Thursday, January 28, 2010


Life always has two sides.

The ones we picked aren't always the prettier side.

We can play the blame game, we really can, we can say "if only.." we can criticize, we can feel nothing, we can feel everything, but one question: how is it going to help?

This world is messed up.
Fucked up would be the better term.

Yea, yes to you, i am writing about another death, a friend, decided to end his own life. That's 2 this year.
2, in our eyes is such a small number, but, 2 is enough. Enough in this case.

I've heard enough of we could have done more, they should have done something about it, yea we all could have, but we didn't, so drop it.
If you wanna draw anything, is that we are idiots.

yea, you're soooooooo SAD because you didn't do anything for this friend, yeap, you're right, you have your own life, you got retarded attitude and even people near you ain't hearing shit about what you doing, what more another friend who is further away?

Ah, yea, i drifted a bit and was angry..

don't ever leave without saying goodbye.
Yea, please.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Today, i read a book while sipping coffee in starbucks today.

What an odd feeling.

I remember a time where i used to grace the walkways of shopping malls alone, enjoying the crowd, the motions and details that were rich and too much to be absorbed, the audio filled both of my ears.

I remember just staring at the countless number of people enjoying their
day, and then return home alone, thinking that it was a great day.

I remember holding up a book every night, immersing myself in the world penned by people unknown to me, and living the characters as if i was them.

I remember putting down a book after reading it and thought to myself, what an epic story.

All that was lost, momentarily, with advent of more technology, time seems to run out faster than usual. Maybe time to close the browser, switch off the modem that hasn't rested since the day you turned it on.

Maybe, time to utilize time.


Friday, January 15, 2010


.. it seems death gets nearer to my doorstep, and posts about passing of someone appears a bit too often for my comfort.

Seems every few months, death comes into my circle and knocks on someone's door, and all the time, it never takes no for an answer.

Once again, a good friend, though not close, but friend nonetheless, has left.

Why can't i come to terms with death? Why does it still surprise and shock me?

Untimely, uninviting and swift, leaves me no room to say goodbyes, or should i say goodbyes to every one from now on?


Keeps me in check with life. The irony.

Though untimely, yet it serves as a good reminder before i immerse myself into the depths of the working world that life is what i make it out to be.

Only last month i sat in the same exam hall, and she told me a week prior to it not to worry because it will be easy.

Now, a memory.

Here and gone, i'm halfway there.

-Empty Stage-

Monday, January 11, 2010


The sun comes up and goes back down

Unwaivering, ever on time

The times where we don't make a sound

Are times that silence is the crime

It's when you let go, you gain

When you give up, He gives

When you stay around long enough, you learn

You never get what you want

That's life.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


..of course referring to the song sung by Lifehouse.
Such a beautiful song.

I am sure twitter and facebook and most every social network and media have been reporting about recent happenings.

To which, as one aptly said that it brings hope, not the event itself, but the response it garnered.
There are still smart and thoughtful people, in a world we lived in, such people are
rare and scarce, but still present, which makes this place seems a bit brighter, a bit better.

I forgot the pleasure of just sitting..

2008, when i had this unexplained sickness which caused me unending spins in the head and i was chair bound for a month or two, at the sight of the ceiling fan would make me faint and nauseated, i realized i needed to just sit.

As weird as it sounds, all the more in times where things are fast moving, endless information goes through our filter, we are constantly bombarded with needless things, we just forget to...

I am thankful for the times where people would invite me out to just do nothing but gaze into the stars, the times where traffic is slow moving and rainbow fills the sky. When i actually just stop and look up, that amidst tall buildings and lifeless structure, the beauty of surroundings is overwhelming, even the buildings itself are creations of someone's mind and how oft
en would one appreciate it?

I hear phrases like, "Is there more to this?"

Everyone will have a different answer, no right or wrong, every one has a role to play, be it to serve or to be served, every one is at their place at the right time for something.

Today is my dear sister's birthday, she may not be the brother i wanted all my life, she may not be someone i would talk to much nowadays, nevertheless, we are bound by blood and family is family, there is nothing and no one i would want in replace of her.
Happy birthday :)
-One At A Time-

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


You may remember this..

so here's this( i know, 2010, and already this kind of jokes, it's so me):

Monday, January 04, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

One man's tune is another man's torture to the ears.

-6-String Darkness-