Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hot Cool Sunday

Splitting headache!

Started off a pretty warm Sunday as it always is, yea, felt quite awake for sermon, but don't know couldn't get much out of it, hmm...

Then slept in the afternoon, waking up to a headache!
Darn it! Then now kinda like raining, weather so funny, killing me..

i think i seek recognition too much, sometimes will use ways just to get what i want without arousing suspicion, aiya, got to stop watching shows like 24 and How i met your mother. teaching me too many bad stuff =p

But i think i really need to be secure in God.

Arsenal Vs. Liverpool later!


-"Previously on battlestar galactica..." -Cartman, South Park while on screen it says "Previously on South Park."-

Monday, October 22, 2007

Make Way For Queen Victoria!

Hahahaha, i mean bow down before thy Queen!!

Ok, i dedicate this post to Victoria (well, due to a certain death threat....)
That's her on the left and that's me on the right JUST in case you didn't know.
That was taken in CF camp during some Hawaiian theme night. Good clean fun!

alright, well, she is a girl, erm, she has long hair, a nose, a pair of eyes, hands, feet... okok.

I mean, Vic was one of the few people i met in CF when i first started uni, i think i came to know her properly during Christmas in my uni. That's when we practiced for some presentation, and i was my usual self playing a fool and she would ask me to get serious (in a nice way=)

then somehow followed her to church in Ipoh, yeap that's where she hails from. And i guess that's where our friendship grew. God sent an erm, i was about to say angel, but a bit too cliche, lets replace it with God sent a fantastic sister (or brother, depends on how you look at it) to aid me in my transition in uni. She had good patience, i guess most girls don't, yes! i'm pointing at you TGCM's bratty sister! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Even though we known close to year, it felt like we known each other for a long time, suffice to say i'm prepared to attend your wedding and be your kid's godfather! ( yes, i still scheming to use kids as my muscles and dominate the world MUAHAHAHA)
I don't simply go to people's wedding ok? i invite myself to people's wedding whom i can bear with, consider it a privilege that i self-invite myself to YOUR wedding.

Right back to the Queen, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!
Must recite that ok, if not heads will roll, almost literally.

So here i am, friendship still going on, i don't have many girl friends, yea not girlfriends mind you.
And she is the rare few, and i appreciate her a lot. sometimes God is overly kind to a person like me that i should receive such grace in a form of a friend.

Common grounds i have with her:
- she is 21! so am i! Though i am older! hahaha
- she's from perak, so is my mom! So i can't say anything bad about her, or i would indirectly say it about my mom too.
- she's musically inclined! so am i (?), er, ok maybe not.
- she's pretty, and i'm handsome, no doubt bout that!
-she's a gamer, and no doubt i am one too! dark brotherhood! mgs! gta! cloud! sephiroth! raiden! snake! big boss! 47!

Not so common grounds with her:
-she's attached, i'm still waiting for my one to show up (God, please?)
- she got own car, i'm still leeching of mom's car.
- she likes weird movies (like that jay chou piano crap!), i pick stephen chau anytime!
- she got more friends than me, all i have is keren, oh wait, keren isn't my friend! hahahahahaha

when all is said and done, i don't think i will lose a friend like her, i'd be a fool, and it would probably be offending God!
Happy now?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

There is free lunch (and dinner) in this world!


Yeap! Had my final mid-term paper at 8 am!! the bane of having to wake up that early for a paper is unimaginable!

Yea, paper wasn't too hard (compared with another paper i took...) but it was still tough nonetheless.. Brain don't function as well in the morning, sigh!

then had to help out at a freshmen lunch held by the uni for freshies! (a few friends and i lost a bet to our grad tutor, that's why)

It wasn't half bad, we wore robes! Kinda large, and everyone gotta wear it, so we kinda made fun and said it was some harry potter school, it really does.

We were ushers, well, it was a boring job, but thank God for good company! ha! i guess the highlight was really really really about the glorious food prepared! Deprived of MY freshmen lunch, took this chance to take back what i should have gotten a year ago!
Had lamb, chicken and more chicken, a bunch of meat i couldn't identify, mee, rice, cake with some sauce, tofu, oh sweet food!!
Ate till i was satisfied.

at night, a very good friend and brother took some of us to Carl's Jr.! I wouldn't even think of going there because of it's pricing! but since it's free (thanks dude!), i just went anyway despite the scrumptious lunch i had earlier in the day! Burger was good, hmm, sat there awhile and talked, hmmm, was so full, felt like i could just sleep and sleep after that, which i didn't, came back to enjoy more pleasures of life, ah...

life is good! Praise God!

Today, had a very very good rest, just so to prepare for the coming week.
Had a new PBC member in church today!!
Liang and Li's Lil brat Zechariah!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Update From ...

Who else?? Keren la! hahahahaha

Yea, just got off msn with him, managed to chat a bit here and there before he left.

He not yet equipped with internet access yet, he was using the lab's comp to communicate with me.

He is doing fine, well and dandy, he said the moment he landed there, that day was the worst day. But he'll blog about it soon.

Just in case you didn't know, he got a blog, just not really up and running


So, he is doing great, in fact he mentioned he went to pubs and student nightclubs hahahaha

Erm, well, i should omit these facts, but knowing Keren he would want me to haha,

Anyway he said the girls there are super hot, and Daniel is gay, and the girls he know got bf so thats a turn off.

Ok, he didn't exactly say it in such a polite way, please feel free to insert any high-level profanity into that sentence. Ok i omitted a lot of stuff la, guess you'll just have to tune in to his blog to find out.

He did say a couple of nice things though:
He said he really missed malaysia and that he'll never kutuk malaysia's weather ever again.
He also said Hello to everyone he knows and take care.
He'll meet us online soon.

Well, glad he is safe and sound and that life is moving on for him, haha, so cool, i really wanna go visit him, should be fun, just hope he keeps his pants on and all time, ain't not the time to make no babies!


things been going well, since wellness is a relative term, i would say well in God's plan.

somehow it just fits in.

Never underestimate power of prayer!!!

Somehow we always don't utilize prayer enough.

But it is one of the greatest privileges given by God.

Somehow just felt the need to remind you people.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Major Minor

Aye, so, Keren has not contacted me, haven't reply naresh's mail, busy!

Got one more mid-term paper to go, two assignments due this month. Mood to do any work is non-existent!

Been fussing over running the experiment for one of my classes, waited for an hour plus for the lecturer, wasn't a total waste of time, talked to one of the tutors there, and she is a gamer! Gamer chick! woots!
Rare! Plus she plays God of War 2 and those kick ass games!
Not lovey dovey games like Harvest Moon! (i think so)
She plays okami too! wow!

It'll be a bonus point if my future gf is a gamer hehehe, at least when i game during dates she won't mind! muahahahahahaa

on another hand, i really must thank and be annoyed at my dad for giving me my name, now i have the urge to name my son and daughter some kick ass name, if not i'll feel like an idiot!

Lets see,

oh yea, remember mortal kombat?
Yea apparently someone wanted to name her kid Liu Kang.

I choose Sub-Zero! Ha!!

Sub-Zero is so cool.
OK la, my son is called Sub-Zero for now.

Daughter maybe will be Aroma Rosemary Pink Daisy.
Ha! i'll show you, dad!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

That's why you go, the way i know..

Keren my brudda'!
Finally you left this place and starting a new life abroad!!!!!
(Took you long enough)

Monday, October 08, 2007

October Babies!

Which led me to think that are people usually more fertile around jan or feb? so many october babies!!

Well we had Chan in the previous post!

October 6th - Rach's 21st Birthday!!!! Yay!! Justin and I went to her house to talk and wish her, mana tau after her friend left then she chased us home =( so potong haha, but yea, it is your birthday!!! So hope you had fun! Though we argue a lot and stuff, i'm sure you like having me as a friend and your next 21 years i'll probably see you, we celebrate your 2nd 21st birthday la then!
October 8th!!!!!!! Yes, make no mistake, for the first time revealed, Sarah Chiang and Justin Lee! Both of their birthdays are on the same day! woots! Congrats congrats, wish the picture was an indication to something more story worthy and speculation, unfortunately it isn't haha, nice pic though!

Birthday round up, Zhen Fai and Melissa whose birthday are on the 8th as well, the former turned 20 and Mel turns 21!! No pic available as for the former i lazy go find and the latter her privacy is respected!

Well, got more to come!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

To Many More Years of Friendship Old Friend!

Chan! For being my best friend since high school and never looking back!
Stuck with me through good and bad times and never judging me!
Birthday after birthdays still not sick of being friends!
For keeping it real and being real!
Even if we stumble through life we'll pull through together!

Happy 21st Birthday Old Friend!
You made it this far and many more to come!
Hope you are blessed as I am blessed by you!
See you when you get back, celebration awaits!
(Psst, don't die and don't cause anyone to get pregnant!)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just Leave On That Jetplane Already!

"So when are you leaving?"
"This Sat."

"When are you leaving?"
"This Mon."

"OKkkk, When are you leaving now?"
"This Fri, probably noon."

"SO, WHEN are you leaving??"
"Next week lah next week."

"Eh, are you EVER going to leave?"

"Seriously, WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING?????"
"Most probably this week."

"YOU'RE STILL HERE????!?!?!"
"Yes, next week only."

"Are you there yet?"
"Yes, freaking cold weather."
"Oi!!! seriously, when are you flying off?!?!?@?!??@!%!?%@^%?"
"Don't know lah, i'll know it one day before."

"I'll tell you when, relax lah."

- This post is dedicated to Keren who is supposed to fly off 3 weeks ago but is still here.-
Hope you fly off soon and begin your new exciting life there dude!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

A Penny for Thoughts!

It's funny but sometimes girls who don't attract you when dress or puts on a makeup that suits your liking, immediately attraction comes! Amanda Bynes attracted me in Hairspray, didn't really like her back then, but now, it's a different story! Maybe only applicable in the movie Hairspray..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Yea, probably she not the hottest girl in LA, still... everyone has different taste!
Oh, i still think Megan Fox is NOT hot, and NO i'm not gay!