Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All Black

Imagine wearing black jeans or slacks or whatever you wear down there

what color top would you wear to match it?

Almost any color, mom always say: anything goes with black.

I guess same goes to the world, world drowned in black, anything done in it seems to fit, killing, stealing, mocking, lying, hitting, raping, cursing..... all is justified one way or another.

BSF said in this world that is so dark in the background, we soldiers of Christ should shine even more to pierce through the darkness.

Trivial things shouldn't matter anymore people, why should it? in the bigger picture the Artist is painting, what is it to you that a speck of dust should stain it a lil?

Take heart, that by year end, we be where we are because the Artist painted us there

in the world that is all black, in the place where sins are justified, shouldn't we shine?
Worst part is, we are all capable of committing things we condemn and things we find despicable.

Judge not or be judged!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Weighed down today by the long day and study hours, last assignment handed up yesterday
it only serves to signify that the end of sem is coming (a big welcome to that) and also the start of finals prep.

As this sem approaching to its doom/end, a couple of things ran through my mind, people are going to leave,
i had once again successfully exclude God in this sem, which is quite depressing when you think about the days when the fire of God was so evident.

Chatted with a friend lately, came to mind that i should really really start working hard on stuff.

Had a bath, then forcing a smile on your face seems to make things better =)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Grave Words

SO if i were to die after writing this

would you attend my funeral? Would you give me a nice eulogy?

Anyway sample eulogy woukd be from me, that is if i wrote it before i die because i knew i would die so that someone would find it after i die and then took it out to read the instructions saying i want it to be read after i die in the funeral where i did not die:

"Lordson was a VERY (Stress this word) good man and a kind hearted soul. He was handsome and attractive, everyone said so, and now he is gone. He is in a better place, but his presence here when he was alive made the world feel better, girls had a purpose, guys were jealous, and time were great! We mourn the loss of this SUPER NICE person, and we know all the hurtful things you people said to him can never be taken back, serves you right. And all the girls that rejected him will now know how much of a saint he was, IN YA FACE. Lastly he like to mention to his good friend Keren: hahahaha, sigh, still short ler you, fat hopes for getting a chick."

I like to see you top that eulogy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Well, why do I play pc games or console games?


1. David recorded one of the first few headshots in history by pwn-ning Goliath in the head with a shot from a sling.
2. Moral ambiguity happens all the time in bible stories, so that's what bunch of other games does to us too.
3. We are always fighting against evil, so we do that in games too.
4. We need game manuals to survive, and the bible does provide answers for us when we get into trouble in life.
5. Good pc games need high end pcs to run, therefore in the same way, we need to have a really high end relationship with God to further level up ourselves and run the race.
6. Cheating always let us win in the end, but it does us no good in terms of skills nor satisfaction, so we can't cheat with God and gain a shortcut and we end up in hell.
7. We need to reload when we run out of ammo; we always need the Word to boost us spiritually to fight back evil.
8. When we make a wrong move, we game over, but we have save points or retry to rectify our mistake. Sometimes in life, God allows second chance for us to make things right.
9. Investing time in games so we can overcome its difficulty is like we must invest time in God so we can be strong in faith.
10. We equip all sort of items for our in game character to win. We only need God's full proof armor - shield of faith, sword of truth, helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness and belt of truth and we are set to advance on our spiritual journey with God as our Big Boss!

So there you go!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Well didn't get through auditions

hoho, kinda expected it, but all the more when i perform next time, it'll blow their mind away!

So well, gonna get busy soon, hols coming!
can't wait!!
weather nowadays super nice some more.

Alright, short post, nevertheless one.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I wonder..

I had a really really long day

not only that, i may overheard someone said that i can't play or sing

haha, if i'm so secure in God, why does that statement haunt me?

Audition haunting me la, oh why oh why i didn't play a song i've played a thousand times?

darn it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tell tales

Audition over!

How did i fare? In my opinion i did quite horribly
after much reflection is because:
- I wasn't given the talent to sing
- Stage fright
- I picked the wrong songs
- Should have been confident with my own song

Prior to auditions, me and my fellow audition-ee prayed behind stage, and we prayed that we'll praise God no matter what

So here i am praising God for giving me the opportunity to play and sing for His glory, and it doesn't matter if i did not make it and i wasn't as good as others, but praise God for He has allowed me to play with very good friends and have fun!

Below are couple of pics i thought was cool:

Drummer and erm, well some random dude on the right

Forgot how we came to take this pic, originally planned to have some random all guys photo

Very cool Freshmen Lunch! We got to dress up with robes and stuff, and food was superb!

Updated: My guy audition mate texted me not too long ago! With such encouraging message, even more now i praise God for whatever happened =))

Sunday, November 04, 2007 heck with it!

Arsenal vs MU!

Arsenal did good hahahahahaah!!

Alright, been blogging less and less lately because i've been busy

its like i'm busy, but don't know why busy, yet feels like got something to do but i not doing anything, i also wondering, well well, assignments deadline coming soon, i'm sure i'll be BUSY real real soon.

Random Rantings:

Sometimes why do we owe people explanation?
People are hard to please.
Now i understand why people need a vacation.
Humans are evil!
And sometimes its hard to stay with them.

We need our own space sometimes.
Too much space alone and people say you cold and don't call you out anymore.
Too little space and you end up pleasing people more than enjoying their company.
I must learn how to say "no".
Prom audition coming, and i feel like backing out, no confidence, lazy to practice.
i can't sing for nuts
If only i could play Enya's songs, then can mumble and hum my way thru.

I need to start on assignments
I want to go back to my original purpose of joining psychology
losing the focus now
Maybe it's too much work?
Should i live a life just to make money and have a family?
or suffer to go where it ain't my comfort zone?
I should sleep!