Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Darn, kena tag again, won't you people leave me alone???
i do it for the sake of your entertainment la huh, MATT THANKS!

Before that, the week was fine, quite busy though, and caine left, sigh sigh and i missed sending off!! argh!

Need my own car, sigh, well, if i got spare cash i be sure to pay you a visit! in the meantime bear with it brother, i'm praying for you.

DanielO is back, sigh, hahaha, kidding, got one more person for me to hang out with is always a good thing, speaking of which we went to this building to send Dan's laptop for repairs, then we started going from the top to bottom floor using the elevator, just to see whats on each floor, there is a Mattel toy production office there! When we reached the ground floor, a security lady asked us what were we searching for, we just told her we were curious and looked around, knowing how dumbass and stupid we look, guess she knew we were telling the truth =))

Then went BSF, stupidly i mistakenly thought to meet a friend at the lrt station at 5 30 pm instead of 6 30 pm, spent 1 hour observing the people, saw about 4 friends oh which 3 ignored me to my face and 1 happily talked to me!

Then we asked each other if we had gfs, obviously both of us are single, and we thought harder, our form 6 circle of friends, all of us are single!! then we sighed together inn despair, and he said, "never mind! We throw a bachelor party!" so totally agreed with him!

Then went BSF via lrt and monorail, very interesting, a lot of things to see, quite fun! Bukit Bintang super happening on a weekday, hey people, lets go there hang out one day (i mean it, let's do it soon, before keren goes off)

BSF was cool, kinda confusing in some parts, but should be ok now! Had supper with Vic and James, then home!

OK now i'll bother to DO the tag...

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Disclaimer: i simply doing out of fun, subject to change without prior notice, plus my one quite decent one, so don't expect stupid answers =)

8 points ah for the girl i like?
1. Godly! hahaha, if she doesn't have God in her heart, sure something wrong!! plus she might not be too happy when i serve God, so cannot, choose between girl and God, God first la! So godly is good, very important!

2. other than godly, rest mostly bonuses, such as can the girl must be accepted by my S.A.D. members!! well since we are single and desperate, i guess any girl also will be accepted right? haha, nah, i want at least Chan to be happy for me and accept the girl la..

3. the girl must be er.. simple, i mean she must be willing walk or take public transport and endure mamaks when we go out! hahaha, why? Expensive la, high maintenance girl not good to my wallet, of course when i can i will do what i can to pamper, but most of the time, simple and decent!

4. willing to elope! then can go someplace far get married quietly without the hustle and bustle of preparation, save money and can be ridiculously romantic too haha! i know i lari topic already... just kidding about the elope part, or am i?

5. beautiful!! i mean to me la, not like beautiful to everyone, if she is, then good la, but as long as i think she is beautiful then its all good for me

6. can cook! home cook food rocks! man, fasting... getting hungry now...well, as i said all bonuses la, but if can cook would be a super extra point! bake also extra one more point!! oh, must be willing to cook also.

7. this is hard la, how to think of more? i try.. think hard man think hard! sporting! i think with all the crazy things we do and talk about, the girl must be also or at least can be on the same page as me, then can click, and do the stuff together and forge good memories

8. must be accepted by my mom!!! i told my mom before, if the girl i like my mom don't like i straight away will not go for her or dump her!! so my mom is the key!! i don't care! hahaha!!

ok, i know i talk a lot of crap in this tag haha, disappointed matthew?!? no fun tagging me right?

haha anyone wanna bother doing it just copy paste the rules!!

it's 1 19 am, still....no...

wedding invitations,

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wo Ai Ni

Those 3 simples words, yet a sacrifice so great, just because God said those 3 words to us since the very beginning, He gave up His own Son for us..

Everywhere i turn to (blog-wise), i read about relationship problems, i read about how this girl wants this guy and can't have him or vice versa. I overhear in the radio about guy trying to court girl but failed miserably, i hear people breaking up.

Why does this persist? Why do we always get ourself entangled in this matter? We can't go on without love is it? without a companion? Paul said if possible remain single so that we can wholly serve the Lord, but how many of us wants that? We hear of people wanting to do missions but wants a wife to accompany, why do we strive for the other half?

I guess what puzzles me is that it could be simple yet because of us, it has turned out to be a seriously long complex issue.

Couldn't i just walk up to a girl and say, "I love you." and be done with it? Get married? why the long arduous process of courting and trying to gain the girl's attention only to be heartbroken? If only God would give us the EVE we all need, then life would be simpler =))

Oh well, still, i'm just saying my thoughts, not against anything =p

I still want an invitation to YOUR wedding, yes, if you read this, unfortunately you have now the obligation to invite me to your wedding!

-We break up
It’s something that we do now
Everyone has got to do it sometime
It’s okay, let it go
Get out there and find someone-
-Dance Floor Anthem, Good Charlotte-

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2 days and counting!

2 days have passed!

What do i think of it?


I on a full vege only meal diet, and yet i constantly feel hungry, i mean i eat a lot of vege man, still hungry, can never truly understand vegetarians, enlighten me if you're one!

All in all, it's a good time, God has truly somehow shown Himself to me a bit more in the past 2 days, the lack of bondage due to MSN has been beneficial, not that i did anything super spiritual, but i guess that it feels....free.

Went for BSF today, kinda cool, met a couple of faces i haven't seen in a long time =)

hehe, so kinda good

also refreshing to email people hehe, long time didn't really do it, so here's the chance!
Yea! till next post! (real soon, since nothing much to do hehe)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

On your mark, get set, go!

48 minutes has passed on my clock, hehe, 48 minutes into my msn fast and Daniel fast..

Still retaining the internet and emails because need to do some work!

Well, about 8 hours ago had futsal with my youths! It was fine and dandy, was doing ok for a goalkeeper till Caine took a shot at the ball straight to my nuts/family jewels/(insert name for ya brother), i went down a second later, suffering a heavy blow on my future as a dad and wife satisfier, hahaha, was out for quite awhile but played a lil more after that =)) hahahahaha

Oh well, Caine gonna leave soon =((, sigh, another good brother going away! when will God stop taking people from my life away?? hahaha, oh well, it's for the better!!

Ok better stop and go sleep, got church! plus since msn gone, got lotsa time to do other stuff!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Morning Class..

Ok, for the first time in few weeks woke up this early on my own will! About 8 am-ish, but then again, didn't sleep for the whole night

anyone got cure for this?
I cannot fall asleep at night anymore
Always lying awake, eyes wide open, staring at my darkness covered ceiling.
Going on quite long already.. maybe should take sleeping pills hohoho
The only good i can think coming out of this, is my mind keeps thinking a lot of stuff, so got time to map out stuff and plan stuff and envision some stuff etc etc

Well, woke up morning for LAN class replacement, 10 am class finished at 10 35 am, hahaha, potong man, go there, have a few laughs at mispronounced terms in other people's presentations, helped a poor girl reverse her manual wira car.. proud i still can manage manual cars haha!!! and didn't really embarrass myself a lot, now here i am blogging bout it

what a morning, wish i could sleep, i really wanna sleep, why can't i sleep anymore??!??
why couldn't i not sleep dring STPM days? that'd make more sense haha... oh well..


about 22 hours more till my 40 day fast, haha, man, this is gonna be tough!!

Nesh left, aiseh

more people leaving soon..

Anyway, waiting for hair to dry at 1 56 am..

i'm bored here, i wanna sleep, but hair wet,
no hair dryer...


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fast!! Fast!!! Yay!!!

So the 40 days fast and prayer for the nation organized by NECF is starting!!!

Last year fasted lunch and er... not sure what but i did it!!

So this year, to up a notch, to be more serious! Simon and I decided to do a Daniel (Bible Character) fast and MSN Messenger fast!!

So basically since i'm already on a vege diet, i will opt to take away the rice i go along with vege and only drink water..and of course Messenger, without it, i'm totally, er, almost well, free?
So i'm relying on emails and text messaging(Sms), yea, not fasting internet, because need it for important stuff, but no messenger! So i'm VERY free, find me, or text me.. ok that sounded desperate, but i am!

Simon will go on a no meat, no eggs diet!!! NO eggs???? Whoa...... big thing wei, lets see how he survive that! And no Messenger also, yay!!
So you all wanna join us? C'mon, think about it, no messenger wor, then we can a whole lot of time together, so if you have secret crushes on me or simon, this is the best excuse to find us!

Come join!! I implore you people!!!!

Note: Fasting involves praying and seeking God too ler, just in case you wanna lecture me about all these things,way ahead of you bro..

Ok, now comes to the tag, Vic, if it wasn't you who tagged me, i wouldn't have bothered also, because i simply adore you (in a very decent platonic way), i shall do it..

Name 20 persons you can think of and do this survey and tag 5 people:

1) Vic
2) Naresh
3) Justin
4) Jeff
5) Simon
6) Hoc Mun
7) Keren
8) TKH
9) Caine
10) Suz
11) Mick
12) Ean
13) Jordan
14) DanielO
15) Pris
16) Sharon
17) Anna
18) Esther
19) MF
20) Ming Lynn

Note: If your name doesn't appear, doesn't mean i'm not thinking of you or you're not my good friends, just that i can't put more than 20 ler, and also the order of which the name appeared doesn't matter.. so don't sensitive!


1) How did u meet #14 (DanielO)? - Daniel Ong?????? Hohohoh, seriously? He was in the same kindy as me! 6 years old man, now we're 21! 15 years of friendship! Cool eh? Though we really annoy each other sometimes, but we bros eh?

2) What would you do if you hadn't met #1(Vic)? Oh no, cannot, my life in Help will be downhill, cannot cannot, if God didn't let me meet Vic, i think i'll rot in Help (no offence to my other friends in Help), Vic helped me a lot and encouraged me, plus i have another friend in Ipoh during CNY! Yay!

3) What would you do if #20(Ming Lynn) and #9(Caine) dated? - First of all, there'll be war, and won't happen, i think something sure go wrong somewhere, hahahahahha, but if they do, i wanna be invited to wedding, i don't care!!

4) Would #6(Hoc Mun) and #17(Anna) make a good couple? HAHAHAHAHHAHA, er yes, Hoc Mun very loyal and Anna very godly, both can compliment each other, though Hoc Mun's looks don't match with her laa....

5) Describe #3(Justin) Justin?? Oh man where do i start? ok la, good brother, good friend, kinda, tomato face, girls always dig him instead of me @&%&#%* haha... 5 years from now! we set to look back and laugh about what we did this year! i'll see you there brother!

6) Do you think #8(TKH) is attractive? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, no comments la, serious, but he seems to be getting a lot of girls' attention, go figure...

7) Tell me sumthin about #7(Keren) My black bro! haha, oh man, Keren, life of the party, always never fail to crack me up and a very good friend, when he leaves for UK later this year i think i'll be very very sad... sigh.. but till then, must hang out and talk cork sing song more!

8) Do you know anythin bout #12(Ean)'s family? Yeap, quite long already, they have a pond at their house, oooh, nice fisshiessss....

9) What is #1(Vic)'s favourite food? Er, oops, don't be mad, but not too sure, but i know whatever it is it's good, she got good taste!

10) What will you do if #11(Mick) confeses that he/she likes you? Ooh, would i turn gay for him? well i would, he's handsome, macho and well, i guess that is my only criteria for guys! hahahaha

11) What language does #15(Pris) speak? Only language she knows, gibberish! hahaha

12) Who is #9(Caine) going out with? No brainer man this one, Suz!

13) How old is #16(Sharon)? 22 laaa.... pfft, old hag..

14) When is the last time you talk to #13(Jordan)? Last Sunday!

15) Who is #2(Naresh)'s favourite singer? Mozart, i don't know, i know its classical and its not Muse! hahaha

16) Would you date #4(Jeff)? Yes! We are already(since we hang out so much, auto assumption), oh so sad.

17) Would you date #7(Keren)? Yes, i will, no doubt, who can resist him??

18) Is #15(Pris) single? HAHAHAHA, yes, i think, yes, quite sure, i think will be for a very long timee hahaha

19) What is #10(Suz) 's last name? Suz Tan Xze Zang! i give you full name some more haha

20) Would you consider being in a relationship with #19(MF)? hahahahhaa, if only you wish us both to watch shows till death do us tv shows part..

21) What school did #17 (Anna) go to? Puay Chai, DJ, Sunway Monash.. all rival schools..pfftt..

22) Where does #6(Hoc Mun) live? Sungei Way!! Scary, don't mess with him, he gangstarrrrr..

23) What is your favourite thing about #5(Simon)? Haha, erm, let's see, nothing? haha, favourite thing wor, meaning object ah? Sax! Ok la, add some more, his willingness to help and also he paid for my last mamaking session!

24) What do you think about #13(Jordan)? Buffed and strong and surprisingly skinny now hohohoho

25) What do #4(Jeff) and #18(Esther) have in common? Short! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

26) What special qualities does #5(Simon) have? His super ability to connect with people and bring them together (especially for football hehe)

I tag:
NO ONE! Unless you're bored, just copy paste la haha..

Finally over! Don't tag me again! seriously haha

Monday, July 16, 2007


Nesh and I had this debate, and no conclusion has been reached.

Nesh's argument:

God created the one and only DNA specific girl for you to marry in this life. And He will show the girl to you in due time.

My argument:

You get to pick anyone you wanna marry but have to commit the relationship to God and move from there if God didn't say no.

I know, i'm also quite annoyed at myself for always talking bout girls girls and girls..

on another note, er, there is no other note...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sometimes words get in the way...

-All the best wherever God is sending you all to!-

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Snow Flakes

I don't get it, why is Christmas only celebrated in the month of December??

If Christmas, isn't Christmas, till it happens in your heart, and my heart is happening with Christmas, then why not celebrate it now???

If we are the reason, then all the more Christmas can be celebrated right now!
And after that we can all can have boxing day!
Put on your boxing gloves my fellow mates! Boxing is around the corner too!

So Jingle those bells!
bring mistletoe everywhere!
Winter wonderland!
Frozen Throne!

Merry Christmas to you, you and you, and all my friends out there!
Be merry and let us enjoy Christmas wherever we are! HoHoHo!!

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Reading news can be very depressing!

It's not fun, more you read, more stuff to pray for, all the more i backed my previous post to not sit and do nothing but pray for things to unfold in ya life!

Anyway, here's a couple of good pics!

Honorary Salutations #2
-For being best buddies since form 1 and sat beside me in class for 5 years!-
-YukChai Classmate and Counterpart as He stated in his blog, wise yet nonsensical haha!--Daniel-
-6 year old classmate and friend, for all the times we annoy each other hohoho-

Monday, July 09, 2007


God isn't normal at all, He isn't!

If He is, you'd see lightning zaps every hour on bad guys and flash floods every now and then to wipe us clean so He can start afresh. He'd be like granting your every wish. I think Bruce Almighty the movie portrays a 'normal god', that is limited by our human minds, just like when Jim Carrey a.k.a Bruce got his power from god.

So if God is abnormal, He'd have a abnormal Son right? That's where Jesus comes in, since beginning of His birth, He hasn't been really humanly normal, born into a virgin womb, ditching parents to stay in the temple to debate with scholars and teachers, healing the sick, proclaiming to be Son of God, transfiguration, dying on the cross, resurrecting etc etc etc.

So, think one step further, God made us in His image, so we being called sons and daughters of God, are suppose to reflect God in our character, meaning we can't be normal!

Then why do Christians always run around being normal, hohoho, some of you gonna fire me for saying this! But really, think of it, passing by this earth living like any other human, is not what we were made to do.
Well, here is a passage from Luke that shows Jesus telling us that we should be different going against the flow of the world:

32 "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them.

And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' do that.

And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' lend to 'sinners,' expecting to be repaid in full.

But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked.

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.
-Luke 6: 32- 36

In one way or another, this illustrates that Jesus meant us to be different, not in just those ways, but throughout the bible, we are meant to do a lot of things that are against the flesh.

Now practical terms:
Should we be contented to just scrape the day by, by just studying, going to church, grow up, find a job, get married, buy a house, buy a car, then have kids, retire and die?
I think not, we should do more, we have the great Lord our God as our Father, how can we just do all the small things and not expect bigger things to come?
We must pray for God's will to unfold in our lives, if God truly wants you to be a office boy or a toilet cleaner, then by all means do it with all your heart, but pray for more, more i tell you, so that your life here won't be in vain.
I'm not asking you to be a super Christian and save a thousand souls a day, i don't expect you to be Jim Elliott and change the world or be like Billy Graham. Just be who God wants you to be and not looking back with regrets.

I hope this post will make you think, if you have problems with it, i be more than happy to hear your thoughts.
Time is running out. Don't wait anymore. March on, soldiers of Christ!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


-Honorary Salutations #1 -
This goes out to Nesh and Justin for being there when it counts!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hard to Die

John McClane is so cool, so so so cool.
Rewatched Die Hard the first movie, man, super cool for an 80's movie.

Finals are over! Can't say i did well, but i'm pretty sure i won't fail hahahaa!!!

What's next? Can't bum around, go work or something, start a venture. Meet friends who are flying off and coming back (Danny boy! you fool, come back belanja me stuff, a new transformers toy would be cool hehehe)

Apart from that,life goes on. A good friend made a good point, time is only time because we measure it, so time flies because we measure it, so stop measuring and just do stuff without hesitating and leave no regrets!

Man, comes this time again where i think a lot- Being a Christian is fine and dandy, you trust God that all things is in His hands, but then you see see your life not much changes and that things go awry and against you, but you trust Him, yet He is the God of abundance, and others received a lot, but you think again, God is fair, in His own time, so you wait, but waiting is painfully long, so you question Him again, and Jeremiah writes He has plans to prosper you, but in what ways we don't know, and maybe He did, with a good house, family and friends, but we are greedy creatures, we want more, and we can ask for more for God is so giving, but again, you don't ask for there comes humility and you are satisfied with God Himself and when you have God you lack nothing. Haha, it's so cool yet so hard, to trust but not being able to physically see that your trust is yielding anything. But oh well, trust and obey, that's what i must and will do. Keep the faith brothers and sisters! Spur each other on!

I am just quoting John McClane:
"Yippiekaier, mo**********!!"

Looking at you, holding my breath
For once in my life I'm scared to death
I'm taking a chance letting you inside
-First Time, Lifehouse

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Making That Call

Finals in less than 8 hours, can't say am prepared, just jaded about it, short semester ain't really my thing.

Public Uni entry starts this week! Kudos to those who gained an entry, may God be with you all! For those who do not have an entry or chose to pursue some other alternatives, may the good Lord guide you too!

As the year moves into the 2nd half, a lot of shots have to be made, things are going to change, things have changed.

These few weeks, sleep have been awful, so have many waking moments where i could think of so many things, like, how would this year end? How would what i intend to start fare? Will all my friends who are scattered be fine? These nights are precious, it causes you to think.

The busyness of life really kills our spirit, we just are so caught up with so many things that we have not the time to think. Thinking is very important, we do it most of the time, and yet in those times we think so shallow.

I encourage you people to think!
Things i think about:
- Will Nesh really see that tsuname the pastor preached about??
- Will my friends who are flying off be alright?
- Will i ever be invited to any weddings at all?
- What if tomorrow i die, will i say i ran the good race?
- Are transformers real?
- and a lot of what if stuff...

Oh one funny thing, mom asked me just yesterday, in a very very serious tone

"Son, tell me honestly...... Are you desperate for a girlfriend?"