Friday, December 29, 2006

What if...? -Episode 1-

Before i start on today's entry, i wanna give a shout out to my mom!!

My mom has been wonderful to me and my family, even though she has her own flaws, nothing really stands out. I'm blessed to have her, sometimes i think she is unfortunate to have me as a son. haha!

But all in all, she didi a great job in serving God and her family. Sometimes i pity her for not having the life she could have. I'm glad my sister in doing well in her studies, probably she has to feed my mum next time because i'm sure to be poor hahah!!

My mom really is great, i bet your moms are too. Some do not have the luxury of being with their mother, i'm sorry about that. That's why i'm taking this chance to thank her! The only thing i regretted doing to her was that i was embarrassed of her when she showed up in front of my friends back in primary school. Sigh, what a jerk i was then, eh wait, i still am a jerk! But not to my own mom!! Now she can follow me wherever she wants haha!!

Thanks mom!!

Ok back to my entry, from this entry onwards i'll have a What If session from time to time.
That came as an idea today when we were out mamaking and eating ice-cream at prissy's place. We were talking so much things that could have been or what if things.. so might as well i blog about all the what if stuff.

I'll kick it off by doing one what if entry. If you have any idea or What if topics, feel free to tell me, i'll blog it.

By the way, what you are going to read is entirely spawned by my own mind and thoughts and beliefs, meaning it is an egocentric kind of entry. So feel free to comment, but don't go telling me it's not logic or what not. savvy? Great.

What if... Episode 1

Lordson was as nice as his sister Dewgem?

Well, technically, he is. But!!!! He just doesn't show it because then he would be the same as his sister, which was what Lordson is trying to avoid!

So, simply, what is Lordson really shows his nice side? Well, he'd probably will have more friends. But in the long run, his friends will think he is boring and probably never really wanna call him out for anything. He'd just be another boy wasting air in this world. Girls would find him boring. He'd get bullied.

Also, his churchmates probably will not be trained to have a high tolerance level. TGCM probably won't get her bf. Prissy will probably have more face problems(hehe). HocMunism will be even quiter. Nesh will not be the only nice guy anymore. Rach won't have anyone to argue with. See? The world will turn upside down.

Plus all the girls he ever liked won't like him because he is nice. Not badass enough to keep them awake.

So after my pilot episode of What If...? Don't ya think Lordson is just perfect the way he is??

- Upcoming episode will be here when i have bright ideas, feel free to submit some What If topics, can be anything! And read my version of it. No worries, even if you ask for something stupid like What if Lordson and HocMunism were really gay lovers also it's alright. That's the whole point.-

"Gordon: But you're only one man.
Batman: Now we're two."

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas isn't Just Any Christmas!

To be frank, this year's Christmas seriously ain't the same as last year's.

We did so many things that we do not do in the past.

We went so far just to sing carols, to witness the preaching of God's word to so many races. Truly every knee shall bow and every tongue confess. It was just plain amazing.

By itself it's nothing to shout about but when you have the Holy Spirit, you can truly see amazing things that far surpasses our limited human understanding! Praise the Lord for once again opening my eyes! It is very refreshing!! Whoo-hoo!!

Just this week alone was a good enough testimony, the things I've seen in my Uni and in church, man, awesome. Words just don't justify what happened.

A couple hours ago, for once in my life, i went to a shopping mall( namely The Curve) for a Christmas countdown with fellow S.A.D. members. We jus hung out and mingled in the crowd. I like crowd, very interesting. Then before the clock struck 12, people went frenzy and sprayed each other with fake snow and confetti! We were casualties of war!

Met up with two church mates - AnnaBanana and EctasC. Saw Jordano and his girl friend Sharon too. We hung out a bit and we guys by request waslked the girls back to their car.

Seeing how we always don't do something we never do before. We had a trolley cart race!
It was stupid, crazy but fun and funny! Naresh and EstasC sat in the trolley and was pushed. Maniacs like Keren disregarded road safety and went past a reversing car, almost killing Naresh and himself. Tsk tsk. But oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do, in the end he won the race!! Woots!!

the guard saw us but did not say anything, so i'm pretty sure we're alright.

One of the best countdowns ever(probably due to the fact it was my only one outside of church or home). This Christmas, though it feels blue-sy to me, butit's no doubt the most amazing and most interesting one!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

War on Christmas

Well, this war is pitting Jesus against every other stupid christmas stuff..

Screw santa clause, elves (though if one looks as good as Arwen from LOTR, i wouldn't mind meeting her) and everything else that has nothing to do with Christ.

I'm sure this sermon has been preached oh so many times, so to spare you the agony, i shall dive right into the topic of the day!!

Church and Christmas!!!

notice the Christ in Christmas?
And Mas in Christmas?

That's right folks! It's Christ for the Mass!!
So we should be thankful that God gave His only Son to die for us and be born on this day.. Yet so many churches screw the meaning of it all.

"it's all about giving, oh and the performances, and the food!"
Bunch of BS.
It's all about and only about Jesus.

We always have our big christmas celebration, that's a good thing mind you, we should all celebrate the fact that baby Jesus came tot his world. What is wrong is that the people want to do things to glorify themselves instead.

Example, having a gigantic huge rally, then having songs and party like the rapture happened.
Some even have performances that are purely entertainment, no message involved. I for one do not like it. If it's a performance, do it with a meaning for Jesus, not just to fill up time and quota. If it's about the numbers, then we're screwed. We do so much, one question left to be asked, "where is the message??"

I've seen with my own eyes, we ought to give Christmas back it's meaning. We ought to be humble and bring it down to basics. No presents? Fine with me. No performances? Cool.

What we need is a time to thank the Lord, really really thank Him. Maybe repent or two.
We need to love, forgive and receive healing.
Christmas is about you and Jesus, not anything else. It's about giving the world a dose of god's love. It's about Jesus.

Monday, December 18, 2006


Aiyoyoyoy, Naresh came back to Malaysia after 4 months spent in Medan, sporting a Elvis-ish hairstyle(probably due to the flight back here, won't stay that way long i guess).

Ahh, S.A.D. is finally coming back together.

Welcome back my friend!!!

Now we just gotta be merry, eat and drink endlessly at your house!! Free food!! Here i come!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

M.E.N -----> Men Equals Numskulls

Men, one of God's coolest creation. Fully equipped with a brain and capability to do many cool stuff, such as eating, sex, making fire and of course the best one of them all---sleeping.

But then again, men has disappointed God oh so many times. Totally dumb and such an ass.

Being one of them, i literally mean mean, as in male, i can't help but feel that we are responsible for a lot of things. The men falls easily, to 3 things -fame, women and money. It is so easy to just throw your life away as a christian and sin. I totally can testify to that.

Even now in church, the women are doing more than the men. Not only that, in most families, the men are the one that causes the most problems and more often than not the wife are the ones who suffer, thus causing the child to suffer in one way or another as well.

Where has all the good men gone? I can tell you where, mostly dead or in the movies.

But all hope is not lost. There are some good men out there, they just need to rise up and go forth and be a man of God. Let us not leave the job to women only, let us have balls to do our part in this world.

Speaking as a male, let's go forth and multiply!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Silent Night, Out with the Lights.

For the first time in so many months, i played football!!!! Woots!!!! =)

i did a header and assisted Simon aka EggGuy into scoring a goal!!! Ha! what an accomplishment!!!!!

I also defeated EggGuy by scoring against him once myself!!! (so if you have been reading correctly, you'd know what a doofus i am in football, if you don't get it, good!)

It was a good game, sweat a lot under the scorching sun. Went home and indulged in my tv shows... i like to get lost in the imaginary world, an idiot for the box i would call myself.

Evening- Went caroling with the taman sea-ians CF, played the guitar, awful playing i would say, didn't practice, i knew i shouldn't have skipped practices hehehe. We went to 3 houses and sang and ate and be merry, as christmas-y as it should be.

The final house was Rach's house, where the electric supply was cut off from the whole neighborhood. So we sang in the presence of candles and sweaty bodies, but it was fun to say the least.

the fellowship was cool. Oh, and due to my extremely dry skin ezcema related), i played the guitar till my finger bled.

Went murni's after that and had a drink. Some of the carolers didn't join us, some secret committee going on hahaha, oh well, shall not elaborate on that too much.. suffice to say, my day was busy.

In an unrelated story, my church girl mates all flew to kudat for mission trip, well, erm, nothing much to add, just that it feels good that TGCM and her sis are so far away HAHAHA


Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Birthday Gift Long Overdue.

Darn it!! Sorry TGCM, i meant to write you that song for your birthday, i really nailed the tune and words, then got distracted by petty stuff and i lost it!! And it was such a nice song! CRAP!

Mind waiting a bit more?
I hope so. Promise it'll be good.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

James Kim : 1971- 2006

I've been following this story concerning James Kim, the prduct reviewer.
His efforts to save his family have garnered respect from everywhere in the world. Even before that, he has already been reputed as a family man, a good husband and father and a very good man.

Yet, he died saving his family. A true hero. My respect goes out to him and condolences goes out to his family who stayed strong in times like this.

Here i dedicate this post to him.
Read about him through the following websites:

See the video tribute too:;subtitle;0

Even though i only knew him online, i think his way of life is admirable. I pray God will welcome him with opens hands when he goes to heaven.

Rest in peace.

James Kim : 1971 - 2006

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Can you keep a secret?"

Took a medicine that is sedative.. feeling groggy right now. Should be studying.. but... Can't focus, maybe after typing this entry it'll be okay.

Went 1 utama for fun today with two friends, wasn't much to see. Boy, you'd think the girls be flooding the shopping malls right now since it's school holidays! Alas, not many to be found, sad sad.

Had a fluctuation of emotions today, was feeling happy this morning, then sad during lunch time, then felt so sleepy, then i felt angry.

I was angry when i thought about all the christians out there not being a christian! I'm scolding everyone out there including myself.

it is just so sad the gospel is cheapened by christians who wants the easy way out. They'll do all sort of crappy stuff and then think that they can repent and still go to heaven. Boy, are they ever so wrong!

Bible stated you got to do the will of God to enter heaven. Ultimately, we got to be Christlike, if we strive to have a intimate relationship with God, then automatically doing His will for you comes. Sadly, i gouni everyday, i see so called christians doing stuff that makes me sick! Yea, even in CF, CF=Crappy fellowship! Yea man, i know you think i'm being self-righteous, maybe you're right, but still i am so not satisfied with the values the so called christians are keeping.

I rather if you became an atheist or a free tinker than to cheapen the name of Jesus! Prosperity gospel, rockish worship, all just to glorify yourself, to make you feel good! When trouble comes, you all run away faster than speedy gonzales!

The Lord giveth and taketh away, just like in Job, in Paul, in Peter etc. Christianity isn't for losers who wants to have worldly pleasure, or wants a feel good worship in some conference, who are overindulged in a christian band that when people criticize it biblically you put on a defensive armor and fire back. No! i tell you, Christianity is for those who are willing to abandon useless sidetrack and go all out for Christ.

I urge thee my brothers and sisters, can you take time to reconsider how your life has been going on? If Jesus were to take you to heaven, are you ashamed or satisfied? Can you bear to walk through the gates of heaven with your head held high?

I need Jesus more than anything.
Even when i feel alone, praises i will sing.
I need thee more than silver or gold.
The gospel to people must be told.
If ever i turn my back on You.
I'd be an idiot, a useless fool.
Lord, myself as sacrifice i bring.
I need You more than anything.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

36 minutes to midnight

Back from mamak session, and it's about 36 minutes to midnight, sitting for my finals this thursday and friday, what am i doing online?!?!?

pc fair was a drag, nothing really great about it, just got to see the almighty PS3 and Wii, but both cost a bomb, a leg, a hand and probably a few armpit hair.

a friend, christian friend, was annoyed and somewhat angry i went clubbing, well, i will tell you again, it isn't a good hobby, and certainly won't help you in your walk with God, but i cannot tell you it is so sinful that it is detestable in God's eyes.

till now i prayed to God if my decision to go clubbing once with my course mates was really such a bad thing, but till now i received no conviction, nothing, zilch, nothing nope! So was it bad in your opinion?

here is my argument:
I prayed before i went, i decided not to go, but then somehow along the way, i was moved to go, so i did, i didn't like what happened during clubbing sessions, the promiscuity, the loose actions, the drinking, the music, well, almost everything. My course mates drank alcohol while i drank the coke that was used to mix with the alcohol.

Yea, dancing was cool, i did all the stephen chau sing chi dance used in his movies, i couldn't do all the sensual dance, it wasn't me, plus who am i kidding? if i did that, i'll probably make everyone puke. eheh

Plus, i get to see stuff that was such an eye opener that it struck me deep, and i had to wrestle with some issues, my christian friend argued saying i placed myself in place of temptations, and also that there were other ways to see what i see and to learn what i learned there. Well it may be true, but i guess i'm more of the visual and experience kind of guy, plus, it has it pros too, such as i got to take care of my sick friend there, while everyone was dancing.

So what say you? am i at fault? please, if you think i am, gun me down man, make me beg on my knees for forgiveness, if not, please rethink your opinions from another perspective. I believe that some things are so black and white, if i avoid all the bad things in this world, am i really going to learn and grow? it is a matter of principle and your maturity, for me, i like to get my hands dirty, and yes, my approach is highly discouraged because i know what kind of effects it has on me, so i'll advise the rest to go do something else.

All in all, i am what God made me to be, i answer to Him, but you can comment if ya want, i really wanna know what you think of this issue.

Note: my friends going to club again after our finals, guess i won't be joining them, not my cup of tea. Plus my pocket is burned so deep,i can't see the end.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Ultra Dance

I think this is the video Ean was referring to...

Time Has Wings

Not really that busy to not update, just that time always find a way to slip past me... procrastinating as usual, more than usual actually, my assignments due this fri, and finals are next week! Then a month long holidays, can't wait for that.

Kinda disappointed that in my assignment, my lecturer pointed out minor grammatical errors, i always thought if i could not score at content i would score at language, darn, must improve.

Well, what can i say, this week has been a busy one, doing stuff, but i also found out where i stood in uni, it isn't a happy revelation, but yea, through grace i shall pull through, and i know my uni friends doesn't read my blog, so i can safely assume that what i say here won't have any after effects on my life in uni hehe

went clubbing with course mates, was fun, yet was an eye opener, can't say much, because i don't know how to say it, suffice to say i think life in uni will be very different for me, being set apart by God isn't a pretty thing, you feel socially like an outcast, but yet you know something great is happening, i may be projecting myself as 'holier-than-thou' attitude as you read this, but i assure you i am not.. now struggling between uni work and christian life, the latter is really a mind killer..

Today a speaker from Australia came to, obviously,speak!
He was giving out prophetic word to people as well, i wasn't compelled to go out, was wondering is it because i was ignorant, or because i have no calling to go out, or because i wasn't in line with God's will at that moment, nevertheless, i know my future is somewhat already laid out, jsut i have to wait for God to reveal them to me.

Plus, i believe half of them who went out really don't know what they are doing, but i know that some of them received some good stuff, hope it all goes well with them.

Another day at uni tomorrow... today i am quite emo, don't know why, must be my sister and her bf la, always projecting some disturbing images when they around me, getting lots of goosebumps lately...

"Lovelace: Ladies, please avert your eyes. Cos' I've been known to hypnotize. "

Friday, November 17, 2006

Prelude to War

Finally done with two assignments, handed it in today. Still remains are my group assignment paper and my case study which is yet to come.

My 3 visits to the hospital has come to and end, it was erm, nothing what i expected, you'd expected a bunch of kids, but in the end we had a couple of them and that also they slow to warm up, i kept forgetting they're sick and quite tired, but it was fulfilling to me, not sure bout my other team members, and the doctor super nice... i think we did something good, albeit only a few kids, God really do love those kids, i feel sad when i see them in that state, but i know God has better plans for them that i do not know and cannot see. Praise God!

Realized my life in Help is quite fun, as in i don't find it tiresome to go classes, i find joy in small simple things like being with people and having a few laughs, people can laugh and say i don't know what life is when I'm not out there partying and stuff, but i think i just like it the way it is. i feel good, but i hope not to be complacent, i need to push on!

just got off battlestar galactica, i like this part of the conversation between Baltar and the cylon.

: I'm a scientist. And as a scientist, I believe if God exists our knowledge of him is imperfect. Why? Because the stories and myths we have are the products of men, the passage of time. The religion you practice is based on a theory, impossible to prove, yet you bestow it with absolutes like 'there is no such thing as coincidence.'
D'Anna Biers: It's called faith.

Faith is so important, everyday i live, is everyday based on faith, knowing that this world will perish anyhow, i still live on to do the will of God, i need more faith.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Daniel Ong Bought a Ticket????

Man, i was surprised when Daniel showed me his ticket to see Blades or Sheffield United Vs. Manchester United, i mean, er, well, anyway, i'm really glad he decided to spent that 24 pounds to watch his favourite team play, though he from sheffield, isn't he suppose to support the Blades then?? HAHA, cool man.

Daniel claims he does not know where he is sitting, hopefully someplace visible la

eh, go make a sign saying "Lordson! I'm here and you're not!" or "Lordson is my friend!", as long as my name there la, please??? I'll try to spot you in tv la, if it's aired here. Ok?
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Anyways, had my first exam yesterday! It was ok la, got a headache after it, using a lot of brain power, almost a year since stpm that i did an exam haha.
Hospital today, they didn't really expect us, so we sort of tour around the ward, and also did some talking to the kids, quite kesian seeing kids so young having leukemia and all, and seeing how the parents are happy to see visitors, maintaining a steady composure, sigh, must pray for them.

Oh yea, TGCM will be leaving today to Australia for 10 days..... =(

So i wrote this up( i mean now, as i'm typing this)

TGCM, why art thou leaving?
So cruel and so deceiving.
Your departure is so soon...

no la, kidding, TGCM go have a safe trip and stay longer if you want, i'm sure we're fine with it.
Ahh...... busy busy busy.

Can't compose my thoughts coherently, feel as if today's entry super messy, anyway, quite tired!!!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Good Old Days?

Just came home from a b'day dinner with another family at Tai Thong Restaurant or Imperial Palace Restauran. It was a great meal, ate to my stomach's satisfaction!! Man, had dinner, now typing this entry, while tomorrow mid-term exam awaits me, and i have a couple of assignments haven't type out yet...

Physically i feel tired and lethargic, been taking a medicine, probably the side effect is drowsiness, today i came home and slept a 3 hour nap..Eczema taking a turn for the worse, and not only that, i seem to suffer from other physical illness which seems puzzling to me, sigh, can't concentrate, can't do much without feeling uncomfortable one way or the other.

So, can you people pray for me please? desperately need healing.

Aside from that, my project i was talking a few entries earlier is coming to place, sent in the letter to the hospital today, and we'll start this thursday. Thanks to those who gladly helping me out in gathering some materials! i'm sure the kids will be much blessed by you all.

Now come to my main tpic of the day. As i was sitting listening to the adults' coversation, they kept talking about how good the old days were, no doubt i must admit that the old days really was cool, as in, education system was top notch, it was safer, environment was great etc. etc. Yet i couldn't help but feel annoyed when they kept saying how MY generation was this and that.

Case in point- They say they used to get themselves dirty and catch bugs and stuff to rear, then they went on to say how we don't wanna get dirty and stuff. Mind you, i kept spiders and others before, i played in muds, i went fishing and all the things THEY claimed they did as a child and we didn't do. Just because i'm afirad of cockroaches doesn't mean i don't touch other bugs and go get dirty.

Another thing that i was most annoyed by this person who said,quote," Our education system was British, now the spm and stpm papers are worthless." end of quote. I beg to differ!! Maybe spm standards has dropped quite badly, if i can get A1 for add maths, anyone can too. But Stpm is something that still has standards.

I just dislike the fact they think we're sooooo useless and sooo caught up with luxury, well, i can't say for sure all my peers likes doing outdoor stuff, i can safely say most of us still like to sweat, do stuff that doesn't involve air-conds. Plus, the weather now is horrible, the roads are unsafe even in broad daylight, it is the parents who refuses to let us go do our stuff, it is also wise to be careful, so things changed, for better or worse they did, so no point in dissing my generation, i guess adults like it.

I pray i won't end up like them, talkibg bad bout the new generation, if it's anything at all, i'll just say i'm old, and i like being old, the kids can go destroy themselves for all i care.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Area Of Concern

It's 3 am as i type this... supposed to sleep, but decided to do some work, today(Saturday) is gonna be a long day, got movie festival, gonna watch The Incredibles, maybe i'll take a nap then hehe, since i saw the show before, and i have a copy, use the time for other purposes? Sight-seeing perhaps?

Oh anyways, i need art related stuff, can anyone donate some? for the kids at the hospital, we gonna let them do some artwork!!! so can help the tired parents and let them take a day off!! It's gonna be meaningful, my motives now are to bless the children, i must keep my motives pure, or God may not bless the work i'm doing. But so far, God has shown great mercy in this project and i believe He'll truly bless the kids in the hospital, God love kids.

I'm not good with kids, i like babies, but kids, i like them, but sometimes they're just frustrating y'know?

I need to work on my parenting skills, thankfully i got a baby and a kid in my house, my mom looks after them, so can practice a bit hehehe, if i do wrong with these kids, then at least i can only do better with my own kids!! HAHAHAHAHA... oops.. just kidding!

Going Ipoh tomorrow for Uncle's birthday, so guess i'll have a day off for myself, but i should like to do a bit of work as well hehe, ar! i don't wanna be a workaholic!!!

Leave me alone! hahahah!!!!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Divine Timing. God Knows Best.

Today was quite adventure for my 2 course mate and i.

Well, today after tutorials, we were supposed to me et up and have lunch at a mamak near Uni. It started raining super heavily, 'twas raining cats and dogs and their craps, man, practically everywhere...

So it was gloomy, but cooling, yet was a drag to travel in such a foul weather, getting wet with my books and notes inside wasn't a pleasant thing.

One of my friend was late, but eventually turned up and fetched us to UH.

We were gonna do some community project, and though highly discouraged by our lecturer to avoid hospital because of long tedious document process of approval..But we insisted on it anyways.

So went to UH, almost missed the turn to the parking lot, then was a hassle to find a parking spot, thank God my friend drove a kelisa, so the car fitted somewhat in an impossible parking spot, near the elevators. Haha.

then we went to the counter, asked the lady, she directed us to human resource, but we decided to just go to the pediatric ward and ask the senior nurse or something(an idea from my church elder) so we did, stumbling and getting lost, the interns and nurses misdirected us so many times we decided to stop asking and just go by faith hehehe.

Eventually, after much wrong turns and dead ends, we stumbled across the pediatric ward. Upon arriving, we realized we had not prepare anything at all, no pen, no papers, nothing, we don't even know where to find the senior nurse, since visiting hours were over, the place was quiet. So we stared at each other, wondering what to do next, then we simply just wanted to ask, so happen a woman clad in doctor outfit came along, so i stopped her and stuttered,"er..erm, we're, you know..." And i looked at my friend...

eventually words came out, and we told her we wanted to do something like make a wish for terminally-ill kids.. and she seems like in a hurry i told her to direct us to the person in charge, to our amazement she is the head of department(one of them), and said we found the right person, we were stunned awhile, then she asked us to wait for her in the 9th floor, and so we did, realizing we were so under prepared, we just roughly came up with an idea, soon the doctor came back and took us in, she intro-ed us to the other doctor in charge, then told us to change our plans since there were no children suitable for us to carry our plans out. So she went to talk about another alternative, which was actually what my church elder suggested and i told my group to take it as a backup plan, so we agreed to do activities with the kids and stuff.

so planning is on the way, will update it soon enough.

But truly amazed, God delayed us here and there, made us walked aimlessly, so the timing was perfect and we would meet the person we needed to meet, my friends called it good 'feng shui' , i kept stressing it's God, and i know rightly so, God is mysterious. So praise God!!

Kneeling down every morning to pray before you start your day is a good thing to do.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Rush Hour

Well, as expected, after having about 10 months of holidays, i've become lazy and stupid.

This short semester have me doing 3 written assignments, 1 movie chracter analysis report from the movie 'the Incredibles' (which for each character i analyse, i'll receive extra marks for my overall grades! Provided i correctly use the terms i studied in classes), 1 community project.

Not to mention i have mid-terms next week, and the following week another mid -term for another subject, and my written assignments are dued too...

oh the rush, the adrenaline, the procrastination, the frustration, the joy and the peace.

Better resume studying...

Everything is meaningless!!! It's liike chasing after the wind!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pros and Cons of being Lordson

I shall attempt to evaluate the pros and cons of being..well, me.

That so, that you may learn that some things aren't as bad as you think.

I'm a average boy with no outstanding skills, everything about me is as normal as it gets, to put in a word-mediocre.

Born into an average income family, not having a full fledge family life as books would depict.

i shall start with the pros first!

  1. I'm average looking. So i wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of girls constantly bugging me, and i'm not good looking enough to attract gay guys. With my looks only a mother could love, when i do find a girlfriend, i'm sure she loves me beyond my physical appearance.
  2. I'm neither poor no rich. Believe it or not, i find satisfaction in being cateogrized into a average income family group. I learned the value of money without having to starve or be in need of anything. Even i cannot buy all the things i want, but when i do buy them, the satisfaction that comes with it is much greater. I believe all my friends would agree with me.
  3. I have eczema. It's a skin related sickness, call it a blessing or a curse, my condition isn't as bad as those depicted in picutres you find on google or wikipedia. It's mild in a sense that i still can do whatever i want. I say it's a good thing because it keeps reminding me that i need God when i going through tough times with my eczema, if i hadn't got it, i would take everything for granted. So thank you Lord Jesus, for in my weakness Your strength is made perfect.
  4. I have a great circle of friends. Well, that is very subjective, but i'm glad my friends are true to the core, they aren't snobby or stuff, tehy are just... well, like me. It might sound absurd, but i find all my friends and i have things in common(some may point that we have friends because we have things in common), but i'm talking bout something else, something i can't quite put my finger to it. In a worldly sense, we are considered quite sad case, hence the birth of S.A.D., but we enjoy it. Not excluding my church friends, like flabby arms, TGCM,banana, Caine my bane(kidding!), actually Caine the saint, Ean the fiend,Susubear with flare, Ectasy,Alyssa with elmo-ish charisma, Shervil the rocking girl,Mick the music geek, Brian the defiant, Ian the little iron, Ben in the moving can, Matt the brat and others! Oh and to my good friend Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren Keren.
  5. I eat enough. I mean, i can consume a little more than normal people do, it's a plus point!! I get to eat and be twice as satisfied!
Ok, enough with the pros, i don't like to think much of the pros, haha, humans tend to think more of the weakness, or rather i do. So ehre are the cons, it is a lonnnngg list, yeat, i'll just pick a few and spare you the trouble of reading this any longer than you should.

  1. I'm average looking. It is so hard to just walk up to a girl and say, "how ya doing?" and not get slap in the face and be spitted on, sighhh.... gotta put in double effort just to get a girl hehehe.
  2. I have eczema. Yea, it's a good thing, yet not so good too. In the past, i was very self conscious,and because i have not consult a doctor, the eczema was killing me, i was losing gallons of blood everyday due to skin crack and stuff, my friends from high school would know what i'm talking about, i would isolate myself at home, not participating in activites, so my social life in high school was pretty much limited and unfulfilling, till i saw a doctor, so it isn't half bad now. New people would ask me if i have skin allergies, and look in disgust as if i could infect them with it, i learn to ignore those looks, but nevertheless you'd still feel a bit sad.
  3. I lack social skills. My friends would beg to differ, but i totally sucked at doing it, i could initiate a conversation in a big group, but never have any participation or i would never end it, most of the time i would starta topic and listen to others. On a one to one social meetings, i would die trying to talk to the other person, sigh, and when i do talk properly, somehow somwhere i'll insert and insult and offend another. Must work on it!
  4. Procrastinator......
  5. I'm not athletic. I wish i am,i really like sports, i'm just not good in them,no matter how much i practice, i could never play properly. Always i'm there to make other people look good and they get all the recognition, no wonder i'm fat.
  6. I'm not always on fire for God, as much as i want to, my flesh still wins over me, i'm trying, but i'm doing it wrong, especially after the major event a couple months ago, my spiritual level just drop dead, and ever since, i've been so passive i'm even noticing it and hating it.
Well,that's as much as i wanna bother with today, so yea, i like my life, make no mistake about it, things can be better, i know it will , as long as i stay true with God.

I will find my place, in the diary of Jane, so tell me how it should be.- Diary of Jane, Breaking Benjamin.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Movie Review: The Prestige


[deleted]No idea why, got pople commented on my previous entry, yet i couldn't see it till now, as in, the page showed zero comments, till daniel graciously corrected me and noted someone did commented. thanks.Basically most people would disapprove of pastors going into pubs and clubs, because it wasn't within the accepted standards of a pastor's life. But how can you do the work without you having your hands being dirtied? Maybe going to pubs ain't the best way to deal things when a friend of yours decided to go to a pub and be depressed, but if it's the only way, i'd say go for it.Don't judge a book by it's cover. Things don't always is what you see at your first look.(these words in bold is gonna be famous, when i die, they'll quote this of me and i'll be a legend)

ok now here's Lordson's review on The Prestige.

First, i must say it boasts of a good cast, especially Christian Bale, whom i admire a lot as an actor, who put up a convincing performance, but credit must be handed over to Hugh Jackman too, whom i'm never really fond of for a good role playing. Also to Michael Cain, David Bowie(he is as good as he sings-it's a compliment), Scarlet Johansson,thought i much prefer Charlize Theron. Kudos to the director Christopher Nolan! He did a fine job doing the movie though the starting was a bit confusing. I was much impressed with this show as i did with Batman Begins which was directed by him as well.

The sotry was engaging in my opinion, though the show revolves around magic and illusion, but it didn't really go deep with it, the magic part i mean, other than that, it was rather good, with a good twist at the end to surprise us all, also to answer loads of questions. Though by the way the plot was moving, certain things were very much predictable. Since i went in with no expectations or foreknowledge of the show, i must say, it was a good plot, the twist was very good.

I would rate the show 7.5 out of 9.

If Charlize Theron was in there instead, iw ould consider giving it a 7.5 out of 8. Not full marks.

On a final note of this review, this show isn't for everyone, i would like to think this show is deep and would put most people to sleep (especially those shallow kind of people), so view at your own risk. It's worth a watch.

Alyssa been gone for over5 days now. No S.O.S. from her yet, she must be having fun!! Hope she is and comes back safe!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Moral Judgement

Well, today woke up by a phone call by fishillala, supposedly go for the movie 'open season', i wanted to go la, you know la, i like fishillala(in a family sense), so not nice to turn her down,but i did anyway, no cash, and the hassle to drive there to find a lousy parking spot isn't really worth it.

So spent the day reading books, watching some shows, battlestar galactica has the most chun episode ever!!!! sorry, i'm a tv geek, it's so chun!! Must be the most expensive episode yet!

Then went basketball awhile, sweated enough i guess, then went for dinner...

after that join my friends at mamak in paramount, friend came back from indonesia and another from johor, so it's a good gathering. then we adjourned to mayang mas, play basketball in the middle of the night, clad in long pants and slippers, i clunsily played, but managed to win, though of course the whole time we were just laughing crazily over things we were saying and doing.

Been a long time since i last played in the middle of the night... oh, this is my very first time we play during the night, we gonna go back for more.

Well, that was fun. Now back to the comp room, which incidentally is my sister's room, worn out and sleepy, wanna study, but eyes shutting down.

Was wondering, because i was watching this show call 2nd chance by michael w. smith.

Was thinking that it's so true, the whole basic story(i think) is what being a true christian is, being the hands and feet of Jesus. Too often we participate in mission trips, or street ministry and say we've been there done that. Did we really impact the people there? I think not.

So to cut the long story short, my new take in christian life is that we gotta start where God placed us, and do all the things required, not just the thingd we wanna do. So basically, it's good i didn't join my church mission trip this year, it was way too costly, i don't know my purpose there, i think without the presence of most of the youths, i can see what i truly do.

So my question is this, what's your first thought when you see a pastor you know walking into a pub?

Or going into a club? Or talking smack talk with uneducated kids? etc. etc..

First thoughts? I would like to know, really, what you all would first thing, so please do tell. thanks.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Winner!!

As i've said, this is not a contest but there will be a winner.

Creative answer has been submitted... the winner is....


She got the answer right

the answer is a paratrooper who mumped off the plane and couldn't open his parachute bag!

To clear things up, this is sort of a thinking question normally found in any websites, just so happens my lecturer offered RM5 to those who can answer it, but no one in my class did. though some came somehwat close to the answer hahaha

oh well, Alyssa!! You won!! for that, you've won yourself a BIGGGG congratulations from me!!!

Too bad she isn't here with us now, she went to the states, won't be back for 2 months, i'll congratulate her the next time i'm in contact with her!!

All the best to Alyssa and her family in the states!! we'll miss them!!

Watched John Tucker Must Die, it's a chick flick, i didn't find it very funny nor interesting, it was quite cliche. So my advice is to avoid it in cinemas!!

benn out the whole day.. but it was fun,most of the time

Holidays started. One week, better make it count!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Think Outside The Box?

Dead body

Open field

Unopened bag

Solve this. Take it literally, it's not symbolic or metaphoric.
Explain it. This is not a contest, but there will be a winner announced!
Submit thy answers!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Straight Outta Lynwood

weird al's new album is good, very funny, and also, if you have the time, go to his official site and get his spoofed version of James Blunt-You're Beautiful-> You're Pitiful. Hyper funny man!! Oh it's not in the album because of some label reocrd company issues.

His other songs too, such as Polkarama!, Do i creep you out( do i make you proud anyone?), Canadian Idiot(hmm or was it american??) and many more. He is just brilliant.

Been having a headache, got sick since last tuesday, haven't fully recovered, it's an on and off thing, wonder if it's some virus, can't pay attention in class, no motivation to study(hehe).. oh it's bad thing i can't study, my fellow corusemates all super rajin, man, must buck up.. can't afford to waste money just barely scraping through the course.

Oh well, still adjusting to Uni life, haven't got my text book, everything is rushing, hopefully i'll pull through. God be my strength!!

Other than that, nothing much, the haze really is horrible, been feeling unwell since..

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Trip Round The Sun!

It's Nie Nie's 19th Birthday!!

You made it as my 2nd post for this blog! Hurray for you, what an achievement, couldn't have done it without you!!

Blessing to know you, blessing to be known.
Blessing from heaven that you've been born.

The earth spun another round.
Let rejoices be heard all over town.

Your birthday is here.
You are older another year!

Hope you continue to live and have fun.
See the earth spin many more times around the sun.

Pray blessings be upon thee.
Lastly, Happy Blessed 19th Birthday, Nie Nie!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Moving is such a chore, even in the cyberworld, can't get back my original colours. But suffice to say, i am here. My blogging will thus continue. For now, i bid thee all welcome and i will have the place up and running soon.