Thursday, March 15, 2012

That time of the month

The usual saying says that girls have that time of the month, hence better stay away because they'd be emo and have unpredictable mood swings.

I also have have that time of the month (or months).

I've noticed that i will be emo and down after a long "high" period, which is normal, seeing that there is a theory of regression.

So here it comes, raining, life in the pits, future uncertain.

Where am i?
I am:

  • poor still, at the age of 26
  • still not quite sure of direction in lfie
  • just like i was a year ago
  • still happy i got a bit more freedom than others at the cost of my "stable" future
What have we become? We became cynics! CYNICS!

Recently there was an uproar over a viral video stating a tyrant kidnapping children to be child soldiers and if you are ever around the internet, you should have seen it at least in the headlines.

I was considerably upset, because the internet age has converted us into people who are distrustful and just want to show off how "smart" we are. I applaud the internet for making things that were previously unknown more known to us who are comfortable in our positions.

But the amount of oppositions of that particular video has made me wail in anger. What turns out to be an awareness cause turned to hatred and turned to bullying of those who thinks they are better than the rest!

They gave opposing articles, videos, and informed the rest of the world how smart they were by not falling into gimmicks and emotional manipulation tactics. But i say to these people, have you fucking done a single thing in your life otherwise?
If no, fuck off! Stop trying to put a cork into something that can motivate people to do something, at least they are doing something. Are you? Cynics!

Just tired of having people saying otherwise to me and to the rest of the world.

We live and die by our decisions, we don't need idiots to tell us and direct us when it already tough to make our own decision.

Let me live, let me live.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Regardless of what most people say, i really appreciate the rain, it makes the weather that more bearable, the sound of rain pouring down onto the floor is soothing and the thought of it cleansing the earth is comforting.

A quarter of the year is almost done what has happened?

Death, memories, excitement, opportunities, fatigue, sore and all kinds of things are happening, and yet, still not that fulfilling, i love meeting with people, and through them i always learn a bit more about myself and others.

As life continues to pick up, i just hope that it is for the better.