Sunday, November 29, 2009

Somebody Else's Song

Yea, car got stolen, if you haven't hear it by now..

...but that's not what i am pissed about.

As it was 4 years ago, when i was robbed in broad daylight in almost the same area, i couldn't spend effort to be angry and curse the wrongdoers to death. Maybe it's because i know nothing could be done to change the situation, it can only be improved upon.

Anyway, what i am pissed about is the "victims".

Yea, just because you went through a bad horrible day does not mean you have the right to be an ass.

Yea, your problem is the most salient, and it's big because they are your problem, but damn, keep it inside and stop pointing it to the whole world (maybe a while is ok, but not to the point of being a total jerk and asshole!)

To illustrate my point:
So i was at the doorstep of a police investigator waiting for my turn to see the sergeant, up came a couple and a elderly woman.
From a brief conversation exchanged between the elderly woman and my pop, found out she is christian (yea, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?)

So, the elderly woman was alright, minor complains and concerns because her house was broken into.
My piss was directed to the couple, the elderly woman's daughter and her bf.

First off, they have no sense of time. OK situation: Sergeant has another investigation on going in his office, and we have no idea what it was, obviously. Ok back to bitching or conveying my thoughts (HAHA):

SO this couple, barely came in ten minutes, sat down on a nice sofa, complaint that "WTF!" is the sergeant doing inside the office, and that they waited half an hour.
Then they found out there was a girl inside talking 'cause they rudely knocked on the door to ask how long they have to wait.
Then after a while, they said they waited for an hour, it was barely half an hour! Their timezone probably was in the "You're a retard" zone.

Still bearable, i was just waiting.

Then they were speculating just what was going on in the office, then they complaint about having to go to this police station rather than the one in KJ, 'cause they reported it there while staying in the same area as me.
This started to annoy me, first off, you don't know even know whose jurisdiction you are in, and you simply scolding the police for being inefficient? Dude, if you only took more time to CARE about YOUR RIGHTS and have more COMMON SENSE, you'd know where to report, so don't complain you dick.

So yea, so its ya own fault you had to come here, now you complain about police being efficient cause they wanna HELP you INVESTIGATE and PREVENT it from happening again, so yea, it's soooooooo their fault for asking you to go see a sergeant so he can get details and send people to take pictures of your house and probably improve your area's (which is also my area) security, it's their fault you cannot go home early, it's their fault you cannot go clean up your house so that investigations can be carried out.

Alright, so that one not as bad, what is worse than that? Well i don't know, let's see..


That's right, a sergeant being a sergeant and his job to interview victims to carry out investigations, does not have the right to talk to a woman in his office which was quite opened, to interview her, yeap, it's so much easier to say he is flirting and wasting our taxpayer's money, i'm so glad you both as a couple are like "angels" sent from above, so pure, so holy, so pharisee-like!

You gotta be a dimwit so sink that low to speculate such thing, oh no, you didn't stop there, you played the race card, used foul language, showed temper, oh oh, the best part? When the sergeant finally did came out, and was so damn polite and apologetic, you have the nerves to say "sudah tunggu lama la!"

I was about to slap you left and right cause bible told you so to let me.
But then again, maybe you both weren't christians...

so when the couple left, i asked the elderly woman if her whole family was christian, she pointed out the couple was christians (well one being a catholic) and she kept stressing the point she had to go to church the next day.

Great, she mentioned what sins she committed to have her house broken into, my cue to step in, i told her it wasn't her sins that got her into this situation, but as she and the couple sat down there for barely 20 minutes, they already committed far more sins than they should in that short span of time.
I told her to tell them off, as expected, she looked down, avoided my gaze and pretended nothing happened.

By the way, the police are quite a good bunch, maybe not all, but there are, stop stigmatizing, because you stigmatize, people are less inclined to join the force, therefore sometimes making them short of staff, in return work are slower, making you wait longer, making you complain and label them again, and the whole cycle starts again, there, next time? SHUT UP, oh yea, one final thing, you complained this country going down in ruins, yea, guess who is not helping? YOU! You played the race card, you complain but didn't offer solutions, you didn't empathize, you just have a mouth which spills out rubbish, maybe you are bringing this country to ruin, have you thought about that before you speak? Victim? I laugh in ya face

Oh well, at least i got it off my chest, yea, you may noticed i shoulda noticed the log in my own eyes right?
Yea, there, one sin for me and counting.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


T'was the peak of my acting career
though role is small, but plenty of cheers
Put on makeup, not once, not twice
It was something new, but it wasn't very nice

Assignments are done
presentations i have none
what is left to beat
are exams! It, i will defeat!

With what my conditions are
time now to look for job near or far
one that pays well, one that pays good
to put on the table for my family food

Meeting new, old friends
hair, clothes, contact lens
sleep, play, reading, watching
look, see, teasing, talking

Dog gone, tears shed
weather cold, skin bled
That's all
still standing tall

Monday, November 09, 2009


... to swine flu

Thursday, November 05, 2009

What THE....