Sunday, March 28, 2010

The lil things...

...that makes me happy about my current job:

  1. Office have windows!
  2. Clean toilets!
  3. Internet!
  4. Cheap food nearby!
Apart from that there are plenty of other things, but not to tell today :)

Suffice to say, i still must always realign my focus towards things that are more essential, this is not the end, it's just a means to get moving in life.

Time flies by too fast, too fast that i cannot keep up, i just want everything to slow down, please?

I see you sitting down
Face facing ground
So that no one notices your frown

You aren't pretty
Life feels shitty
No one would pity

You put on a bold face
Thinking you know your place
Yet, yet falling from grace

The world treats you unkind
Messed up there's no rewind
Things would be different if you could alter time

I don't know if i should talk to you
Would i be a jerk if i do?
It seems i might just be pitying you

So I just stood there
As if I did not care
It just isn't fair

I detest you O the world
Chaos you thrust against us
Now we are cursed

She steps off the train
Hiding her pain
Who can say they felt the same?

I stood there
Did nothing but stare
Holding in, mentally impaired

By refusing to show kindness
I increased the bitterness
Whose heart broke? Hers first.

Hers. First.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Staying the Course

There's no escape, troubles are everywhere, even at my new workplace, but not at liberty to discuss anything in public.

Been taking LRT to work, and it is very interesting, the many faces you don't know, the many different stories they carry with them to their workplace or to their destination. It is so much fun, and getting to work and getting back isn't as bad as i thought it would be.

What is next phase in life? Get married get car house etc etc?

Not me, not yet? Maybe, maybe not.

I saw a woman scrambling to find a seat in the train, and when there was one, everyone was moving towards it, with fine coordination, it was amusing.

I saw a guy checking a girl out for whatever reason, even if they do like each other, we are dictated to just sit idle and let it slip by.

The debate was, where and when do you draw the line? Do you live to people's expectations?

The abnormal thing that i would like to think of, is that society dictates what is the norm and what deviates from it, but that doesn't mean order, it means disorder, hence more people getting sick and strange, getting labeled as peculiar.

But when you strip them down to the core, they bleed the same as us, but why do we find them "abnormal"?
The truly sick ones are the ones who think they have the right to judge.

And i have no rights to judge, but i have rights to have an opinion.

And my opinion is: I'll stick around a bit longer, just to see, see how the world spins, how this will play out.

Monday, March 15, 2010

One More Time

Here we go again!
Started in a new company
I really hope to stick this one out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Rojak Song!

Can't see? Just click, pretty interesting, can win you a phone too :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Diddly Doo

One of my projects i wish to do for this year :)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


-Changing Lanes-

Dear Pops,

I never much knew you, but when i tell others about you, i always pick the good parts, like how you struggle and work ya way with the limited amount of resources you have, how you always strive for the family.

I leave out the not so glamorous parts, the parts where i felt as if i was alone at times when i thought i could rely on you, the times i wanted just to have a simple dinner.

As the years went by, it has now been almost 2 cycles of a dozen in my life, your battered eyes, your worn out body, has struck me that without your toil and hardships that you went through, i would not be where i am today, how foolish i am to think that i have been lacking when i am having in abundance.

I have a role model, albeit a flawed one, but who is perfect?

I realized as i come out to the world, aye, i have dreams, aspirations, things i want to do, but seeing how i have not fully taken over the responsibility from you, and yet you still work so hard and now even apart from us for a bit, it saddens me, saddens me inside out.

I've always mention life is too short, yet, in this short life, you have worked so much, and is still working, away from your beloved.

Is this a vicious cycle? That we always have to work hard to provide, that it will never end?

Sins of the father.

Nay, let what others say about this, let them throw their lofty words of religion and their self-righteous thoughts, saying it will all be okay, saying it is a test, let them look with their preconceived minds, their self-justified tongue, let them use the Word against us, let them "try" to build us up in God's name.


Let them.

For now, after i shed this last tear, i will now take over the responsibility. With dreams postponed, with the world crumbling around me, let it come, for if my God is for me, tell me who can be against me.

It is not I, but God who reigns in me.

I will come soon, be patient.

Thy Son.


When you see a fat man eating a burger
Do you think that to his body he's committing murder?
Or do you think hard enough, for awhile
That he actually is happy the way he is, for life he smiles?

A thin man walks by you, tears in his eyes
What else is there other than his screaming cries?
Or maybe his daughter graduated
An event he has long anticipated

A person with unkempt hair
Wearing clothings with a tear
Apart from him being a total loser
Maybe he is measuring his hair growth by the ruler.

Life is about perspectives, if we live with coloured lenses, or filters, and living life as if we are always right, then why bother staying in a community?
There is a time to be selfish, time to be not.