Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Got home yesterday.

1) Fruit sushi
2) Almost died after consuming this candy, the last fruit caused an allergic reaction to ALL of us and we choked and couldn't breathe and was dying.
3) Smooth talked with indon waitresses to get a HUMONGOUS prawn during satay celup session, not kidding, really gila big. When i get the pic i'll prove it to you.
4) played cards till wee hours of the morning
5) sightseeing
6) almost killed my friends when i volunteered to drive home and was dozing off at some point.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chasing Your Steps.

- Ok, will blog bout whatever happens if i tell a girl via sms,msn or face to face, like justin said, not anytime soon ler, hehe-

8 months passed me by, my 1st year of studies coming to an end, next sem will see me entering into 2nd year, lecturers come and go, friends are flying off (again).

The zeal to influence the people around me in uni has died somewhat. The new upcoming batch of uni people, who are due to leave in a week's time to public unis across m'sia , has made me realised what i have done and not done for the past 8 months. Someone told me that he wants to be an influencer in his uni and now is preparing by seeking God and reading books and praying.

For the past 8 months i've been been complacent, been struggling to find a place i can fit in, when i know damn well that i am not of this world, of course i don't belong anywhere but heaven. So i guess i have to buck up, only 2 more years! I hope you people also will influence others, good or bad, be one! let not the world corrupt you, but corrupt this damned world with ya zeal and passion for the better.

"You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness." - CS Lewis

--The Weight of Glory

Monday, June 18, 2007


Do girls like guys to confess their feelings over the internet, text message or face-to face?

So far info i've gathered indicated that girls prefer face-to-face.
One said depending on situation, if the guy she doesn't likes, then better over internet, internet rejection easier, if guy she likes then face-to-face more romantic.

Can girls really handle face-to-face??

text message seems like the lesser evil, but still girls say not good. Hmm, questions to ponder, must continue to gather info.

Prince Charming
: You! You can't lie! Where is Shrek?
Pinocchio: Well, uh, I don't know where he's not.
Prince Charming: You don't know where Shrek is?
Pinocchio: On the contrary,
Prince Charming: So you do know where he is!
Pinocchio: I'm possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that I undeniably
Prince Charming: Stop it!
Pinocchio: Do or do not know where he shouldn't probably be. If that indeed wasn't where he isn't!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Future Intentions

Last sat i went for my cousin's wedding, it was boring mannn, i know i know, i'm happy for him and stuff, but it was borrrinnnnggggggg.

I hope my wedding won't be this boring
His wedding was boring because:
1) super a lot of unknown people
2) draggy
3) didn't start on time - though it is quite common, but i think this was like late LATE!
4) no pretty girls
5) song selection lousy

But one thing though, my cousin know his HOT wife thru ICQ!!!! what the>>>~>!>$#>$~$>~%>!!

So, online love is possible, hehehe, too bad msn can't really randomly find people to meet, cis, i missing out on quite a lot.

So anyway here is my wedding plan to avoid boredom amongst my people:
It'll start on time, people don't come on time their problem, i ta pau the food they miss out for supper.
I'll dress in tight black leather suit and sing "I believe in a thing called love" by The Darkness.
I'll download some nice movies for them to watch while they eat.
Serve roti canais as main course, free refill all around!
Have food fight.
Have water fight.
Have my bride go on stage and tell the world why on earth she married me using 5,000 words.
Have my S.A.D. pals who are still single and no gf up on stage and laugh at their faces.

I think the basic outline is there, i still have time to improve that list.
Yea need to find a gf first.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

...Continuing a Tale

Yea, thanks for the added content to my current tale in my previous post, click the comment section if you wanna read some insults and added jokes.

And yes, that accident led me to Dragonball Z, best anime of all time haha! marathon it kau kau when i was resting at home.

But that's not the point.

So i was in the hospital, no surgery needed, young boys can heal fast, so the doctor said.Pediatric ward was full, so i was placed in the cancer ward, surrounded by mostly leukemia patients, was an eye opener, really really kesian them, i felt my condition ain't so bad after all...

Well long story short, i stayed there for 21 days, everyday eat sleep, books, tv etc etc till i became a fat boy.. one day mom went home to do stuff and dad stayed to take care of me, well you gotta know my bandages were all the way from my toes to my stomach, on the right side of my leg, so the left side and my pissing equipment or family jewels were left in the open with blanket over them.

Well i won't go into how i piss and crap, but it was all done on the bed itself.

One day, the cleaners came by the ward and started cleaning stuff, then the lady ask if anything needs to be clean or changed, my dad without thinking took my blanket away in broad daylight,
my very first indecent public exposure of my family jewels. I was 9 ok? I was building a reputation of being a bad boy, and this was gonna ruin it! So i screamed "DADDD!!!!!!!!!!!"
and smart enough to cover my family jewels with the pillow, well, i guess the scream didn't help as everyone took notice and saw everything, sigh sigh sigh.

Yea, the good side is, this story worth telling, even better when i tell it verbally, i got other details that are too long to type, my students back in taman sea heard this story already, just had to tell them for fun haha.

since then, things never been the same, that memory haunts me everytime when my fly is open, when i take a bath, haha, okok, maybe not so teruk, but still.....
Not cut out to act in blue films.

My only regret was, i never found that issue of doraemon, sigh.... other than that, it was a cool LOOOOONG holiday, one of the best years, slept all i want, ate all i want, watch shows kau kau..

Oh well, another tale next time la..


Friday, June 08, 2007

Telling A Tale

When i was 9, or standard 3, i didn't much study, well, now too as well hehe

But when i do study, i pick up comics, and that time Doraemon was all the rage!
oops, wrong pic, haha, here is doraemon and gang!

so one faithful sat morning, i woke up early so i could watch cartoons, mom asked to go get me own breakfast. So i did, but waiting for the mee to be cooked may take awhile, so i brought doraemon! though i read that same issue like a dozen times, i was still highly entertained, talk about value for money!

So there i was walking down the street, reading while walking, no law against that right?
well, as i cross a deep drain, i slipped and fell in, my thigh hit the side twice because there was two layers to that drain. So obviously, okok maybe not so obvious, i broke my right thigh bone, there i managed to sit upright, trying to move, but couldn't, bruised and helpless, i called for help, to my dismay, uncles at the coffee shop just sipping happily and their coffee and didn't move an inch to help me, kudos to those uncles for trying to let a kid die!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, still quite pissed at them, this is what we call a bystander effect. Sigh. Oh well, sat there awhile sobbing while my doraemon book was lying somewhere in the ditch. Thank God, really i do and did, my kind vet doctor came and assisted me to the hospital...

This post getting long, i get to the interesting bit next time!

Monday, June 04, 2007

PBC Church Camp

It's that time of the year again where a couple of us head down somewhere other than church to have a camp to seek God.

We went to Nilai this time, drove down there with parents, was real sleepy when driving, but i managed to reach there without causing casualties. Don't think my parents knew about my state of drowsiness haha.

It was overall a good camp, because the speaker was chun, Mr. Bernard Hull. He speaks words of wisdom, deep stuff, perspectives we never thought of, it was really an eye opener, cliche as that sounds.

The only gripe i have against him is that he speaks soft and sloooooooooow. Real slow, at times i could just fall asleep and wake up and he still haven't finish elaborating one point. Really, staying awake was the biggest challenge for most of us haha, even more for certain people haha.

the fellowship was cool, the numbers were few. So we hung out together most of the time. We went to Giant, yea, GIANT. People actually go there to date, IN Giant. Town was so small that these people really got no where to go. Employment rate was high, one shop has like so many employees that it hardly made sense.

The waiter at a shop we went to was funny
"I want ice water please"
"huh? what?"
Repeat it 3 times. then..
"oh water, you want ice in it or not?"
"erm, yes, ice water..."

At night, we had picnic outside our hotel rooms, till the manager said it wasn't allowed unless we're in a room, but we had a girl, being gentlemen we are, we decided to keep the food and still hung around.

Sat the lift up and down, harassed hotel customers at the wee hours of the night, played games. It was good clean fun.
Then went and sleep.

Got home today, tiring, but the message was good so i guess it wasn't so bad after all, though it was super pricey, and the place ain't worth that much haha.
Well, it inspired me to go for next year's one. IF the speaker is any good haha.