Thursday, March 31, 2011

Somebody's Fool

Open Documents Folder --> Click resignation letter --> Dated back then 01 March 2010


End of March.

Well, it's the deja vu kind of feeling. But nevertheless it's a step forward.
Yet. It is also a step backward.

I distinctly remember that last year around this time, i did a post on how i feel useless, and i was referring to how my dad at this age cannot take a break and still finding work and is further from the grandson he really loves.
And i was heartbroken.

But then he retired.

But due to circumstances, he has to go off again, once again probably missing his grandson's upcoming birthday.

It made me rethink a lot things in life.

A lot.

You say i bring bad culture, i say i'm bringing diversity.

You say i'm incompetent, i say your working style is inefficient.

You say good riddance, i say it's nothing personal, just business.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Tomorrow, March 15th 2011 will mark that it has been a year since i joined this working place.

A fellow colleague asked, "A year, what have we achieved?"

I could list down a lot, experience, friends I've gained and lost or in the midst of losing. The hardships, the laughter, the small doses of hope, the small doses of smile.

But the truth hits, i could never achieve more than certain people have done in a day.

A fruit seller, died and sparked revolutions.

A missionary, murdered, bred a new beginning for a tribe otherwise ignored by the world.

A woman, gave two copper coins, gave more than anyone could at that time.

Maybe it's time for the revolution of the self (you've read it here first!).

I would imagine at every point of a person's life, they will have a revolution of the self. It's the point where the realization of how short of life is meets what you hope to accomplish. Mind you, this revolution can happen multiple times, but i would imagine the first time is the most crucial. The mind is a powerful thing, when the revolution takes place, what follows is the mind consolidating the process and outcome. Which by then may already acknowledged you've paid the ultimate price and never allow that to happen.

For example, you quit a stable job because you want to help people in the poorer parts of the world. After a few years, you realized you can't do this anymore, you want back a city life, at this point, the revolution of the self may occur again, but your mind may intervene and don't allow because you paid the price and going back would mean regression, a step backward, hence you'd still be unhappy.

But the great thing about the revolution of the self, is that it's the ultimate break it or make it situation, it can take you from an unhappy state to a happy state, though there may be setbacks, as most revolution does, you'd know eventually something good will happen, but not without sacrifices.

Not without sacrifices.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Then Then Then

"come back to church, we need more young people"

"come back to church, we need more people to serve"

That is your pitch to me to try to get me back to church?

Nice try. Even a kid could come up with better things to say. I appreciate the honesty, i really do. But i guess your honesty does not come with concern of my wellbeing, or my spiritual being in that sense. And you wonder why i left in the first place?

Sunday night.

Complains resound all over the net about dreading to go to work (applicable to working people only).

Complains. But nothing is done about it.



To resist is to persist, that sometimes can be a burden.

Take down a dictator or just live a life with rules?

It's not so simple.

Yet it is.