVE MY STAR GAZING SESSION!!

okok i shouldn't be blogging this now, feel so incoherent, i got loads to say about camp, and this is not the best way to convey it, not with my current state, sleepyy..

one thing i like to stress though


Thursday, September 18, 2008


Too many people having their own opinion.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

That's all people ever do.

Won't you just shut up and do something about it?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Broken Video

Ok ok, Lifehouse fan here, so yea, bear with me, this video is nice, and the song rawks me socks. =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oh my oh my oh my!

2 of my favorites combining?!??!?! THIS IS SOOOOOO AWESOMEEEEEE!!!! 1!11!!!!!111!11!!

okok get this, Jack Bauer aka Kiefer Sutherland, is directing a video for Lifehouse!!!!!

Oh wait, it gets even better, He is directing for Lifehouse the song "broken"!!



Best things in life is when Jack gets his hands on anything
Below is a pic of Kiefer and Jason Wade, frontman for Lifehouse!!!
Kiefer Sutherland Meets Lifehouse VariousSee More Kiefer Sutherland Meets Lifehouse Various at

Monday, September 15, 2008

Post Camp Syndrome

Back from another HELP Cf Camp

well, lotsa things i learned and to be happy about, though the sermon didn't do for me much, but still, i had a good time

and beds were comfy.

Will blog soon, sure everyone else will too.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Then, now.

So, i went to places to celebrate yet another friend's birthday. Well, suffice to say, i found out a few things concerning myself that are somewhat good in a sense. Can't share much though, too many eyes in this blog MUAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, people leaving, physically, is a pain, i remember a year where i had to attend so many funerals, i think my heart darkened. As Lifehouse puts it, "we're not gonna live forever, can you tell me is it now or never? I'm not gonna make up your mind. I don't live without you, i don't wanna live a lie, we'll never know till we try."

Sometimes life just places you in a safe zone, and it sucks, because in a safe zone is where the comfort is, where we are in control, afraid of trying something new is always a sure way to make sure time waste you in this lifetime.

"so don't sit back and watch the days go by"
Get up, do something new, do something you never did before, of course, with respect to God and the law.

Don't look back in anger or regret.

Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.

Live your life now, if not when?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I think it's a very nice name, but that is besides the point! I am referring to the movie:

Awesome stuff! It gave me the Big Fish kinda feel, fantasy-ish but done in a pleasant fun way. No, it is not like Big Fish, but the feel, for me at least.

Wiki tells me this movie has been shown since 2006, wow 2 years ago, but nevertheless it is nice!
Currently only showing in TGV, so better catch it while it is up! No, it is so not a chick flick, but rather a nice pleasant film, watch it watch it watch it watch it.

It started off a nice day with lunches with JC and his friend. Then moving on to more exciting part of the day, met with P, where i had 2nd round of lunch and cendol and rojak, hmmmmm!

Then invitation to watch this movie by M, who also invited M, went to 1u meet up with some friends, then with K to meet them at TGV, so there we were, 5 of us, M&M, P, K and yours truly.
Bought tix to the evening show and off we went in, cinema was DEAD empty, like literally no one else man.. So we were monkeying around in the cinema, hanging our legs 'cause no one is there, and switching seats according to our preference.

Then walked in a female specimen, and we kinda took over her seat, so she sat elsewhere, i made some small talk with her, found out she is:
1. Uni of Melbourne grad
2. Currently lepaking

okok, that was pretty much it and then came the commercials, first up was a weird Thai movie called Chocolate Fury, no i am not kidding, probably because she ate chocolate and was kickass deadly, oh, and furious too. Fight scenes looks cool.

Then followed by others and others, then finally the movie!

I thought the movie was sweet and as i said, kinda fantasy-ish, but not extreme fantasy. So it's cool, in case you hate fantasy.

It's about a cursed family line that made a girl (no spoilers) different, and how she manged through a life which no men wanna be with her. Till came James Mcavoy, oh my, he is good ler, he is so different from the movie Wanted. He can act and portrayed the character, i actually felt sorry for the guy and wanted to kinda give him support, but i did it silently, in case others (means just us and that female ler) think me crazy if they had not thought it before.

Of course we knows how movies end, no major major twist, just that it was a nice fun twist towards the end. All in all, plenty to laugh at, plenty to feel nice inside, also fun to have good company to watch with =)

i end with this thought, ok better not, 'cause i think it sums up the whole movie.

Anyway full day, but eventful one =)

Monday, September 08, 2008

If I Ask.

Interestingly, BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and church sermon were both heavily focused on marriage.

It sorta like those things when i was younger and more passionate for God, God would tie in lots of things with Sunday sermons. for me, and i would remember it for quite awhile, and apply it.

But this, is different.



Oh well, don't think God wants me married now, but prep ler, as all you guys out there should.

Lastly, here is Boyzone with Everyday I Love You, so this entry sorta ties in with this video, i random, i know =)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

8 Ways to Lighten Your Schoolbag

1. Throw all your schoolbooks out.
2. Get an inaccurate weight measuring scale.
3. Get rollers on your bag.
4. Put in magazines you read (it feels lighter)
5. cut off one strap and carry it like a sling bag.
6. Bring a pillow instead.
7. Ask someone to carry it for you.
8. Throw away your schoolbag, carry a girl you like punya schoolbag, it is wayyyyy lighter than you come to expect.

Went to this play last Friday, about the education system and how most of it seems to be in conflict with some of the things we are trying to achieve as a nation. It is a good perspective (a humorous one) and angle the director took to let us view what our schools are sometimes doing to our kids and of course it interacts with whatever goes on at home too, how our conservative thinking sometimes gets in the way of progress.

All in all, i thought it was a good solid play, interesting direction, interesting setup, interesting positions of actors and actresses alike and accurate timing for puns and one liners.

It was very enjoyable, this is nothing like After Our's, but too bad today was the last day, glad i caught it. I guess living here in this coutnry with so many races just ain't easy. What with all the differences, and how generations of prejudice and biasness seeps through our minds unknowingly. (For alternative reviews, see Tien Ming's Blog entry.)

But as today's sermon puts it, we are all made in the image of God, and we were knitted in our mother's womb by the Almighty Creator, and His ways are perfect, so everyone do have a purpose, everyone has something to be appreciated of, and many a times our differences are the ones that make us complete one way or another, compliment us and supplement us.

I feel today's sermon was good and tied in with many happenings this week.

Speaking of today's sermon, it was super fun and interesting, this elderly couple shared the sermon, and gave it together, somewhat they just seem to connect so well, with many jokes and things that just seems funny yet true. They talked about marriage, and how initial attractions becomes an irritation when you marry, and how to convert those irritations into something that complements you and supplements you. Very very interesting, i wouldn't know or experience any of it, but at least it was something fun to listen to.

Yesterday was also Shannon's 21st birthday celebration, though his birthday comes later in the week. Party was awesome no thanks to party planner.

Ok kididng, party planner is cool, don't kill me please.

Had to ffk Asian Beacon dinner, but totally worth it, haven't had fun in a party for quite awhile now!

It's great to meet people who influenced your life or was part of it, great to catch up with peeps who were MIA in my life hohoho.

And not to mention eye candies, and food!!

All in all, it was a good party, with plenty of chats and meet ups and food, and games of Mafia, which i totally got killed every 2nd or 3rd rounds.

Interesting to know that most people's lives just going into a different direction than yours, but when you were clad in high school uniforms, everyone just seem the same, guess we all are growing up one way or another, and i am glad we all are different. =)

Happy Birthday Shannon!! Glad to have known you, brother.

Many more to come!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Solid As A Rock

Or in this case, statue!

This is soooooooo cool!! I mean, i never seen a live one in KL before, any one has any idea what this art from is called? The man (Foreigner) literally paints himself silver, except a small part behind his head, where is it visible that he did not paint his neck a lil, and his hair. But he is sooooo cool. I mean, yea i'm like schoolboy excited when seeing Ultraman live on stage!

He really was as still as a statue, and crowds gathered to see this person, urm, er... perform.

I appreciate this kind of art, so i gave him couple of ringgits for his effort, and when someone gives money, he utters, "cool"
how cool is that?!?!

OH took opportunity to grab a pic with him, and he posed! whee! so fun yea!
I guess KL should really have more arts such as these, i mean, i can't pay for a ticket to go US just to see such stuff, or anywhere else outside m'sia, unless i got rich gf, argh!

ON the other hand, whoever got baby or children clothes to donate, please buzz me, i need it for a mission trip! toys welcome too!

Dad also pushing me to get a DSLR, so if anyone got good recommendation, budget about 2k onwards i guess? still scouting, please also buzz!