Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Banging on the door of an angel

Thanks for the 2 comments posted in the previous entry really appreciated it.

Seeking God is the primary thing to do, yet exams and assignments are really weighing me down. In the month of March, i have about 4 assignments due on the same date, followed by exams and sorts.

So many things to accomplish yet so lil time. I remember YL said that in her uni days, she spends time with God and the day seems longer and she had time to do everything. If only i could be as dedicated.

Today attended an in-house seminar of positive psychology. It's focus is on the bright side of the world instead of what is wrong with it. Very interesting indeed, maybe i would consider venturing into this field. Seeing things in a positive manner is a good thing in my opinion; seeing God's creation as beautiful as they were made to be. Take time to sit around and enjoy the sunset, List the things down that are good in your day. Take time to reflect and thank God.

I guess it all comes down to us, whether to decided God is in control or not. Many things in life such as uni and surroundings are in God's control. I need to let Him in to take control.

I can't always be happy, but i can always be joyful.

"You're the only one I ever believed in
The answer that could never be found
The moment you decided to let love in
Now I'm banging on the door of an angel
The end of fear is where we begin
The moment we decided to let love in"
-Let love in, Goo Goo Dolls.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

...Of Thoughts And Trains...

Lately i had much to think, not that i have lots of time, just i think a lot. Plus i met a deep thinker kinda guy, really impressed me a lot!

I've been slacking in my spiritual life. As you can see, compared with my xanga blog and this current blog, the mentioning of God is way lesser when compared. I need to buck up. i can't waste precious time when i have only so few years in uni! I gotta serve and be a light for Christ! Prayers!

I need to constantly remind my self to not let go of God when i am spiritually dry, i'm so easily swayed by temptations, so much so i feel so damn weak. It feels so so bad when God reminds me He is watching and is there with me even if i don't feel it.

Time doesn't seem long enough, so much to accomplish, so much training, so much to do.

I was thinking, if i'm not sent to public uni, and put in Help, then i must be serving some Godly purpose right? What the heck is that purpose???

CF doesn't really seem like the place for me to serve, and when i'm in class my earthly mates will be swarming over me and drawing me to the dark side. As lame as that sounds, really, the world is swallowing me up bit by bit, not enough strong Christian friends to push me on, then again, i just need God right?

So i need God i need God i need God!

I must at least achieve this: When i die and get to heaven, i want Jesus to welcome me with open arms and say " Son, you have finished the work i gave you on earth, welcome."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boar me not!

back from Ipoh!!


Not so bored, didn't really do much, got ang pows as usual, ate like pig as well. Watched some cool shows i brought.

CNY eve:
The journey back to ipoh was okay, even though jam at about 4 am, i slept the whole way through hahahahahaha, precious sleep! Kesian sister! but i need sleep!!!!! Then had breakfast, went to aunt's place and slept some more!!

after lunch, went to Jusco to do some last minute cloth shopping, got some stuff and all, weatehr kidna hot till in rained! Ahh... sweet rain!

Then spent the day with family and watching some shows. Texted people i know then slept!!

1st day of CNY:

Vic took me to Canning Garden Methodist Church!
Cool service, and funny message, met a couple of new people. Then had breakfast with her at KFC since fast food restaurant are the only rare few palces that opens on CNY.

Then the day was spent shopping and resting.

2nd Day:
The whole day was spent resting, it's been awhile since i last rested so much!! Veyr refreshing!!
Watched like Gridiron Gang, Man of the Year. Both very very good shows
Especially Gridiron Gang. Damn inspirational. Taught me not to be judgemental. Someitmes even us christians are so blinded that we fail to see what Jesus sees in those 'sinful' people back in His day. So we gotta have a new perspective, to love thy neighbour.

Night found MF and Nie and aL go yam cha somewhere in greentown!


Came home today! Jam!!!! ARGH!!!

But home sweet home... hehe

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only pic i bothered taking during CNY haha, plus the battery ran our of juice hehe...
oh that's Vic and I, no worries, she got a damn chun BF, i like her a lot as a good sister-in-Christ.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Hoc Mun!!!

February 14, the day where lovers express their love. Singles are miserable. Stoners stone. People like me trying to find something to do. Last but not least, people's birthday!

It's our very own hocmunism (his blog link is located on the right panel) aka Hoc Mun's 21st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 right? like the legal age to do anything legally hahaha, so thought wanna go like celebrate la, He some more in UKM, needed an elaborate plan. So Rachael and i discussed and decided to drive down all the way to Bangi (approximately 45 minutes drive) with a few friends namely EggGuy, Justin and Jeff. We planned it last night.

So here comes today - Valentine's Day. Classes were as usual, attended some Valentine's day event at my block, was so so la, didn't win anything (some lucky draw stuff). Then went home, went with Jeff go Giant bought some stuff la for Hoc Mun's birthday, so settled, paid liao, few of us gathered at my place, ready to leave.... then hoc mun texted and said don't come!!!! NO!!!

We called and one sort of 'scolded' him haha, apparently he got last minute CG activity....
CG= Carol Goh????
1st Kill to our day!!


It all went downhill form there.
So feeling tak puas, we wanted to go watch Ghost Rider! Then Rach said she wanna go home!!! 2nd kill to our Valentine's day!!!
Soi never mind, left us 4 guys, we went 1 u, saw a bunch of couples lovey dovey-ly holding hands and romanticing around, it sickens me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At GSC darn a lot of people, so we checked, no Ghost Rider, all love movies, blech!! SO we went TGV, worse! It was close!!!!!!

3rd Kill to our oh so fine day!!

Then as we left, thought try our luck and i called one of my course mate (girl) to come out for a drink. After much talk, she said yes, i even asked her twice to confirm because quite shocking she said yes. Ok la, settle, then EggGuy have to go and say that she'll call back and change her mind. and yes, she did called back and changed her mind hahaha, no worries though if you're reading this, you rocked! We kidna expected it anyway...hahaha
4th kill!!!!

Finally we settled down at Centrpoint McDs, got ourselves sundae cones. No table!! Sat a the bar like tables, people looking at us, embarassment!! Final blow to our day!!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!

Then we sort of took pics to mark our significant day out on Valentine's day.
The clock struck 12 am precisely and we went home...

Well, on the bright side, i have another story to tell! whoo-hoo!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fly Away

Fly away to where the clouds are,
say goodbye to those near and far,
venture on to the golden field,
to a place with sunny hills.

Fly away my good ol' friend,
fly to whatever end,
go forth and march on,
sing out loud a brand new song..

Fly away but don't forget,
that your life here hasn't end yet,
return once again to this land,
once again we'll build castle in the sand.