Sunday, August 31, 2008

By Golly, you're 51?!?

So today marks the 51st Indepedence Day for M'sia. And what a long way we came from whence we first started.

Well, there are a lot of thoughts going around, oh did you know this year's theme is "Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan" which translate into: Unity is the core of success.

I like Kenny Sia's latest post here
It talks about the irony of people in M'sia, and it's funny and real at the same time, we contradict ourselves way too many times, and we complain so much but gets nothing done!

Did you know we are also in the CIA website? well, its a factbook hehehe, i digress.

I guess even as screwed up this country is, it is still a country i love and adore, and God placed me here for a reason. And for that i wanna live to my fullest potential to serve God in this place.

Yesterday i went for a rally for national day, and we sang the national anthem, these kids (unfortunately they are christians - when i say unfortunately, i mean they should have acted better) were talking on the phone, talking to each other while the song was being sung! i terasa and hushed them, i think no matter how you hate living in this place, please show some respect, after that they played with their cellphones for most part of the rally.

Are we slacking in the teaching of the Lord's word where we can take for granted, it is easier to just say things and not doing anything about it.

If you want this country changed, pray, pray with all you got, maybe if you stop complaining and actually look at the country for what it is, and what God is doing, maybe you will catch on God's fire and be part of His plan =)

Friday, August 29, 2008

After Our's: Review

In light of Siehjin's comment, i decided i owe it to the christian sector and the public a proper review of the play, which basically just mean what i thought of it.

After Our's deal with the sexual encounters of several people and the things that followed after, it was somewhat controversial and representative of today's culture (even though we may claim that we are conservative, but i really think these are true events going on even if we care to admit or not).

It started with having pre-marital sex, one act which i do not condone! And to make it worse, the girl lied to the mother and stuff like that, all revolving lies, deceit and cover ups, just so to preserve the "purity" notion have about us.

Then it went on with several more scenarios, all mostly random sexual encounters and how different people deal with the different problem at hand.

I feel it was somewhat well written, though of course random encounters is a big NO NO in my books and i strongly urge that those who are watching it keep an open mind yet be wary that these are not things God allowed us to do before marriage. It is not somehting to imitate nor something that one should be boastful about, but rather they are offering a perspective in drama acting so that we can see the world as it is, but not be a part of it.

I believe Jesus didn't mean for us to be living as a collective Christian culture ignoring the world, but just not conforming to it, as Siehjin did put it in his blog post, Jesus did mixed with tax collectors, prostitutes and other profession that weren't consider noble by the societies standards. So i believe to we should not be ignorant, sticking to just our own Christian safe houses, but break forth towards the world outside of church and CF, and be a loving friend to every person, remember hate the sin not the sinners.

So yes, the play was good, but still, i repeat, not something i would do or condone. It is art to be appreciated and provoke our conservative mind, it is better to learn it through a stage play than to experience it first hand with no turning back. So take it from me, it is only a few more days and the play will be over, so get a chance to watch to get insights, but if you are weak at heart or your faith may be stumbled, avoid it, or watch it with someone who is spiritually strong.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

After (H)our's?

Sunday, went for Sis' convocation after playing for Sunday worship, the LRT ride there was long and arduous, saw a few having bouquets of flowers, i guess they must be heading to the same place - Wisma MCA in Jalan Ampang.

Reached there right on the dot but didn't know where the place was, so mom had to direct me a couple of times, and i ran like idiot till i found the place, then proceeded to the 2nd floor where the convocation was held.

Place really was packed with people, mostly people in funny looking knee length socks, and funny hairdos that were typical of most students from my sister's uni. But some of them are pretty =p

Anyway, long long speeches and chinese songs were performed, i missed my sis' name being called =(

who ask her get 1st class huh?? Then if she 3rd class i wouldn't have missed it! *$^!%^*%^

Anyway, we took a couple of shots and went to lunch! buffet style, but sadly the food was normal and not that tasty!

Come tuesday, again with almost the same people, went to KLPac one more to watch a play, this time titled After Our's, it's some play about couples, different ones, having sexual encounters and how different problems pops up and how they went about it, interesting, but there were moments that was boring, but the message was good, may be slightly controversial, but hey, this isn't Air-Cond HAHAHA (joke reference not available). Overall it was a good laugh, thought provoking, and the actors was good, actresses was good AND hot, man, as one of my friends put it, this will be our normal activity in the days to come, it was affordable too! and unfiltered, so it's something you don't see on TV. Yeap.There are most of the cast from the play. =) talented!

I guess overall, time is passing me by, but at least it is filled with things to do, next week start uni again! whee!


Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Coming

Highlight of the day: Had lunch with Mich


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


To err is human.

Just having a bad mood now.

Anywho, been awhile, probably a lot of readers thought i abandoned this blog.
Well i didn't!

Let's roll all the way back to last Tuesday:

Justin and I, fetched by Terrence made our way to The Curve where we made silly jokes and met up with Josh, then he brought us to this freaking chili hot food restaurant which had us burning literally red, ok maybe not literally, but Justin was like tomato man!
Then we watched You Don't Mess With the Zohan, but we came an hour earlier, due to misunderstanding on someone's part (hehe), we hung around, looking at people, because people are fun to look at, really they are, especially the erm, well, erm, forget it. (i'm straight by the way, don't guess otherwise!)

Before the show, Advertlets had some contest about hair uniqueness and why participants should win the prize, i, of course with one of the laziest hairstyle did not went out, but Josh did, and a whole bunch of others, alas, he did not win, and people who went out, well, they shouldn't have won in my opinion, i think the ultra LALA people should win, given they really probably have no other purpose in life than to dress up the way they do hahahaha, no i am just not kidding.

Overall, the show was funny to me, though Justin disagreed, they censored too many jokes, and i personally felt it they WANTED to put 18-PL, please MAKE it 18-PL, not as if by that age people still clueless about most things. I hope not.

Wednesday with Christine and Justin and Rach and Tien Ming and his friend went to KLPac to see Short+Sweet Malaysia, my oh my, it was awesome as well, very funny, some quite original and even controversial, but it was good, i guess being berkultur is good, muahahaha. Joanna performed, and she was good =)

Thrusday went lunch with TKH and Keren, watched Mirrors, starring Jack Bauer, hop over to here for a full summary of what we did on that day. Jack Bauer or the minority of the world's population refer him as Kiefer Sutherland, was AWESOME, though the show got bad reviews, but i think it was good, well as Keren puts it, we were kinda watching 24: The Reflection, WHY OH WHY DOES 24 HAVE TO BE NEXT YEAR?!!!

Friday Jeff came back! meet up, and it was good, always nice to have nice and good friend to rely on, and rarely or never disappoint you, good fun, oh did you know we were friends since form 1, and we sat with each other since form 3 till form 6? No, you did not have to know that, but i wanted to tell anyway, it's my blog HAHA.

Saturday woke up extra early for basketball, i am soooo out of shape, played till 12 pm, and then church, and went 1u with a few fellas.

Sunday, woke up with body aching, went to church, and slept the afternoon off! yes! very nice, went to Canton-i with family for dinner, expensive and pointless, please, i personally think you should not go, try Fish & Co. instead.

Monday went to 1u bought Genting bus tickets!

Tuesday we went to Genting! yes! Oh, erm, i don't wanna blog about what happened there =) but it was good!

Wednesday, saw Wall-E, very very nice show, i think, pixar's best. the animated short was old-school and hilarious!

Phew, that's all, can't believe about a week plus and i am back in uni! The institute of metaphorical prison! Muhahahahaha

I wish holidays were longer =p hahahhaha

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Well Senthil officially left this morning, we had BBQ for him on Friday night, just a few of us made it and we did some really really last minute shopping, even the BBQ pit we bought one hour before the thing, heroes aren't we all.

Oh we had the good manners to call Daniel and NieNie, but they both FFK-ed all of us after saying they would turn up, terrible! i tell you, terrible! Not to say they were very far away, i didn't expect it, ultra disappointed.

More disappointing was Naresh!! Whom he said will show up as well, and he is WAYYY nearer than the other two ffk-ers. Man, if say come, come la! haiyo, we bought so much food ok! terrible!

Anywho, we startetd about 7 pm:

That is Keren trying to break the charcoals, yea, it's a hammer, and that also failed miserably!!
But the charcoals were hard, but he had a hammer, ah, there goes the logic! brain explode!

This is senthil and Keren as we tried to lit a fire, no, don't ask, seriously, we DID get the fire started, how long and how is a mystery i am not willing to share!

Here is our pit where we bbq-ed nice delicious food, ha! try ffk-ing us again hohohohohoho

Soon, we had it going, others started showing up and it was a good time of fellowshipping, despite the small number, i think it was a good time =)

Went back home past 12 am, slept at maybe 2 or 3 am? That also because of the reported haze, got this lurking burning smell, man, it was horrible!
6 46 am, got a call from my uni cf president, i was supposed to wake up at 5 50 am, but i guess i slept late and missed the alarm, so i thought my turn to FFK, but she insisted i came, so i got ready and off we were to the 2008 BK quiz held in CHS.

Invigilated, thanks to NieNie last year, someone remembered me, but up till now i have no idea who, and APPARENTLY requested for me to come help out, i did, in my sleepy state, one room asked how old i was, they guessed 18, i said no, then came 19, i said no, then i fled, oh no! Am i THAT OLD????

anyway here is my classroom that i helped invigilate, hey, i don't have much to do, God is watching, it is a BK Quiz, please, if they were to cheat, it is watched by someone way higher than me.

Then i had youth where we played rugby, sort of, learning to play =)
then went to Malacca with my cf president for a birthday party, unfortunately we got lost, and ended up being late, thus staying awhile, but get to meet very very nice people =)
then went home, 1 40 am only i reached home, sigh, long long day, following day church and time of rejuvenation! yay!

lastly, i leave you with two of my friends, they got nothing better to do but to converse with one another through their cell phones, while they are sitting on the same table! man SOME friends i got, i tell you, i am the only normal one around!

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Busy busy weekend. More on that later!

Here is the short video posted by Simon!

Go go!