Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maths Part 1


chinese tea with ice + soya bean ice + coke ice = disaster in the toilet

1 + up = one extra life to mario

Horny gay guy + prejudice straight guy = hilarity

Jack Bauer + death = Jack wins

porcupine stuck to a chair seat + guy who has been standing for 5 days in a room with only two spaces for him to only stand and the chair with porcupine = best comedy movie ever

Caprice 6 + Boomer/Athena/Sharon 8 = Every man's fantasy (BSG fan only)

Bill Adama + (insert BSG fan name) = best couple ever (regardless of gender)

lordson + studies = epic phailed

lordson + (anything resembles a female) = miracle

ex-gf + current gf = ex-plosion

100 bottles of coke + 5 year old kid = invisibilty

20 mugs of beer + no condom + KL streets = you better really kiss dating goodbye

lordson + 2 am = coming up with lame equations

Monash Uni + HELP Uni = MO-HELP

Kim + father with surname Chee = Kim Chee

Keren + Slim = impossible

Barney the purple dinosaur + most people = Barney punching bag

Simon Yau + Soccer = Simon replying, "IT'S CALL FOOTBALL!"

Hoc Mun + physics degree = incompetent physicist (sorry hoc mun, i apologize for the joke)

you + reading this post till this point = idiot

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You're On Notice!

Stop spelling it wrong!

Cum does not equal come

Bai does not equal bye

U does not equal you

XD does not equal face with cross-eye

Luv does not equal love

Wtf does not equal world taekwando federation

Fo sho does not equal for sure

TFK does not mean the fat kid

WoW literally means wow!

Especially LOL does not mean you are laughing it out loud, at most you are giggling it internally, that makes it GII!

Get it right, even worse when it is spotted in formal writings and assignments!
GG, =.=", hahahaahahahaahaha

-Who Dat Gal?-

Saturday, March 21, 2009

There Not Here

Life. Tangled lines. Everyone crosses everyone at one point, and if you make a chart out of it, it would look messy.
Conversations. Within 5 lines, you could tell a lot from that person. Even with zero, it says something.
People. Some people live within their own walls. Opening when they feel like it, ignoring the rest.
Effect. One small deed spills over to another, and yet another, and disaster ensues.
Escape. Just run.
Suicide. Why people even think of it is a mystery.. 5 years ago. Now - it made sense.
Life. Tangled lines. To untangle it takes too much effort. Cut it off, less time, less effort.

-Here nor There-

Friday, March 20, 2009


Still interested in performing this for a wedding with full suits on.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I like to believe role-playing games are just electronic version of life. For the most part they got it right, evil people like to be hooded until the very end of the reveal, hot girls usually appear in life if you are a badass, violence solves everything, snarky and witty remarks are funny and offending and it works, you are usually cool if you only wear one outfit most of the time, raw meat and herbs gives you life, the list goes on and on.

But one thing i think that made a lot of sense was how the talent points of a given character are distributed.
In most rpgs, your main character started off as a blank, then they give you a set of points to allocate towards the skills and build of your character, and as life goes on, you gain experience and can improve some more, till either you game over or some evil wizard cast a spell on you to deduct some of those points (screw you sorcery!!)

so well, i just wanted to see my growth, and so here are my stats, each category is tabulated a score over 10:

when i as a baby:
Physique (cuteness): 11/10
Pooping Skills: 9/10
Power to summon attention: 9/10
Dumbass-ness: -1/10
Persuasiveness skill (crying): 8/10

When i was in primary school:
Physique: 6/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Power to summon punishnment unintentionally: 10/10
Annoying Skill: 9/10
Attractiveness: 2/10
Gaming Skill: 7/10
Ability to spend more time than i had in cyber cafes: 10/10
Skill of ignorance: 11/10
Pooping Skills: 9/10
Peeing accurately skill: 4/10
Eating Skill: 7/10

When i as in high school:
Phsyique: 8/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Attractivenss: 1.5/10
Gaming skill: 2449/10
Pooping skills: 10/10
Peeing accurately skill: 2/10
Girls hate me by default skill: 9.75/10
Girls hate me because of what i did skill: 24/10
Talking Skill: 7/10
Geek: 8/10
Nerd: 8/10
Loser: n/a
Getting rejected umpteenth times skills (regardless of situation): 9/10
Still watching Dragonball and other stuff ability: 10/10
Tendency to be gay: 1/10

Currently in Uni:
Phsyqiue: -2/10
Intelligence: 1/10
Attractiveness: -5/10
Gaming skills: 9999/10
Pooping anywhere i like skill: 11/10
Peeing Accurately skill: 1/10
Peeing as fast as i can: 9/10 (substanstiated by my friends, ask them, i dare you)
Tendency to be gay: 9/10
Babe magnet skill: n/a
girls wanting to go out with me: n/a
nerd: 10/10
geek: 10/10
loser: ZOMGWTFBBQ/10
wisdom: ?
ability to see the future: 10/10
bullshitting skills: 10.5/10

verdict: You're Screwed.

-Morning has Broken-

Retro Respect

Action has consequences.

What you do now, has an impact on what is to come. It's like a video game, on choice inevitably leads to another choice which will then result in an ending befitting of those choices.
Some may come an bite you back in the ass, some opens up a world of colors, some has lessons well learnt, some just really makes you wanna shoot yourself.

Even when choices are for the greater good, or so you think, it will never truly be seen that way through the eyes of others.

We get beaten down by those choices that seem unwise and affects others, i had my fair share on it.
But we hold on, we come up, and we move on.

A counselor asked: Given the chance, what is the one thing you would change of yourself?
My answer: Plenty could be changed, plenty could be reversed so i wouldn't need to regret, but, no thanks, i am glad that where life has took me, for better or worse, i turned out alright, and lfie wouldn't be as interesting if it weren't for the mixture of bad and good.

So, question is, how are you going to fully utilize the choices you make for a higher purpose?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are You Ready?

How can one be ready in such a world?
Such a world is overrated.
We spend an entire life preparing for things to come we neglect the present and all of its opportunities.
Far sight vs near sight.
Prudent to think ahead, but fool to ignore the present.
Unwise to only be the present, ignorant to only dream dreams.
Balance, maybe?
Balance it should.

Guess what i'm trying to say is, i am afraid to graduate.

-One for the lady, two for the girl, three for the one down under-

Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Shows 1 satisfaction

I attended two shows today.

Number 1: Dragonball Evolution

IT'S HORRIBLE!! honestly, i almost wanted to cry in the cinema, it was so horrible, the characters were out, they made Goku a wimp and he actually likes a woman! (contradicts the comic quite a bit), Bulma was over-acting, YamCha or Yamu was an bloody idiot, i blame the actor! Chow Yun Fatt was horrible!! They modernized it, and it was HORRRIBLE!

The shen long dragon was short in length, no voice, they screwed the whole story up, the origins were all rewritten, Goku's race of Saiyans was probably neglected and now he is a new breed, the gorilla was small and stupid, at most, AT MOST i'd say Gohan, Goku's grandpa was the only decent character.

Piccolo was butt ugly! He didn't had his suit on, was defeated too easily.
IT WAS STUPID! most disappointing? STEPHEN CHOW! He was credited as the producer, i expected MORE, more DAMMIT!

SCREW YOU HOLLYWOOD! Don't touch my Metal Gear Solid!!!!


Number 2:
Barry and Stuart!!!

Check out their link!!
They are comedian magicians from the UK, specifically Scotland! and they are freakin' funny!!!
Yea its expensive, the tickets, but they were totally engaging, they were lame, they were funny, very interactive, some tricks were disgusting but pretty original!
Kesian they had so few audience, like only 1/8 of the hall, it's so sad because THEY ARE SO GOOD!

Catch them before they leave!
GO here:

Last show this weekend, catch them!! Go!

They were funny, but i don't wanna spoil anything if you planned to watch, maybe i will tell you all after they leave, but its worth it!!
ok can't say more, if not give away their show. =)
But to top it all was the great company to watch with!

-Barry and Stuart-

Thursday, March 12, 2009


WHY HOLLYWOOD??????WHY???????????????????????????????????????????

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I thought..

I think that all humans are flawed, its the extent of how flawed, well of course, physical flaws are normal, like how some people have all the muscles in the world, wooing all the girls with his two gigantic arm muscles he names betty and veronica, then goes on dates with them, and those you thought you had a shot with now thinks you some kind of flabby loser and refuses to go out or even be near you, your self-esteem leaped off the building splattering the floor before whilst this muscular guy have all the fun in the world, goes on being a successful businessman since no brainers associate muscles with intelligent and irrationally inaccurately depicts a high correlation between them but you are still here struggling to meet ends meet, on top of that he is happily married with a poolside bangalow while you are renting some crappy house with barely enough time to meet new girl contacts.

But what i really meant to say was that all of us have flawed thinking.

Some think they are infallible and they fall.
Some think are invincible only to be hurt.
Some think they can be independent but rely on others later.

So why do we have flawed thinking? If we were given a superior brain, how come we are still as stupid as ever?
How do we eventually become smarter?
Independent thinking? Deviate from mainstream?
but by not following one faction of thought you actually subscribe to another.
By being neutral, we are being lukewarm, and as The Witcher says, it only takes so long before your you are forced to pick a side.

Flawed thinking.

Mine is:
- i'm awesome


- you're not

Shoutout: Keren! er, you still bumming at ya house ah? how come never see you around? oh wait, you flew off ah? since when? ah, buzz me when you drop out of uni again la ok? ciao!


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sometimes words fail us.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sky is Blue

Realizing every one us ain't so different after all.
Our perception of others are flawed.
That we are going through the same earth.
We don't comprehend, but we can understand,
That each of us are just running together in a long marathon.
Say what we wanna say,
We ain't so different after all.
The world seems like a much better place again.

-Where you are is where I'll be-