Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Forgiveness, is one of the hardest thing to do.

What is to forgive? A lot don't realize the power of forgiveness, and even more the cost of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not free, it's paid, and more often than not it's illogical.

To forgive, it's to let go of what has happened, to truly say the person has done you wrong but let's get past this, it's not just flawed forgiveness, whereby you will bring it up, it's the forgiveness where only by grace of God may we perform it.

Those who refuses to forgive, it's not them to be blamed, our human nature motivates us to act this way, it's not right, but not entirely wrong either.

We sway, we move on.

If it doesn't work out. Then move on.

When one day, you can truly forgive, maybe it's the day you learned something precious.

Till that day, just move on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Just candles lighting in the dark,
Shining, your time is coming up,
Dutifully doing is what it's about,
Even though time is running out.

Lighting up paths with its diminishing light,
Giving vision to those who needs it to those lost,
A small glow yet powerful when all is pitch black,
As it waste away the candle still goes on.

Just as it breathes it last,
Its time has come to past,
Surrounded by darkness' lust,
The candle bites the dust.

The candle soon to be forgotten,
But its duty never forsaken,
We are but passing candles,
Just humans jumping over hurdles.