Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ain't No One

When i walk down a street, i see a guy who has weight problems and he sees me. He'd be saying, "Darn, this guy will never understand what i am going thru, no one does."

True, i don't. A girl who has been shunned all her life because of her unacceptable 'standard' of the world looks will think that a pretty girl would not understand her at all.

Everyday, everywhere, people just don't understand each other. That's why wars break out, fights, misunderstandings, cliques and things of the world that are detrimental happen.

You don't get me, i don't get you.
That's why we feel alone sometimes, and when someone does get you, that person becomes your friend, or even ya life partner.
But still, no one understands another person fully.

I guess, it is sort of comforting to know that God understands all, because he created us and knows us by name. I suppose that since he knows us so well, we are naked to him, and all that we do or think relays back to him, it is quite scary too.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Hinder

Okok, that's like the closest title i can get to sound like a myanmar dish that actually makes sense. hahaha


Well it sounds like mo hing kah la, how i know what does it mean? supposedly one of the favourite dishes in myanmar.

Basically they prepare the nice soup that looks like curry but taste nothing like it. It's not even spicy, it is soooo good, they have their spices and stuff, then you just dump the soup on the mee, and there you have it!

Authentic myanmarese food, super super good, had a lot of it, better when got white rice to mix with, ooh, bliss!

Background info:
My church host a myamarese cf, so they meet on sunday evenings. their worship quite lively, and sadly i have no idea what the pastor preaches haha, but the cf-ers super super nice, and they treat us as if we're higher than them. It's just such humility that lead me to admire them in such a respected way.

This coming august i think they gonna have some cultural night! yay! and i'm invited! whoo-hoo! more cultural food and play dress up!!!


Sometimes, it's us, the majority that fails God.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Talk Talk

My 21s birthday came and went.

Nah, didn't get a peaceful one, well, not entirely.

Had dinner with cfers from HELP and high school mates and churchmates!

That was good fellowship hehe.

Oh the interesting was i got a G-string for my birthday, oh well, for those who don't know, well, too bad la. Lazy to explain haha.

Got balloon, a cookie jar, ice-cream!, cards.

But most of all, the good times we spent together.

We made a marriage bet among a couple of us.

Daniel and Naresh if you're reading this, i'm waiting for your entry. I wrote a draft using Word, for those who wants a copy please come to me!

Tired, guess a long entry some other time with more elaboration, maybe.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Courtesy of

Monday, May 14, 2007


today rain rained on my parade, stones came down, in the form of ice.

Wind was blowing and rain was pouring as if heavens were bursting forth with tears, not surprising though, seeing the world as it is now, i'd be crying a flood too.

Sound and lights swiftly came and went, no time for company.

Then suddenly it ceased, the world was calm again. Confusing yet uncomfortably comforting.

But rain already rained on my parade.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


The weather gila hot, why o why?

Well, thanks to mankind, we all are doomed to die sooner than we should!

Probably i should rethink my situation

lets see:
If i'm hot, then the ice are melting, those poor happy feet penguins gonna die soon and the world will flood.
Eh, wrong thinking!

If i'm hot, then other people who is working in the desert will be hotterm but they have to do it anyway, if not their families will starve to death, oh so sad.
I don't feel so hot anymore.
I'm good.

Friday, May 11, 2007


This world we're in, image is everything... no?

Go to two different person, ask about coronary heart disease, both give you exact same details and description and treatment information. One dressed like a sanitation expert also know as janitor (lecturer taught me that) and the other has a white coat and tie. Who would you think is more credible?

Image or packaging is the "in" thing now.

You know playstation 3?

Do you know playstation 3 sales are not enough and they are in fact losing money? OKok, i lazy find reference, if i'm wrong because you bothered to check it up then correct me.
Then, if they are not earning money, why sponsor EPL? If you noticed, they have ps3 billboards by the pitch. First, we humans HAVE to read it even though we have no intentions, so we are programmed to think sony ps3. But putting up the ad there is wayyyyy expensive, but they did it anyway, to project an image that they are doing well? to make a firm statement they can make it? either way it works one way or another.

christians can in the same way be packaged into an acceptable image.
I bring bible to Uni everyday, then occasionally i take it out (but i do read for serious purposes), but imagine i took it out for show, and soemtimes i do ter-take it out to take something behind it, people who sees it will go "whoa, bible! Some more everyday." then they'll starts aying how good a christian i am and then they too bring a bible everyday.
So easy to just tell people i'm a christian.

I guess everyone can claim to be a superchristian without trying. But the bible tells us, its by grace not by works.
Let us work towards being a God follower rather than just a christian!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Sem

Oh new sem has begun!
What joy oh what fun!
More work to do and read!
Late nights and more coffee needs!

Never truly having time
Always rushing 'cause of deadlines
Our youth being sucked away
Just so we could live another day

Man, new sem begins today, more work, more lifeless fun, more people to see, more people to not see.

i find comfort in old friends
and find frustration in new ones.
This blows! Uni life ain't so great! Hahahaha!!!!!

If only Shrek 3 and POTC 3 are out now, can go and laugh it out
oh well, stephen chau! Here i come!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

'L' and the amazing technicolor dreamcrap!

Ah, left one more week till holiday ends, checked my new timetable, 3 days of study! all short lecturers, wait, haven't count my elective and LAN subjects, aiyooo, feels like its gonna be one packed sem, unless i am smart enough to arrange it in my favor... hmm... nope, not smart enough!

well here is one way overdue photo, wanted to blog bout it, but didn't have time.

Anyway here ya go, simon, justin me and rach, in UM, some easter performance night!

After some random alterations i did...I tilted the pic and made obvious the 3 colors we 3 guys had on that night... what does it look like?
A russian Flag! oh, don't mind the white one, no outline, so can't see the white rectangle haha..

finally, since its the holidays! I decided to be more creative, you know, to work my brain a lil and produced this:
As you know, i memang am spiderman, Justin is a 'sweat' droplet, and i don't know, the point is... it's pointless! Adios amigos!