Thursday, August 27, 2009

What used

Time for a self written poem on the latest tv series i watched lately:

I feel everyone is like a Dwight,
who always thinks that he is right.

I like to be a Stanley,
who still can be funny when he is cranky.

Who wants to be an Angela?
If she was my woman, i wish she be hit by a car.

Who can forget Kevin,
An awesome dude who just needs a bit of loving.

I really really like Andrew Bernard,
He is funny, witty, can play music, but sometimes a retard.

Ah, of course we then have Jim and Pam,
Surely people wants to be like them living life hand in hand.

There's Oscar, Toby, Phyllis and more,
I lazy to think of rhymes anymore.

Last but not least, who isn't like a Michael Scott?
Attention, friends, company and love he soughts,
not forgetting, how the heck does he get girlfriends that are hot??

That's all, as i was thinking what career path i am wanting to venture in, i really was inspired by the Earth Song video and They Don't Really Care About Us video, by Michael Jackson, yeap, i recently went through most of his music videos, and apart from still mourning the lost of a great musician and dancer, i think he really captured something most people can't in their lifetime.

You have a lot of people going about their causes to save stuff here and there, but i think MJ really got the whole message in a short music video, it is quite cool that apart from musical talent, he has the talent to produce strong social message.
It is debatable whether after viewing such videos will lead to more social awareness and actions, or will it stick through the passage of time.
But as of now, i thought of doing some side projects, maybe short films and stuff, since now i have a bit of time here and there in between classes or sleeps, can probably do it.
Though unfortunately, apart from growing responsibilities, i have no camcorder or equipments, not even a decent sound card to do anything, and zilch knowledge in editing. So, maybe its all talk.
But of course, since i wrote it here, if anyone bothers, can pop me a question once in awhile to check on my progress, at least a bit of accountability.

Munchkin anyone?
Come, lets play soon.

-Soon Gone-

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Say

Police set up pondok polis everywhere;
you say they looking for bribes.

A particular political party wins;
you say the election was rigged.

A newspaper reports positively of the government;
you say the media is biased.

The PM says 1Malaysia;
you say 1black malaysia.

People conforms to mainstream ideas;
you say they are brainwashed.

People like indie music;
you say they are a bunch of showoffs.

Ministers sometimes do their best;
you say they are a bunch of idiots.

People going through some bad problems in life;
you say they are emo.

Men who truly loves fashion design;
you say they are probably gay.

If you have everything to say against everything, forget reformation, forget unity and forget about progress. Instead of just saying, do something about it, for ONCE.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I would like a girl who doesn't hunch please.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Running With Tweezers

There, done. I finally got thru my thesis defense yesterday! I am so done. Really, i am glad that it went well, supervisor and co-marker were gracious towards me. I rather happy that the work and research that i came up and done by myself (with the help of many good friends who were willing to help during the course of this research) had paid off, and i am not sure what grade i am gonna get, but rest assured, it is done, i think i did it justice and so did my supervisor and co-marker. So yeap, another phase, has come and gone!

So, what's next? Got 4 more subjects before i graduate, 2 first year electives, which mean i start class next week, and psych only starts the week after, so yea, finally got my thesis out of the way, and then comes a new semester. Final one too.

Sometimes, people can utterly stupid and dumb, ignorant, self-absorbed and much more, are we really programmed this way? But when some people actually go and do free work, social work, missions, they get criticized and questions about regarding their true motives and all. If good work is being done, let it be done. Not as if you work in a damned corporate world is contributing much to those in need. What with your fancy cars and houses. So shut ya trap and give these people a break.

So coming back to what i was saying, some people just cannot see that little things they do and don't do affect the system, some people were born with the wisdom, some sought for it, some just has it but refused to use it. Ah, ranting.

Its like in a tv sitcom, you got the serious guy, the motherly girl, the idiotic friend and a wuss to be bullied throughout the series. So, in another way to put it, you gotta have these kind of people in the world, if there were no idiots, then the smart ones wouldn't be smart, or if all were good, then no one is truly good right?

Well, at least with some proper motivation, some may choose the wiser path in respect to the current circumstances.
Like me, i choose not to sleep, so i could watch some more tv before my holidays are really over.
All about choices. You think God didn't had a choice? He did. Do we have choices? Yup, totally. Pick the right choice, stop reading and go watch some tv. That is what i am gonna do... right about..... now.

-To The Grave-

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Got a thesis presentation up next, and defense too.

Did aplenty this past two weeks, watched a couple of plays, barbecues, 2 of them in fact. Met up with some friends here and there.

But the most significant thing that happened was getting over the feeling of growing up. One can always lament and wallow the pains of growing up or just be at ease at them and accept it.
I'm a late bloomer. Yea, i wanted to be in neverland, the peter pan version, not MJ version, say, a close quarter life crisis. Didn't thought i'd jump a few stages ahead in Erikson's developmental stages.

I could think life as: gonna get a job soon, do some menial work, settle down, have kids, watch them grow up and rot in my grave.

But i guess, if life were to be seen that way, it'd be sad, pathetic really.

Come what may, if this is rock bottom, then the only way is up. Think it should get interesting, much more interesting soon.
But have to trim hair before that, can't let it get caught somewhere and drag me slower.

-Ye Shall Walk Not Alone-

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ok, lets have pictures! here is my taiping trip, photos consist of HocMun's and mine, the better looking ones are Hoc's! Here you go:

Near Maxwell Hill, monkeys conquered metal monster, win!

Graves of past soldiers who fought a war on this very land

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, was alright, i guess, haha

Maxwell Hill! the ride up was something else, but the view is awesome!

We played Balderdash! Then took a pic, no tulips at that time, but hey, least we know there are tulips in Taiping!

No taiping girl stop to notice us :(

So might as well stuff ourselves with durian before we leave right?
Had good fun, short trip but worth it!

-Birds of A Feather-

It really means if you are friends with me, you are somewhat similar to me, so if i'm weird, guess what, you are too! HA! But i really am normal :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


As I am quite done with my thesis, i am prep to look for other things to do, i just got back from a minor job, blog about it later.
As of now, few things i should get sometime this year:
  1. A decent looking wallet, my current one was a gift which was heavily abused till now looks like a pile of unwanted newspaper.
  2. A functioning wrist watch, not the digital kind, it says you're punctual! Which HocMun supports the claim as well!
  3. One more pair of jeans.
  4. A decent looking casual shoe. My converse shoes also a bit overused already.
  5. A haircut.
  6. A decent looking belt, my current one is free, and torn on one side, so i flip the buckle the other side, now looks better, but not nice, also, it doesn't really buckle me properly.
  7. Change specs (optional)
  8. Nicer shirts, realized i keep wearing same ol same ol.
Thought Stream
-Thought Stream-

Monday, August 03, 2009

Old Skool

I think the older times are great, yesss, i am getting older, and i am becoming one of those people who says, "ah the good ol' days, 'sup?"

I find newer stuff not as appealing, yea they got some cool stuff like better video games, some good movies, technology, but look at what the setback it brought us:
  • Newer generations getting dumber
  • Newer generations, specifically girls getting shorter and less developed. Due to food intake? All those new health crap and chemicals must be doing us wrong someway somehow.
  • They screw us over in movies like Dragonball and Transformers who just wanna milk the franchise of the money. Damn you hollywood! Wait, no, hollywood actually gave us some good stuff, so.. damn you worthless sell outs!
  • Prices are jacked up for most anything
  • Apparently talking is a form of music
  • Now words can be reduced to just random letters, ok maybe not so random, lol, jk, lol? ROFL!
  • People has shorter lives! Man, the olden days got people living up to 500 years old! Thats like almost4.5 times more than us now! And imagine, can have longer partying days, gaming days, courting girls days if we live longer! Unless you're a loser... then, ouch?
  • Instead of radioactive spider who bit peter parker, we now got genetically altered spider! HOW LAME IS THAT?
  • And what the future has brought us thus far? My car still can't transform! I don't have a virtual gf, all that i do when i play The Sims
  • Cartoons are almost hopeless
  • Stalking made easy
  • Bell bottoms not in fashion!!!
  • No smart pill for me
  • Sometimes i cannot diffrentiate she-males or he-females from normal males and females, damn you technology and ya advance makeover skills!

okok, i can go on and on
The older days, at least, at least has Michael Jackson :(