Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Plea - Updates

If you can't remember what was the original post about despite it only been a week i've posted it up and that also you could just scroll down and look

here's the link

Anywho, a very BIG thank you to the anonymous sponsor who graciously sponsored us RM250 for the Kiwanis trip to Aquaria KLCC! Whoo-hoo!!

Not only we have more than enough, we could even provide lunch for them, gonna be sooo exciting!
I really would like to commend the sponsor, for he/she was so kind and did not want his/her name to be revealed.
A kind act goes a long way, it just goes to show that people still are kind to an extent, no matter how cynical i may be =))

Those who are interested to join us for the trip can do so, but not too many people =)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


If God is unchanging, and He is the same today as He was thousand of years ago, then who changed?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jesus Loves You!

How often do you say it huh?

When do you say it?

Why do you say it?

What motive huh?

Well correct me if i'm wrong, MOST people says "Jesus loves you" whenever they got nothing BETTER to say, that's right, you read me correct, NOTHING BETTER TO SAY.

Scenario 1:

"Hey man, i feel really sad, i think people hate me, i don't feel accepted, sigh, why can't they see me as who i am?"

"Dude, don't wei, it's alright, you're a great guy! and i see you have lots more that people are missing out! Chill man!"

"No, no. If i am that great, why people still avoid me?"

"well, i know you're great, and that you make a good friend!"

"Sigh, i don't know, i think people just prefer the other guy over me."

"Well, Jesus loves you!"

Familiar? How many times "Jesus loves you" pop out when you almost out of stuff to say? And when you say it, do you really MEAN it? Or so to throw in some Christian stuff to make it seem like the situation is less dark?

Count the times when people are depressed, the first thing you say is "God..." this and that etc.
Some may argue that it is insensitive to say it at the start and yada yada.


do you know if you keep saying it without proper sincerity and stuff you'll turn the person off?

Jesus' name is so powerful that demons succumb to it.

And here you are cheapening His name by throwing it like as if it's the 'right' thing to do.

Think again! Next time you wanna say Jesus loves you, make sure its out of the goodwill of your heart and sincere, not because nothing else better to say.

I hope this makes sense, if it doesn't, well, too bad.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Plea

Some of you have known, i am currently serving in Kiwanis Job Training Center
located in Paramount, it is a place where people who have down syndrome, autism or even mental cases go to be trained to do simple jobs such as packing straws or organizing things, to better cope with society demands for independence.

And honestly, most of them aren't capable of dealing with the real world.

My group and I will only get to spend a couple more weeks with them before we are due to hand in our report and be drowned in sea of endless assignments and presentations, and one of the things we plan to do, is to take them on a field trip, to KLCC Aquaria , it's a place filled with fishies and probably sharks =))

it'd be cool to go.

Of course, my plea to any kind soul out there is to sponsor this bunch of people, well, if you own a company and wants to help, it is only Rm 200 to Rm 250 to sponsor everyone and food! Plus you get free publicity =)

Or any individuals want to contribute can also sponsor maybe one person's trip, which is only a whooping Rm10!

Think of it like the world vision sponsor a child program, only it is Rm10 and you're sponsoring a special person to see something they never seen before!

Well, it seems abit far fetched to ask through the blog, but no harm done.

I'd post up pics of the nice and VERY interesting kiwanis attendees, but unfortunately i have none =(

So, well, you know how to contact me if you want to help!

Monday, February 18, 2008



Growing Up Pains

Growing up is stupid,
more stupid than stupid itself,
if only God would shoot it,
or at least shove it into His useless creation shelf.

Growing up is pointless,
more pointless than a blunt pencil,
i think it's an unfortunate curse,
and it cannot be avoided, duh.

Growing up is a pain in the ass,
even an ass isn't as painful as this,
the process of it is so fast, =(
a lot of things i'll miss.

Growing up is messed up,
more messed up than britney the used-to-be,
i wish i had a club,
and beat it off this earth for all eternity.

Growing up sucks,

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Valentine's Day is overrated.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eyes Off You

Okok, if some one of you have been noticing, i haven't been a really nice person lately, and i have ceased to find people to bersosial with.

a friend commented i very homely, padahalnya i really am not, these few nights been out so frequent i wanna shoot someone, only tonight, chinese new year even i've been able to stay home and rest so to speak, or type.


Why do i need to explain myself? hahaha

Well you see, some people like to make remarks and i sick of explaining it to all muahaha, so ust read it here.

Oh yea, i guess i better start being nice to people again, lest my wedding dance only got a few volunteers...(hehe)

i feel emotionally detached from everyone, nowadays just wanna frag and dice people into pieces in games =)

no idea why, being a psychologist in the making, i can't really assess myself, anyone wanna give it a go? i promise i'll invite you to my church wedding (whoever is getting married in my church i be sure to invite you i mean)


Here is Muse performing Can't Take My Eyes Off You,


Monday, February 04, 2008

Zombie Fest!

This will be ME!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

To the ends of the earth.

Brought up in the way of the Christians has not been too kind on others.

Don't get it?

Example: Clubbing is sinful.


We have been conditioned to think that anything outside of church is evil and that Christianity is the one thing that keeps us from that evil. But what happens when our only refuge becomes the church and the christians becomes our only friends?

We doom the rest of the world.

We gladly stick to our own 'kind' and assume that the devil can't harm us there, we are sooo dead wrong.

I just got back from a jazz club, yes on saturday night, yeap, now its about 2 am on a sunday morning. I should be asleep like a good christian to prepare for church later.

I beg to differ, if God called us to the ends of the earth (note: ends is plural), i'm sure He doesn't mean just where Christians gather, but rather where Christians are not.

So, is going late night wrong? is mixing with the 'wrong' crowd sinful? If yes, then you are not any different than Pharisees that Jesus rebuked oh so often in the bible.

If yes, Jesus would have taught in the synagogue all day long only to those who are 'worthy'. Why would He go the the lepers? Or even to the sinful woman?

So before you holy-moly-holier-than-thou christians start condemning those who doesn't match up to YOUR expectations of being a Christian, think about What Would Jesus Do?

It is you Christians who thinks we must keep ourselves 'pure' and 'clean' that dooms all other people, if you can't go to the abyss and bring the light, then when will the second advent of Christ ever gonna come?

When the everyone heard of the gospel, then you know Jesus is coming. So where are you spreading them?

I don't use this as an excuse to do whatever i want and end up in church on sunday morning half dead, 'cause that is wrong! But i do wanna say that if i choose to skip certain things related to Christians so that i can be out in the FIELD, i would, with God's consent of course, above all, God's will come first, not you Christians who imposes rules and set up 'standards'.

Disclaimer: i don't condemn or disagree with Christians who have their principles of serving enthusiastically, i just merely saying we all play different parts. Nor do i condone going to clubs often to get drunk or laid, go to Christian Club, or Food Club or something whatever instead.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


If God is the perfect standard

then we have failed and should be condemned to hell.

But obviously something happened and we are still standing tall.

But then, ho0w come if we humans are flawed, why do we set up standards?

Easy: to justify what we do, to measure other people's failures.

Bones + flesh + flaws +idiotic behavior = Humans.

We're so screwed.