Friday, March 23, 2007

When i was young

Back in those days

*Zap back in time*

I was young and cute and and... er... fine... i was dumb and stupid.

I threw a stone and hit a boy's head, then i fled to a nearby laundry shop and hide among the dirty clothes, i thought i was so stealthy that i committed the perfect crime! then the mother of the poor boy came and pull me out, and demanded an apology, the boy was crying and if i remembered correctly, he was bleeding la... oh well, got punished and i said sorry....
I should have ran further!!!

Once i was thirsty and penniless, i knew the 7-11 nearby was low on security and the crew are clueless, so i went in and stole a couple of drinks.
Satisfying the thirst, i craved for more! Blame it on the high sugar level content of the drinks i stole that made me went high...
I went back in a few times. So of course even the most clueless crew would suspect something amiss right?
So the 3rd or 4th time i went back, i stole a vitagen, small enough to fit inside my underwear, then happily i walked out, kena caught!! BUSTED!
The the crew pull my shirt up! revealing everything! kena! The crew saw a lot of things only my mother sees when i was a baby, then i kena grounded and whacked by mother la of course..

i like this girl right (now she became lala) back in high school, well, i was a coward, still am, so instead of talking to her, this prefect friend of mine (hehe) took me to the prefect's room, or was it the disciplinary room, and we searched through the school records and found her name and address, since then we always pass by there hoping to catch a glimpse of her... in the end also she was too lala, cannot tahan wahahaha, life goes on.

In form 2, this guy was real girly and was coming up with stupid stories, so i was quite annoyed with him, so one day i found this newspaper article coincidentally has his name on it and was talking bout this person in a rape case, so i took it out and pasted in the class.. of course everyone got a good laugh save that poor fella, so the teacher was displeased and because she likes the guy so much she punished me, she made me go to the office where the teacher asked me to do a public speaking thingie in assembly, crap! and i did somethign on er.. toilets i think, i can't remember, oh well....

Form 6 tuition, was infactuated with a girl.... so much so it was like drugs.. so we were in the same tuition, one day, she walked in with full pink dressing, super hot for me at that time (now i think it was stupid and blind of me to say she hot hahaha). so as she walked in, my eyes were drawn to her, so muc so i was slanting till i fell off the damn chair and made a scene, tsk tsk,
women are men's downfall! Be gone women! waahahaha, kidding kidding...

Oh well, remember these stories my fellow friends, if i become senile and my memory fails me, tell me these stories again...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

You are...

... my friend.
... my deepest love.
... my worst enemy.
... one of the last 5 cylon.
... not as cool as Sylar.
... making me wanna sit oceanic airlines
... damn, i ran out of stupid things to write..

Crap, crap crap!
Exam stress and ass stress! Ass damn heavy you know
Damn lousy big dumb ass
When will you go away?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I am...

...sleepy need of counselling
...lacking in watching my shows
...slow in practicing playing the guitar
...losing focus
...still on a vege diet
...nothing short of stupid (hehe)
...a boyfriend
...a girl

Sunday, March 11, 2007


... to be debunked!

-When chatting with a psychologist, they can't read your mind.-

What If...? -Epsiode 3-

Well, there are a lot of times in life when you look back and thought that "man, wish i could have done this or set things right.." Well, there is on particular thing i wish i had... and that is..

What If Lordson Had a Brother?

Well, what i mean is a true blood related big brother. Well, i had a chance to have a big brother, some how God decided it wasn't meant to be. Oh well, don't bother asking (well, i'll answer a few), sad!

Well, reasons for wanting a big brother:
1. It would be so cool to do stuff with him like all the guys stuff that my sis wouldn't do with me.
2. I wouldn't be so sissified now.
3. I'm 21 this year, he'd be a couple years older, he'd take me out doing stuff, hanging around.
4. we'd have the same interest, so buying stuff would be easier since we both would use it.
5. Can beat the crap out of him or be beaten.
6. I'd have someone i could relate to and talk to during the long hours of the night.
7. We'd both help each other find a girl like Wayne Brady and Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother, they both are brothers (yea, i know what yo're gonna ask, you gotta watch the show) and they help each other tackle the ones they like!
Or the Elric Brothers from Full Metal Alchemist! So close they wiling to die for each other!

Well, all in all, as i grew up, i always was the youngest (relatively), my cousins are all way older, all working people while i was still a kid sitting on bench in a school uniform. No similar interest, no topic to talk about. Year after year just see them, greet them and leave. I envy those who have close cousins, who hung out like buddies, who went out together.
So, my last hope was placed in my sister's bf, but alas, she finally got one, but then, he wasn't the kind who would hang out with me, all hopes were crushed. Sigh...

If i had a brother, i think we'd both be happening, both be talking some crap, maybe i wouldn't be blogging now but be out with him doing stuff. He'd beat up people who bully me, he'd defend me when my parents wanted to cane me. He would advise me on things that only guys would know. He'd be someone i would admire and love.

Then again, i don't have a blood related brother, that's why He only appears in my thoughts and this blog post. I guess i can't complain much, i have great brother's-in-Christ surrounding me. Well, erm, i have one or two, i think.

Well, that's all folks. As a comfort, at least i have great sisters around me!

"To infinity and Beyond!" -Buzz Lightyear.

Friday, March 09, 2007


Sweet, i just realised something, man, how could i be so blind?

Jesus wasn't kidding when He said to love thy neighbours as thyself even if they don't initially seem like it.

I came to HELP looking for, well, people who can help me, HAHAHAHA. Oops.

But the people whom i seek aren't the people i thought they would be, it just goes to show that you can't trust ya damn instincts. That's why we need God!

In the end, God opened my eyes, and i have found my neighbours, good friends. I thank God for that. Indeed, slowly in HELP He is reviving my passion, with todays talk in CF, though i don't really like the speaker, but the speaker spoke the truth, and the truth has set me free, i know what i must do now. I must tread the path where God has paved.

On a lighter note, i saw 300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!$#@%@#^!#&@&%&@%&%&#%&@%&@^#@$&^*$*$^@#
OH MY GOODNESS!!! FREAKIN" CHUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWEET GLORIOUS VIOLENCE!!!!!!!! Seriously, it was good, the humour was injected in the right time, the killings weren't gory but gruesome enough. It was thought provoking. It was a history lesson as well hehe.

And Faramir was there!!!! I guess dying in LOTR wasn't the end..dman! His body is sooooo sexy, *drool*.. hehehe! He is like, sooooooo handsome, and like, y'know so my type, oh my, He is so, y'know, sexy, hmm, bootylicious!!! (I assume that's how a bimbo would talk hehe)

OKk, go catch the show, damn it!
Madness?? This is Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kicks you down a endless pit where there is land and water!)

Oh, my wishlist for year 2007:
1) Elec Guitar and a amp- for playing around with sound recording and to jam, babe! (Plus, i wanted an elec guitar since form 2)

2) Xbox 360!! Gears of War, 'nuff said.

3) I am getting right with God, okok that should have been number 1. but still, it's the heart that counts hahaha

3 thing i wanna get and do, i only got 2007, can it be done??? I don't know, i sure hope so!
In the meantime, Uni has gotten a lot funner than usual, it's a good thing, it's a damn good thing.

Friday, March 02, 2007


Well, the simple truth is, you can't be liked by everyone. Even in Everybody Loves Raymond, in season 2, Ray can't expect to be liked by everyone, someone has to dislike him. It's only human to be disliked.

But then again, some people get through life easier, they simply just are accepted by everyone. These people has the most problems.
First, they see everyone as someone who likes them (Generally true, since i did say they were liked by everyone)
Second, when people who are not blessed with this gift tells these people that some of the people who like them really are jerks, they tend to be labeled as pessimistic, bias, prejudice etc. etc.

The beauty of it all of being disliked is the fact that it prepares you for the real world. I personally am not liked by everyone, well, all my first impression usually elicit response of hate. No kidding.
But the thing is, you ge tot see people for who they are and that prepares you tod eal with them.
Plus, it desensitizes you of the feeling of being rejected.

Those people who are liked by everyone, when someone rejects them some time in their life, they might not be as prepared.

Then again, it's subject to own perspective of how we view this world.

Yeap, not being liked all the time is actually a good thing, not saying it to feel good but really, jerks can be avoided. Even more so if they are typical Christian hypocrites who claims to be oh-so-holy and then act like jerks in front of certain people. revenge is not mine but God. I hope these people won't freak out when God deals with them.